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Some people want to remove all those top grandstanding vanity boxes, you know, about article cleanup or references-needed, and such. Oh ya, really. And... some people even want to just insert a short, discrete editorial note, like some professional proofreader would use, such as the following one-line notes:

[ This section lacks inline footnotes. (Dec 2008)]
[ The tone of this section is too subjective, fan-like. ]
[ Clarification is needed about stated benefits. ]

Oh God, how boring. Yes, they really do want to take away our big in-your-face vanity boxes. Well, listen here, Blanche, that just won't do for fashions in the DramaQueenipedia. Instead, I say let's flame it, girlfriend. Every article needs a big box, with glam to the max, even on those boring (yawn) featured articles.

I say, tag them all:

OMG, this article is soooooo perfect. NO STOP!!! Do not even think of reading this article, until you read all this crucial commentary, here. This article is like...well...just great...I mean...featured... like... even... and.... It's Fabulous.
Oh My God.   Oh My God.   Oh...My...freaking...God...!!!

That might be just the thing to add some spice to this dull place.

What's that? Did I hear some moans and groans out there? Is someone actually thinking, "T-M-D"??? Well to those very, very dull people, I have just one thing to say, "Oh, get off my skirt, Mary!!!"

[ NOTE: This is an essay in the Category:Wikipedia humor, not a serious proposal. ]