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Not to be confused with WP:Most active editors.

The term active editing is created to initiate a new form of maintaining talk pages at the Wikipedia. Hereby all talk-items are open for debate, but temporary inactive and closed items will be stored as soon as possible in the archive. If people want to continue talking about these items, they have to make a new talk item at the talk page to continue.

More details about archiving are to be found at:

Active editing for the moment is an experiment in new forms of cooperation. It's created because in lots of talk pages, things remains unarchived for years. There is still little know-how and explicit ideas on how to act in these circumstances. By creating and using this term, we[who?] like to initiate discussion and improvements at this point.

Active editing on your own User talk page[edit]

One form of active editing has been used for quite some time in the User talk pages of more experienced wikipedians. They sometimes also have a warning about this on their talk pages. They often mention:

  1. that discussion about items concerning an article should be made on the article's talk page where possible
  2. that discussion started on other talk pages should continue there
  3. that new discussions started on a talk page, will be answered on that talk page only.

Active editing in other talk pages[edit]

Editorial editing in other talk pages is still a relatively unknown. One should only do this for a very good reason, and act with care.

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