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This page is part of the overall voluntary and unofficial admin recall process and supporting material. It is a list of criteria developed by various admins who are members of Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall, as well as others interested in adminship who are not yet admins. Only the admin themselves should add their information to this table, as the recall process itself is voluntary, and so is making criteria or process information known in advance (although some would strongly encourage it). In addition to the criteria and processes developed by individual editors, a sample process is available.

Criteria list[edit]

This list is incomplete and may be outdated.

Admin /
Admin Hopeful
Criteria Process Descriptions Notes
A. B. criteria process For now, I am committed to using the same process Lar has laid out so meticulously at User:Lar/Accountability
AGK File an RFC; if that holds that there are concerns, I will submit to a reconfirmation-RFA; and if that fails, I will resign. (May 2008; updated Sept. 2012)
Alex Bakharev criteria process from August 2006
Amorymeltzer criteria and process A (hopefully) straightforward procedure aimed at promoting discussion. It allows for unlimited recall attempts based on any action or edit at any time.
anetode I will relinquish the admin bit by request of five editors in good standing or one administrator who has earned my respect. Lar's recall disclaimers apply.
AnonEMouse criteria process Shame that something so simple has to be converted into "party of the first part shall be referred to as the party of the first part...", but so it goes.
Arjun01 criteria process For now at least I am going to using the same processes that Lar has described. In a well explained process I might add. Simple
Audacity criteria process Firsfron's standards look good
BanyanTree criteria process Requires another admin subject to recall for a kick-off, while keeping the rest pretty simple. A tradeoff between broad accountability and avoiding unnecessary drama and process.
Barneca criteria process Pretty simple. An admin conduct RfC can escalate into a recall if 4 users in good standing indicate I should resign.
Added an alternate process that I stole from Ed Poor's RfA: I'll resign if 4 of my RFA supporters request it.
Bigtimepeace criteria and process Admin recall should be a fairly simple process with minimal bureaucracy—i.e. not a big deal. Basic idea and formatting on my page is blatantly stolen from Shell Kinney. I hope I can simplify it further in the future.
Cailil criteria and process Inspired by SirFozzie's criteria & process.
Carcharoth criteria process I wish it could be simpler, but the 28 December 2007 page versions I've linked to in Lar's page detail the criteria and process for anyone wishing to ask me to stand for recall. Please check the current version for any major changes - these will not apply unless I update the links here.
Ceyockey Let us keep the initiation of the process very simple: If one or more editors feel that I am consistently violating wikipedia policies or disrupting other editors' activities in the exercise of my admin tools, that editor or editors should consult Wikipedia:Administrators open to recall/Default process and invoke it. Please don't start the process until after you have discussed things with me on my talk page. Thanks. (to be improved)
CT Cooper Criteria and process A petition process followed by a modified request for comment process, then a resignation process. Requires five users in good standing to certify a petition, and a majority or tie of voting users supporting a modified request for comment for it to be successful. My own distinct process, but borrows ideas from that of Lar and Walton One.
David Fuchs criteria and process No brag, just fact.
Ddstretch criteria and process Home-grown, but Firsfron's simple criteria was the starting point.
Deryck C. criteria and process Based on Lar's criteria, with certain simplifications and changes, in particular looser eligibility for editors whom I know offline in reflection of my involvement in offline Wikimedian activities.
Doczilla criteria process Per Lar for now while I continue analyzing what has and what hasn't worked in the past. Although, I must commend Firsfron's simple, direct approach.
Dppowell Criteria and process Adapted from Alison (and, by extension, Lar and Fvasconcellos).
Elonka Criteria and process Original system: Recall can be initiated if there is proof of abuse of admin access within the last 10 days. Recall must also be certified by 6 neutral Wikipedians in good standing, including at least two "senior" Wikipedians (Bureaucrats/Arbs/CheckUser/etc).
Epbr123 criteria process I'll stand for a reconfirmation RfA if a user I respect advises that I should.
ErikHaugen Lifted from AGK: "file an RFC; if that holds that there are concerns, I will submit to a reconfirmation-RFA; and if that fails, I will resign."
Ev criteria process Using Lar's criteria & process for now.
EVula criteria process Pretty straight-forward, and gives the requesting editor a decent shot at having me de-sysopped if I deserve it.
Fayenatic london criteria process Amended from User:James086/recall: 3 users or 2 admins complain within 61 days.
Fetchcomms criteria process Not to be abused.
Firsfron criteria process Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Floquenbeam User:Floquenbeam/Recall Nutshell version: Start an RFC. Unless there is a consensus that I should remain an admin, I'll resign.
Friday some thoughts Start an RFC-like discussion. If there is significant consensus that I've been misusing the tools and should give them up, that's what I'll do.
Fvasconcellos criteria process Not as simple as I'd like. May revise soon.
Hersfold criteria and process Based kinda loosely on Lar's - and I swear on pain of indefinite blocking that I shall abide by that process should it be started.
hmwith process, criteria, & such Admin user conduct RfC (inspired by Barneca).
Hut 8.5 criteria process Includes elements from a few other peoples' recall criteria.
Jayvdb criteria and process Marked as "temporary" pending a formal arbitrator recall process, eligibility is from functionaries, supporters, or those who have made significant contributions to Wikisource, once 5 eligible ask, steps down as arb and stands for new RfA.
Jennavecia criteria process Designed by taking those of EVula, SirFozzie and Lar and smushing them together. :D
Josiah Rowe criteria and process Copied shamelessly from Hmwith, whose process was in turn inspired by Barneca's.
kbthompson criteria process Lar's process seems fine for now. Should I find a better one, or a wider consensus emerge, I reserve the right to change my choice.
Keilana Criteria Process Less liberal than before, based off of EVula's requirements. Still somewhat liberal.
Kirill Lokshin criteria process Very simple; the basic idea is borrowed from Shell Kinney.
KrakatoaKatie criteria process Unabashedly stolen from EVula while I think about it some more, but I don't think I'll change it much.
Kubigula criteria process Based on Lar's and some others.
Kudpung criteria process A combination of others' ideas from this page. Simpler than it looks. Includes a preformatted page.
Kwsn criteria process Simply using Lar's method.
Lar criteria process Extensively revised in mid December 2007 to include detailed process descriptions, has talk page for comments and feedback.
Luna Santin criteria process Composed after reviewing the work of other admins in the category, but is especially based on the subpages created by Lar and Alison (whose in turn is based on Fvasconcellos's)
Malik Shabazz Criteria and process Based on Elonka's and Merovingian's processes.
MaxSem Criteria and process Via RFC
MBisanz criteria process Some novel ideas with widespread notification, check the box style reports, and BAG recalled folded in with admin recall.
MLauba criteria process Modeled after MBisanz, with some tweaks based on WP:RFDA and recent WP:CDA changes. Per statement on my RfA, will of course be mooted if / when we have a proper community way to desysop.
Mtmelendez criteria process It's simpler than it looks.
Nancy criteria process Like Pedro's but with a longer self-selected list of potential participants.
Nightstallion criteria process I'll be using the very well developed criteria and process written up by Lar, as well. (The version linked to applies.)
Pedro criteria process Made to be easy and simple. Let's hope I never go of the rails.
Persian Poet Gal criteria process I am comfortable with what Lar has put together, may customize my criteria in the future.
Pigman criteria process Completely ripped from Firsfron. Simple and sweet, no complications.
Remember the dot criteria and process
Revolving Bugbear criteria process I plan to write my own criteria at some point, but until then, I will use Lar's.
RHM22 criteria and process I will voluntarily relinquish all administrative privileges if petitioned to by four members in good standing.
Riana criteria process Not as liberal as I'd like it to be, I'll try revising it in the coming days. Any feedback welcome :)
Roger Davies criteria process Simple and straightforward (and stolen from Shell Kinney).
Royalguard11 criteria process To the point I think.
SarekOfVulcan criteria process Using Lar's criteria for now, may modify later
Sean William criteria process Short, simple, to the point.
SebastianHelm process and notes Avoiding bureaucratic overhead so we all can focus on creating a good encyclopedia.
Singularity criteria process Should be relatively simple...actually a combination of User:David Fuchs's and User:Husond's criteria.
SirFozzie criteria process Will relinquish administrator status with five editors in good standing's request.
Steve Smith criteria process
Tbo 157 criteria process Will resign or start an RfC. Consensus will be judged by an uninvolved trusted user selected by the clerk.
Tim Vickers criteria process Simple approach from Firsfron
TParis criteria / process Mix of a few different ideas - offers three options depending on speed and severity. Pretty straight forward.
utcursch criteria and process I'll step down upon a request from 5 users in good standing.
Walton One criteria and process My own distinct criteria and process. I will step down on the request of any three users in good standing.
Warofdreams criteria process Using Lar's comprehensive criteria and process, for now at least.
WGFinley criteria and process Blatantly stolen from AGK involving RFCU
Woody criteria process Follow Lar's processes of RfC or resignation.
xDanielx criteria and process Fairly typical; involves RFCU
Y criteria and process Will take to ArbCom or relinquish administrator status outright upon request of five administrators in good standing.
Yannismarou criteria and process Based on Firsfron and Y
zzuuzz criteria and process Fairly standard but a bit unique. Requirements may vary.

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