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Wikipedia administrators (or "admins") are experienced editors who have earned community trust and been given extra functions (commonly called "tools"), such as abilities to block users, and delete, or protect pages. Because they are trusted, and experienced, they are often asked to provide input to discussions that exceed matters related to an administrator's function. They are frequently asked to interpret consensus in such discussions when they require closing.

However, many users who do not have administrator privileges perform similar tasks on the periphery of an administrator's role. For example, they may bring reason into a discussion by making comments based on policy knowledge; comment on reports at noticeboards such as WP:UAA, WP:AIV, and WP:RfPP; or even assist admins by closing requests for comment or deletion debates. They function at the administrator level, but lack the title and tools. Some of these users (called "admans" below) may have determined, for whatever reason, that they will never actually be an admin. But their presence is relevant; and necessary! They should be told this.


The "adman"[1]is an amalgamation of admirable man (used here: "man" is gender neutral, short for mankind). They are the ones we thought were administrators already. They often comment on policy based discussions and they reason from knowledge. They use tact to gain cooperation and masterfully demonstrate its effectiveness. Their actions are consistently worthy of emulation, and because of their demonstrated capabilities, they would likely be excellent administrators. While they are already assets, Wikipedia would further benefit if they were granted administrator privileges. Hopefully, many will after receiving the call.

Reaching out[edit]

This essay exists for reaching out to qualified users, and encouraging them to request administrator rights. Any editor may use this essay to send accolades to a deserving "adman" they've observed. Hopefully, many will. Random kindness is always in vogue and good administrators are in demand. So tell them!

Copying:{{subst:GetMop}}~~~~ to the bottom of their User:talk page, produces the entire following section, and level 2 header.

There is a mop reserved in your name[edit]

Mop.png You are an exemplary editor—indeed remarkable.
You would be a good administrator in my opinion, and you are qualified!
You personify an Administrator without tools, and have gained my support; already!

With your signature approximated here.

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  1. ^ This term is a neologism derived from a mistyped abbreviation for administrator. It has no use beyond this essay. The term is meant as a compliment.