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Getting adopted[edit]

The adoption program is open to all users who would like help in using Wikipedia. Joining is easy; simply follow one of these two methods:

Find your own adopter: look at the list of adopters who are actively seeking new adoptees; this list has information about the interests and abilities of the adopters, so if you find one you like, contact them on their talk page and ask to be adopted.

Let an adopter find you: just edit your user page and add {{subst:dated adoptme}}. Save the page, and sooner or later an experienced user should come by and offer to adopt you. If you like, you can also add a little information about yourself to your user page so potential adopters will know your interests. This approach is likely to take longer than simply approaching an adopter directly, and nothing prevents you from doing both.

If you've been adopted and you don't think that your adopter is a good fit for you, just let them know and then follow this process again to get a new adopter. Adopters recognise that sometimes they aren't the right person to help, and won't be offended if you tell them you're looking for another adopter.

If you are having problems with your adopter that you feel you can't discuss with them, please leave a message on the main adopt-a-user talk page and other editors will do what they can to help you. If you have an urgent query, please place {{helpme}} on your user talk page followed by your query.

What it's all about[edit]

Adoption is:

  • A single point of contact mentorship, where the adopter answers questions and offers friendly advice and support.
  • For help with technical difficulties, policy interpretation and conflict management.

Adoption is not:

  • Forever. Once experienced, an adoptee will be able to "graduate", though likely to stay in touch with their adopter.
  • A social club. Though fun, adoption is here to help users use and improve Wikipedia.
  • Just for the newest of users. It is also for users with limited experience who want to expand their involvement.
  • A shield. Adoptees remain solely responsible for their behavior.

Resources and Help[edit]

For a list of useful resources to help you get started on Wikipedia, see the adoptee resources page - feel free to add anything, in or out of Wikipedia, that you think other new users will find helpful.


For a fast answer when your adopter is not available, why not ask at the Teahouse, a friendly environment where questions are answered quickly.