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This page contains articles in many other languages but not on English Wikipedia. Articles contained in many other languages of Wikipedia usually are important. Therefore, they should be started immediately.

When the articles are started, please first add the hyperlink in other languages of Wikipedia, then delete the link in this page. If you are not the article starter, please make sure that hyperlink is add on other languages of Wikipedia before deleting the link in this page.

Attention:Please don't use redirect to delete the red word (for example: redirect Black Death to Plague (disease), because the articles listed below are single article not redirect page.

In order to keep the articles not yet started in red, if the article is a redirect page, please add {{delete|wrong redirect}} on the top of the page to let the administrators to delete it.

The English translations below are only reference, if they are wrong, please feel free to correct them. If there are more than one common names, please put them together to make redirect page.

Please feel free to refresh these list:

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15 or more versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Number of
interwiki links
Link to wikipedia
Gastrointestinal tract 81
China 80 China (About the People's Republic of China, not about the history and culture of the two Chinas as a whole)
Taiwan 79 Taiwan (island) (redirect to geography of Taiwan)
Epos 70 Epos (disambiguation page)
Giurtelecu Șimleului 69 Giurtelecu Șimleului (redirect to Măeriște)
Railway system 69
Air 65 Air (redirect to atmosphere of Earth)
King 63 King (redirect to monarch)
Giza Pyramids 59 Giza Pyramids (redirect to Giza Necropolis)
Concentration camp 58
Meteor 56 Meteor (redirect to meteoroid)
Good 51
Left-handedness 51 Left-handedness (redirect to handedness)
Form of government 49 Form of government (redirect to government)
Chemist's shop 48 Chemist's shop (redirect to pharmacy)
Myth 47 Myth (redirect to mythology)
Witch 47
Legal person 46
Nurse 45
Aquamarine 44 Aquamarine (disambiguation page)
Fruit 44 Fruit (about part of a flowering plant not food)
Trillion 44 Trillion (disambiguation page)
List of World Heritage Sites in Asia and Oceania 43 List of World Heritage Sites in Asia and Oceania
Sittidae 43
Are 42 Are (redirect to disambiguation page ARE)
Caracena 42 Caracena
Durio 42 Durio (redirect to durian)
Inventor 41 Inventor (redirect to invention)
Power 41 Power (disambiguation page)
Specific heat capacity 41 Specific heat capacity (redirect to heat capacity)
Propeller 40
Technics 40 Technics (disambiguation page)
522 BC 39 522 BC (redirect to 520s BC)
Conium maculatum 39
511 BC 38
517 BC 38
523 BC 38
Consensus 38 Consensus (redirect to consensus decision-making)
Labour 38 Labour (disambiguation page)
Personification 38
The Good 38
565 BC 37
Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug 37
Pistil 37 Pistil (redirect to Gynoecium)
Stone 37
588 BC 36
611 BC 36
Contour line 36 Contour line (this is about isolines)
Predynastic Period of Egypt 36
Ptolemy 36 Ptolemy (disambiguation) (redirect to Ptolemy (name))
Pyramide 36
Zara 36
578 BC 35
596 BC 35
Aphelion 35
Biosphere reserve 35
Cain 35
Electrical conductance 35
Hotmail 35
Sexuality 35
Yodh 35 Yodh (this article interwikis may be must add)
2 Samuel 34
569 BC 34
583 BC 34
Aether 34
Amplifier 34
Boreas 34
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh 34
Perihelion 34
Southwest 34
1 Samuel 33
603 BC 33
Abyssal zone 33
Egg 33
Shop 33
Singular 33
Traditional folk music 33
Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug 33
Wild West 33
2 Kings 32
608 BC 32
Gramophone 32
Inventory 32
Manometer 32
Reportage 32
630 BC 31
684 BC 31
Homo georgicus 31
Karnak 31
MP3 player 31


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