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Editor A was describing a fantastic castle. So Editor B assumed that A was clueless and remarked "Sleeping Beauty Castle is nice for a child, but we're discussing serious architecture here."

Editor A continued the description. Editor B posted again, saying the discussion really needed to get back on track.

Editor A was unhappy with the interference and said so. Editor B asked the other editors to disregard A's comments.

By this time Editor A was offended, and accused Editor B of bad faith and incivility. Editor B assumed Editor A didn't understand policies and explained them.

Editor A asked if he could please continue his description of Bavaria without further interruption. Editor B replied, "But Disneyland is in the US, not Bavaria."

Finally Editor A grumbled, "This has nothing to do with Disney. I'm discussing Neuschwanstein Castle as background to the reign of Ludwig II of Bavaria, and you are being a pest."

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