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Autochecked is a user group associated with the pending changes protection features. Edits by autochecked users are supposed to be automatically accepted when the latest revision is already accepted, rather than requiring review by an administrator or reviewer; however in practice this grants no such right - this is likely a bug. In any case, all confirmed or autoconfirmed edits are automatically reviewed when the previous revision is already reviewed, except on pages PC-protected at level 2, but there is no consensus for using this protection level. In conclusion, there is no current use for this group, and it should not be granted for now.

In addition to the autoreview right conferred to all (auto)confirmed users, administrators and reviewers are also autoreviewed on level 2 PC-protected pages and after a rollback to a reviewed revision. It is undetermined whether the autochecked usergroup should be granted either of those rights to give it a real purpose, or deleted altogether. It is also possible for the software to automatically grant this usergroup to users after a specified number of edits has been performed (2500 for example) and enough time has passed since registration (one year for example), as well as other criteria if desired. See Wikipedia:Database reports/Potential reviewer candidates for a sample of users and this information page for autopromotion settings.

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