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Many words get used by unthinking editors which, even if not direct "personal attacks" still reduce the collegial atmosphere expected under Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

Avoid them.

(in each following example "Gnarph" is used as a neutral term - and is not a real person, place or thing)

Political, religious, national or any other terms[edit]

Calling editors "left" or "right" on any putative "political spectrum."

Calling any editor "pro-Gnarph" or "anti-Gnarph".

Calling any editor a "Gnarphophile" or "Gnarphophobe".


Amazingly enough, most editors actually do try to edit from the "Neutral Pojnt of View" and all name-calling does is make them less apt to see things your way in the future.

And always try to look at the entirety of any article and not just one section at a time.

Remember - Wikipedia works best when such side-issues are not placed in the way of discussing differences in a professional and cordial manner.