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This essay, WP:Avoiding banners, recommends several methods to avoid, or remove, the banners in many thousands of Wikipedia pages.

Improvement templates[edit]

Tagging pages for problems is a technique commonly used by page patrollers and others who tag problematic articles with improvement tags. The result is that many of our articles are cluttered by multiple banner boxes.

The core strategy is to try to remove many banners from pages, and to widen the most-common boxes. There are so many banner boxes, the solutions must be geared to those boxes which are seen most often (optimize by 80/20 Rule): fix the "20%" of banners seen in 80% of articles. There are several methods:

Those are several ways to improve thousands of pages within a few months. This is an important issue because many users view WP pages in narrowed windows, set to mimic A4 paper or 8.5x11 upright pages, where most banners are narrow and force the page taller. Many minor banners remain in pages for over 2 years.

Fundraising banners[edit]

Jimmy Control Fundraising Banner

Every year Wikipedia has a fundraising drive where they display large banners asking for donations. Logged-in users may suppress the banners by going to Special:Preferences, clicking on the "Gadgets" tab, and ticking the box next to the statement "Suppress display of the fundraiser banner." This will also suppress the smaller banners advertising other Wikipedia events.

Wikipedia ads[edit]

Some users like to add Wikipedia ads to their user space and talk page. If you do not wish to see these ads, you may hide them by adding the following code to your common.css file:

.qxz-ads { display: none !important; }