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To request help with impolite or difficult users, see: WP:Wikiquette assistance.

This essay, Avoiding insults, concerns insulting remarks. Wikipedia users should avoid escalating conflicts with other users making insulting remarks, even though it might be very common on other Internet websites. Please note: some users are allowed to insult others without sanctions, whereas a typical user could be blocked from editing for a single negative remark. It all depends on the actions of the involved admins, as to who will suffer the most for casting insulting remarks.

When someone issues an insulting remark or insinuation, then politely respond for them to "Remember WP:NPA" – as the most-common reference to policy "WP:No personal attacks". A continued air of hostility should be reported to Wikipedia:Wikiquette assistance, rather than attempting to discuss the matter with a person directly, especially if there is a gang of like-minded users who seem to be fostering a pattern of hostile or obstructionist attitudes. In fact, part of some people's WP:Gaming the system could be to post continued digs against a user in an effort to provoke extreme frustration. Wikipedia has almost no way to stop such gangs of hostile users, so the most that can be done, as a first step, is to report their actions and keep a record of what they have done. However, it is not proper to claim, "They are a group of obstructionist users" because that statement, in itself, could be judged to be a personal attack against them. Judgments about people's ultimate actions should be left to a noticeboard, with help from others to question the motives behind their actions.

Remember, ask for help with difficult users at WP:Wikiquette assistance.

[ This essay is a quick draft to be expanded later. ]