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This page lists individual editors who have been site-banned from the entire English Wikipedia. For users subject to article, topic, or interaction bans, see Wikipedia:Editing restrictions.

This is an incomplete list of banned Wikipedia users. Banned users are no longer welcome to edit the encyclopedia, until such time as the ban is lifted. Banned users who feel that their bans are unjust may appeal their case to the Arbitration Committee. Bans may be enacted either by the Arbitration Committee or by community consensus.

Banning is different from blocking; a block is a technical measure to disable editing by a specific account or IP address, and is a restriction which may be temporary or indefinite. Banning is a social construct, and blocks may be used to enforce them. There are also different kinds of bans: Some are temporary or focused on a specific article or topic. However, in the context of this page, "banned user" means someone who has been banned from the entire site.

Accounts which are reincarnations (sockpuppets) of banned users may be blocked as soon as it's obvious who they are; bans apply to the person and not the account. For more information, see the blocking and the banning policy.

Banned by Jimbo Wales

Historically, Jimbo Wales has the authority to ban users himself, which usually only occurs in exceptional situations; commenting on, criticism of and disagreeing with a ban is permitted.

Banned by the Arbitration Committee

The Arbitration Committee may ban users or approve of previous community bans. This list does not include bans that have expired, short-term bans, and bans from specific articles or categories.

Bans of indefinite duration

Banned by the Wikipedia community

Community bans may arise from consensus at the administrators' noticeboards (WP:AN, WP:ANI), the former community sanctions noticeboard (WP:CSN), or elsewhere. As per the blocking and banning policies, users who alienate and offend the community enough may eventually be blocked long-term (most often indefinitely) by an administrator—with no administrator willing to unblock them. In such extreme cases, the user is considered to have been banned by the general community.

The community can also extend bans imposed by ArbCom (see above). This corresponds to this section of the Wikipedia:Blocking policy.


100110100 (talk · contribs · block log), June 9, 2010
"Long term disruptive IP hopping editor". Ban discussion here.
172 (talk · contribs · block log) (Cognition), May 16, 2006
A longtime and valued contributor and former administrator, blocked indefinitely in September 2009 after CheckUser confirmed that he was the same user as banned user Cognition (talk · contribs · block log). Cognition was banned for his long history of disruption, in which many administrators endorsed. From the block log: "disruption, harassment, personal attacks, multiple violation of arbcom rulings, no or very few useful contributions". Since a ban applies to the person and not just the account itself, the ban carries over to 172 until he provides a satisfactory explanation for his actions. Tenth current or former administrator to be banned.
172GAL (talk · contribs · block log), November 18, 2006
"persistent and still continuing personal attacks"
1B6 (talk · contribs · block log), March 22, 2007
Banned after vandalism, incivility, ownership, borderline threats, and administrator impersonation; user responded to ban with further threats.
23prootie (talk · contribs · block log), October 20, 2009
Initially blocked for a month for continual edit-warring and moving pages outside of consensus, user was blocked indefinitely for using numerous sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to evade the block and cause further disruption. User is considered de facto banned per this discussion.
98E (talk · contribs · block log), May 2, 2007
According to the block log: "trolling, copyright violations, impersonation." Is also a sockpuppeteer, as confirmed by CheckUser; has created many socks on Commons. [7] [8]


A Nobody (talk · contribs · block log), May 21, 2010
Also previously known as User:Le Grand Roi des Citrouilles and others. Announced his retirement after an arbitration case was opened against him, after which ArbCom ordered him not to return until he was willing to face the case. Use of anonymous IPs confirmed to be him by Checkuser following this led to a block on the grounds of disruption. See [9], Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/A Nobody/Archive, Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser/Case/Le Grand Roi des Citrouilles
Abd (talk · contribs · block log), 12 June 2011
tendentious editing, sockpuppetry. Banned after AN discussion.
Abbarocks (talk · contribs · block log), March 13, 2009
Evading sanctions, disruptive editing, etc. See also [10].
AbsoluteGleek92 (talk · contribs · block log), October 31, 2011
Persistent copyright violations and disruption. See also [11].
Access Denied (talk · contribs · block log), February 17, 2011
Community banned through this discussion. Banned due to excessive sockpuppetry and disruptive editing.
Acoma Magic (talk · contribs · block log) March 24, 2013
tendentious editing, sockpuppetry see [12]
Afrika paprika (talk · contribs · block log), October 11, 2006
Banned with community assent for sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), edit-warring with nationalistic bias, disregard for consensus, abusive language, disruption by the means of point pushing, and in general displaying an attitude with no clear intention of encyclopedic cooperation. Blocked/Banned from the German Wikipedia and the Serbian Wikipedia for similar reasons.
AKonanykhin (talk · contribs · block log) (Alex Konanykhin), October 18, 2013
Commented that the paid editing firm he founded,, was "against 'COI disclosure'" and would not name its clients. In an unprecedented move, he, his firm, its employees and all related entities were banned from Wikipedia, as it was felt that failure to disclose potential COI ran counter to the pillars of the project. Will be lifted if and when the company changes its stance.
Alberuni (talk · contribs · block log), July 26, 2006
See Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration/Alberuni/Proposed_decision and User:Jayjg/Alberuni.
Alexcas11 (talk · contribs · block log), 18 May, 2009
Sockpuppetry and disruptive editing. See also Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Alexcas11.
Alienus (talk · contribs · block log), October 5, 2006
"After being banned for one year by the Arbitration Committee, this person has engaged in endless sockpuppetry, edit warring, personal attacks, etc. Community banned"
American Brit (talk · contribs · block log), January 11, 2007
From the block log: "Malicious use of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to issue graphic death threats, later proven beyond any reasonable doubt by checkuser and other behavior. Consensus for community ban was given on WP:ANI."
Anacapa (talk · contribs · block log), June 5, 2007
Banned for disruptive editing on feminism-related articles and legal threats. Used anonymous IPs to make disruptive edits and then created sockpuppets to influence discussion of his ban (confirmed socks, suspected socks and anonymous IPs).
An-Apple-A-NY-Day (talk · contribs · block log), October 5, 2008
Blocked indefinitely for repeatedly evading previous blocks and abusive sockpuppetry. Defacto Banned.
Angela Kennedy (talk · contribs · block log), October 19, 2007
Legal threats. [13]
Anomo (talk · contribs · block log) (Hardvice), July 24, 2006
Banned in July 2006 as Hardvice (talk · contribs · block log). After a history of trolling on the subject of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Hardvice was banned for disruptive sockpuppetry. Proceeded to activate the dormant, slightly older Anomo account, which was used to evade the ban. This link was confirmed via CheckUser in June 2007; records show that the two accounts were tied to Blu Aardvark sockpuppets as well. As bans apply to the person and not the account, the ban was carried over to Anomo.
Anonymous 374 (talk · contribs · block log), February 29, 2008
Repeated trolling and harassment on LGBT-related topics, especially directed at User:David Shankbone, which exhausted the community's patience. Has attempted to evade the ban via anonymous IPs and sockpuppet accounts. At times, a large number of users in the Newark, New Jersey area have been unable to edit Wikipedia due to collateral damage from this user's blocks.
Antony1821 (talk · contribs · block log), 4 June 2012
WP:COMPETENCE issues, serial copyright violations, sockpuppetry with threats to produce still more socks. Banned after AN discussion.
Ararat arev (talk · contribs · block log), March 28, 2007
Banned for edit warring and use of sockpuppets to continue warring while blocked, after multiple warnings, blocks, and an indefinite block on January 31, 2007.
Archivesharer (talk · contribs · block log). June 09, 2012
Community banned for sockpuppetry, issuing legal threats, and disruptive edit editing.
Archtransit (talk · contribs · block log), February 19, 2008
Eighth current or former administrator to be banned from the project. Concerns about his use of admin tools had been raised at an RFC. A separate investigation revealed evidence (confirmed by CheckUser) that he was the puppetmaster of numerous abusive sockpuppets, many of which he had blocked or unblocked himself. As a result, he was emergency desysopped by ArbCom. Subsequently banned by the community for gross abuse of trust and being unapologetic about his behavior. Numerous other socks have been found, resulting in the creation of an SSP page to keep track of them. Has been determined, by way of technical and behavioral evidence, to himself be a sock of previously community-banned Dereks1x, despite the user page saying that the user is still suspected.
Arkhamite (talk · contribs · block log), April 11, 2007
Banned for vandalism, disruption, threats, and personal attacks.
Arniep (talk · contribs · block log), November 13, 2006
Banned for long-term stalking, harassment, and trolling, including multiple attempts to out other users.
Art Dominique (talk · contribs · block log), September 26, 2006
Blocked for repeated sockpuppetry, as per AN. See Wikipedia:Requests_for_checkuser/Case/Art_Dominique User:Art_Dominique/sockpuppetry
Arthur Ellis (talk · contribs · block log), February 3, 2007
Originally banned for one month, he built up an impressive log of blocks and bans for block evasion (confirmed, suspected) and editing banned articles in violation of Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Warren Kinsella. Checkuser case here. Community ban discussed here.
ASIA FAN CLUB (talk · contribs · block log) et al, April 17, 2008
Banned for persistent linkspamming, meatpuppetry, legal threats and promises to continue the same.
Asucena (talk · contribs · block log), April 16, 2007
After three distinct blocks for policy violations, exhausted the community's patience when she asserted that an edit to Hamas was inconsistent with "official policy of the Palestinian government."
Avinashkrishnadasa (talk · contribs · block log), May 23, 2011
Avinash Patra is a persistent self-promoter, who for months created more than 18 autobiographies using 25 different sockpuppets. A formal ban was requested and received unanimous support.
AWilliamson (talk · contribs · block log), December 16, 2006
One of the many IDs (confirmed, suspected) of Allen Williamson, who was banned after being exposed as the Joan of Arc vandal.
Azizbekov (talk · contribs · block log), August 13, 2007
"Arbitrator User:Mackensen says this is an obvious sockpuppet of a year-banned user by arbitration."
Az-507 (talk · contribs · block log), April 3, 2014
Banned for disruptive editing, nationalistic slurs and sockpuppetry. AN discussion


Babasalichai (talk · contribs · block log), 5 April 2011
Banned following AN discussion. Engaged in sockpuppetry or possibly offsite coordination of meatpuppetry campaigns, edit warred on a BLP, made legal threats. Possibly a reincarnation of a previously blocked sockpuppeteer who had engaged in the same behavior at the same article (see also Emetman (talk · contribs · block log)).
BabyDweezil (talk · contribs · block log), March 6, 2007
Indefinitely blocked on March 5, after many distinct blocks for disruption, violations of WP:NOT, personal attacks, BLP violations, and assumptions of bad faith. This was endorsed as a ban over the following day. Appeal to Arbcom was rejected.
Bambifan101 (talk · contribs · block log), December 20, 2008
Also known as the "Disney Vandal". Originally indef-blocked September 2008 for repeatedly forcing preferred versions into various Disney-related articles and general disruptiveness. De-facto banned, tagged since December 2008. Has created thousands of sockpuppets and tricked others into acting as meatpuppets to reinsert his preferred versions of articles. See also Wikipedia:Long_term_abuse/Bambifan101.
Banc de Binary, June 21, 2014
All accounts operated by and on behalf of Banc de Binary have been banned for paid editing and blatant sockpuppetry to whitewash the article. This includes BDBIsrael (talk · contribs · block log), BDBJack (talk · contribs · block log) and Notsosoros (talk · contribs · block log) [14].
Bannedtruth (talk · contribs · block log), September 15, 2008
Banned for anti-semitic trolling, soapboxing, and POV-pushing on both main account and by way of sockpuppets (see Valliant1967 (talk · contribs · block log) and Dwnndog (talk · contribs · block log)).
See Banc de Binary above
See Banc de Binary above
Beh-nam (talk · contribs · block log), December 3, 2007
After a history of disruption and numerous warnings, banned for repeated edit warring and proxying for a banned user after multiple warnings. [15]
BelloWello (talk · contribs · block log), 4 July 2011
Previously known as WikiManOne (talk · contribs). While user had some good contributions, he had a tendency to cause severe disruption in several topics. The discovery that he had been using two sockfarms to edit on different topics finally exhausted the community's patience.
Benapgar (talk · contribs · block log), March 25, 2006
Indefinitely blocked, after many distinct blocks for personal attacks and disruption. The Arbitration Committee confirmed that he has been banned by the Wikipedia community. Account was renamed to Random account 47 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) in July 2010.
BenH (talk · contribs · block log), March 28, 2007
Refused to answer an RfC regarding poor-quality edits to television station articles, many of which included outright fabrication. Instead, he appeared to continue this vandalism using a number of sockpuppets. He was indefinitely blocked in July 2006, and this block was converted to a community ban when he refused to acknowledge his RfC.
Benjiboi (talk · contribs · block log), December 10, 2010
Community banned for operating a large sockfarm, ongoing disruption of an attempt to develop paid-editing guidelines via his sockpuppets, and for being generally unrepentant regarding his disruption. For sockpuppets: confirmed, suspected. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Wordiscount/Archive. For ban discussion see [16].
Bertrand101 (talk · contribs · block log), April 17, 2012
Banned by the Wikipedia community for long-term socking and trolling. See Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Bertrand101 and ban discussion.
Bharatveer (talk · contribs · block log) December 11, 2009
Banned by the Wikipedia community for resuming a prior pattern of tendentious editing and dubious sourcing. See discussion here.
Bigsean0300 (talk · contribs · block log) March 29, 2012
Banned for ongoing abusive sockpuppetry. See [17]
Biochemical Mind (talk · contribs · block log), April 1, 2007
Banned for disruption/trolling, legal threats, and high conflict of interest. Via OTRS email, user sought ten billion dollars in damages from the Wikimedia Foundation for lost business opportunities following the refusal to offer him exclusive control over his now-deleted article Erinacine (currently a redirect). On his talkpage, user also claimed to have reported this "vandalism" to the FBI, and that the "hooligans" who had put warning notices on his talkpage would be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.
Blackmagic1234 (talk · contribs · block log), December 20, 2010
Extensive abusive sockpuppetry including wikistalking of his real-life ex-lover, adding someone's real name into edit summaries, violating the terms of Clean Start, and being a grossly disruptive nuisance over a period of several years. For ban discussion see [18]. See also Kagome 85 (talk · contribs).
Bloomfield (talk · contribs · block log), March 15, 2009
Egregious sockpuppetry. Ban discussion here.
Blu Aardvark (talk · contribs · block log), April 2, 2006
Originally given a short block for personal attacks, which quickly spiraled into an indefinite block when he began using abusive sockpuppets, making further personal attacks both on- and off-wiki, and vandalizing multiple Wikimedia projects. An ArbCom case banned him for a year. Given a community ban for mass sockpuppetry.
Bobabobabo (talk · contribs · block log), November 2, 2006
Center of massive sockpuppetry involving fair use images and the retention of lengthy Pokémon anime episode lists. After several other accounts were used to edit war over a template and image deletion tags, CheckUser discovered (1, 2) over 75 sock accounts, all of which were blocked for disruption. She later claimed that students had been bullying her and were behind the socks, and proceeded to spam administrators requesting unblocks on her originating account, her IP, and various sockpuppets.
Bobby Boulders (talk · contribs · block log), November 30, 2007
Repeated sockpuppetry and using MySpace to tell people to vandalize Wikipedia. Banned per ANI discussion. [19]
Bonaparte (talk · contribs · block log), January 11, 2006
After many individual blocks for incivility, finally banned for "malicious sockpuppetry and running a botnet".
BradSerious (talk · contribs · block log), November 22, 2007
Operating a large sock farm, lots of vandalism too. See [20] and Wikipedia:Suspected_sock_puppets/AndreLapalme.
BravoRio (talk · contribs · block log), April 18, 2010
Hijacked an article about a living person in 2006 and used it as a vehicle to harass the subject by way of sockpuppetry. Banned after subject complained to OTRS.
Brexx (talk · contribs · block log), December 1, 2011
Blocked since March 2008; extensive sockpuppeting and persistent poor edits ever since. Ban confirmed after unsuccessful attempt at a second chance in November 2011 [21].
Brian G. Crawford (talk · contribs · block log), July 25, 2006
Banned for death threats following an escalating pattern of gross incivility, threats, and harassment. Consensus reached that user was too unstable for Wikipedia. Briefly unblocked on November 16, but reblocked hours later (with Jimbo's support) after it was disclosed that he had sent threatening emails to other users.
Brian Reddyb (talk · contribs · block log), July 2, 2007
Extensive WP:HOAX violations using multiple sockpuppets from February 2007 onward. Discussion at Talk:Rednex.
Brucejenner (talk · contribs · block log), July 1, 2010
Originally blocked as a vandalism only account. Banned for harassment, block evasion and further vandalism using many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).
Brunodam (talk · contribs · block log), July 29, 2008
Banned for persistent abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected).
BryanFromPalatine (talk · contribs · block log), January 14, 2007
Banned for tendentious editing and edit warring, personal attacks, block evasion and persistent disruption through sockpuppets and proxy editors (confirmed, suspected) such as DeanHinnen (talk · contribs · block log). Ban endorsed by ArbCom March 29, 2007.
By78 (talk · contribs · block log), December 8, 2009
Banned indefinitely from editing the site because of racial and personal attacks, vandalism, edit warring, BLP violations, POV pushing, trolling, and sockpuppetry. The user was linked to numerous offsite accounts including one on YouTube and had his account suspended there as well for posting racist and derogatory remarks. Lengthy discussions and rationale can be found here, here, here and here.


Caesarjbsquitti (talk · contribs · block log), February 9, 2010
Banned indefinitely after soapboxing, POV-pushing, and other disruptive behavior.
CantStandYa (talk · contribs · block log), January 4, 2007
Banned for long term sock abuse, incivility, edit warring, and 3RR violations. CheckUser results have confirmed dozens of sockpuppets. Also at Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of CantStandYa.
CarolSpears (talk · contribs · block log), July 22, 2008
Indefblock extended to ban following a long and increasingly problematic history of copyright violations, tendentious editing, failure to engage productively with other editors, and willfully ignoring WP policy. Used confirmed sockpuppets to evade initial indefblock.
Catcreekcitycouncil (talk · contribs · block log), May 6, 2012
Banned for trolling, edit-warring, and socking for the sake of pure disruptiveness, including vandalizing userpages, creating accounts with attack names. For ban discussion see: [22]
Causeandedit (talk · contribs · block log), March 15, 2013
Banned indefinitely for spam/promotional editing, deliberate falsification or incompetence, and sockpuppeting.
CensoredScribe (talk · contribs · block log), August 10, 2014
Banned by the community for repeated sock-puppetry to violate his topic ban on category creation. See Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive264#Ban Proposal: CensoredScribe.
Chanakyathegreat (talk · contribs · block log), December 24, 2011
Banned for egregious sockpuppeting and disruptive editing.
Chaosname (talk · contribs · block log), July 22, 2011
Banned by the community for repeated abusive sockpuppetry, disruptive behavior and taunting the community. For ban discussion see [23].
CharlieJS13 (talk · contribs · block log), July 4, 2011
Banned for sockpuppetry, edit warring and egregious incivility violations.
Chowkatsun9 (talk · contribs · block log), February 11, 2013
Banned for sockpuppetry, WP:MOS violations, and general disruptiveness.
Christian2941 (talk · contribs · block log), January 3, 2014
Originally blocked as a vandalism-only account by falsifying information. However, he continued the vandalism using many sockpuppets resulting in a ban. See also Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Christian2941.
ChronicalUsual (talk · contribs · block log), September 19, 2012
Banned for serial sockpuppetry and trolling.
Chuck Marean (talk · contribs · block log), July 1, 2009
Relentless POV pusher with a pro- Bernard Madoff agenda. Attempts at mentorship failed with his mentor recommending a community ban [24]. For ban discussion see [25].
Cindery (talk · contribs · block log), February 3, 2007
Banned based on an accusation with circumstantial evidence of on- and off-wiki stalking of an administrator, including telephoning death threats, following a long history of disruption and incivility. Used sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected, checkuser) to evade ban.
ClaimJumperPete (talk · contribs · block log), June 6, 2008
Originally indefinitely blocked for adding unhelpful hidden anti-vandalism comments to the first lines of articles. Since then, it appears to have become a hobby of him, as he creates sockpuppets, and after being indefinitely blocked, posts a "lineup" to the account's talk page, which consists of all the accounts used so far, and the number of edits they made. See also this general threat.
CltFn (talk · contribs · block log), December 23, 2006, lifted December 31, 2006, reimposed January 17, 2008
Banned for constant edit-warring, which led to 17 prior blocks. The ban was conditionally lifted eight days later on appeal, but in January 2008 he was indefinitely blocked by Jersey Devil for repeated disruption and tendentious editing. This block was then discussed on WP:AN/I, and he was briefly unblocked again by Archtransit, who himself was later desysopped and banned for sockpuppetry and inappropriate use of administrative tools. At WP:AN/I, a consensus was reached that CltFn be was banned on January 19. No one has since challenged this ban.
Colignatus (talk · contribs · block log), March 11, 2006
Banned from Wikipedia following a content dispute during which he threatened to complain to two other users' professors and deans and expose them to possible punishment from their schools for edits which he felt were invalid. He proceeded with these threats, and demanded money from the two users for the time he had spent writing a long document about the issues. See Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Colignatus for more.
Colofac (talk · contribs · block log), October 29, 2011
Banned by the community for disruptive editing, incivility, and statements of being not here to contribute. Discussion.
ColonelHenry (talk · contribs · block log), April 22, 2014
Banned by the community for a ten-year history of inserting hoax material into Wikipedia, sock puppetry under that account (used, suspected) and another account, CDThieme (talk · contribs) (ANI discussion), and abusing the vanishing applied to another previous account, ExplorerCDT (talk · contribs) (which was renamed to Vanished user azby388723i8jfjh32 (talk · contribs)).
ColourWolf (talk · contribs · block log), November 28, 2007
Banned for incivility, vandalism, and abusive sock puppetry (confirmed, suspected). As of June 2009, ColourWolf has not only continued to sock, but has also resorted to making off-wiki threats and revealing personal information of users who try to stop him (mainly User:Arbiteroftruth). See WP:LTA/ColourWolf.
ColScott (talk · contribs · block log), June 19, 2007
After a long history of disruptive behavior, banned after his posting of another user's personal information resulted in that user's family being harassed off-wiki by a third party. Has since returned on numerous occasions with many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected)
Colton Cosmic (talk · contribs · block log), July 24, 2014
Block appeal denied and community banned for sockpuppetry.
Connell66 (talk · contribs · block log), July 29, 2007
User complained about being trolled by The Master of Suspicion (talk · contribs · block log), only to be ensnared in The Master of Suspicion's autoblock. Checkuser then confirmed that The Master of Suspicion was one of several "bad hand" accounts he'd operated for some time; all were blocked. Has since continued to make socks to evade his block, with "good hand" accounts like AR Argon (talk · contribs · block log), Maser Fletcher (talk · contribs · block log) and The Wikipedist (talk · contribs · block log), and "bad hand" or trolling accounts such as Karnoff (talk · contribs · block log), To the lake (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) or Taciturnum (talk · contribs · block log) (confirmed via Checkuser, suspected).
Cplot (talk · contribs · block log), November 30, 2006
Following two blocks in a week for revert warring over his attempt to insert a conspiracy theory on the September 11, 2001 attacks, flooded the site with hundreds of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected, checkuser) and made noxious and ridiculous claims about "Federal clowns" on various community pages. Following this he was quickly banned by general agreement as a disruptive troll with no intent to contribute positively.
Crazy1980 (talk · contribs · block log), February 12, 2012
Community banned for repeated egregious copyright violations involving external links to Beatles songs, particularly involving the abuse of anon IP socks and refusing to get it. For ban discussion see [26].
Creepy Crawler (talk · contribs · block log), October 16, 2007
Disruptive edits and sockpuppetry.
Cretanpride (talk · contribs · block log), September 24, 2006
Banned indefinitely for sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), personal attacks, and repeated block evasion. User also engaged in attempts to blackmail against another user by threatening to murder a girl, which could have caused serious problems to Wikipedia.
Crouch, Swale (talk · contribs · block log), November 5, 2011
Banned by the community for massive sockpuppetry and other disruptive behavior.
Cute 1 4 u (talk · contribs · block log), August 20, 2006
Focused more on her own user page and tried to promote a MySpace-like atmosphere with her user space. Originally blocked because of her membership in a "vandalism club" created by another user, but banned by community consensus after the discovery of a large number of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).
Cy Q. Faunce (talk · contribs · block log), June 1, 2010
Banned by the community for off-wiki stalking, obtaining another editor's SSN and contacting their alma mater to "check their credentials" following a content dispute.


Daddy Kindsoul (talk · contribs · block log), Formalized as of 2007
Also known as Deathrocker (talk · contribs · block log). Following a request of arbitration where it was determined that he had an extensive history of blocks for repeated edit warring and exhibiting battleground behavior, he was placed on revert patrol. Following the case, he subsequently continued his antics and was banned by the arbitration committee for a year. It was then determined, by checkuser evidence that he created a complex sockpuppetry ring, of which he used to continue his antics. Banned indefinitely by the community for repeated and abusive sockpuppetry, personal attacks, threats and accusing other users of being sockpuppets of banned users.
Dajudem (talk · contribs · block log), May 11, 2009
Also known as Tundrabuggy (talk · contribs · block log); banned for using that account as an abusive sockpuppet. After Dajudem was topic-banned from all articles relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict for one year in April 2008, she created the Tundrabuggy account to evade the topic ban and engage in harassment. Has created more socks since the ban (confirmed, suspected).
Dalejenkins (talk · contribs · block log), December 6, 2009
A longtime user, banned after it emerged he'd been engaging in longterm votestacking at AfDs. See Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Dalejenkins for more details.
Daniel Brandt (talk · contribs · block log), November 8, 2005 (rebanned April 5, 2006, April 21, 2007 and July 28, 2007)
Indefinitely blocked from Wikipedia for repeated legal threats and harassment of Wikipedia editors despite many warnings. The Arbitration Commitee rejected an appeal as of April 10, 2007. Community ban was reaffirmed on April 14, 2007. (Jimbo Wales lifted the block/ban on April 18, and reinstated it on April 21, both at Brandt's own request; see WP:CN/Unblocking of Daniel Brandt.) On May 6, 2007, Brandt removed a section of his Web site that revealed Wikipedians' real-life identities, and was then unblocked by Jimbo himself. [27] However, on July 18, he was reblocked after an administrator learned the outing section of his site was back online. This was endorsed as a ban by community discussion, with Jimbo's support.
Darin Fidika (talk · contribs · block log), Initially indefinitely blocked December 13, 2006, unblocked and reblocked under several different usernames over the following years.
Banned for blatant and excessive copyright violations (over 800 articles consisting of content copied solely from another site (see list here and an older (and now deleted) list here) and refusal to stop creating more. See AN/ANI discussions here for initial 48 hour block, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, WikiProject Japan talk archives here and here, this AfD discussion, and further discussion on Nihonjoe's talk page here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. There is a category listing of confirmed socks as well as an archived checkuser page (which was closed before CU per WP:DUCK).
Daufer (talk · contribs · block log), July 30, 2013
Banned at AN/I for racist vandalism, neo-Nazi statements and personal attacks.
DavidAppletree (talk · contribs · block log), August 31, 2010
blocked by an administrator on August 31, 2010, community ban subsequently confirmed at discussions here [28] and here [29]. Banned for attempting to forge an antisemitic rant in another editor's name. See also Einsteindonut (talk · contribs).
DavidYork71 (talk · contribs · block log), April 23, 2007
Banned for exhausting community patience with tendentious editing, fringe views about Islam, terrorism and the Nazi Party, trolling and sockpuppetry. Has been subject of 20 Checkuser requests. Over 400 confirmed sockpuppets and over 200 more suspected socks, resulting in the creation of an LTA page to help track more down. Has continued to cause his screed since the ban, including said activities like further sockpuppetry.
David Lauder (talk · contribs · block log) February 21, 2008
Banned for exhausting community patience with disruptive editing on issues related to the Western Goals Institute and the Conservative Monday Club, abusive use of multiple sockpuppets, and legal threats.
David r from meth productions (talk · contribs · block log) July 18, 2011
Banned for long-term BLP problems, sock puppetry, and pov-pushing.
DeFacto (talk · contribs · block log), April 6, 2012
Banned by the community after harassing admins over an unblock request, indefinitely blocked over repeat persistent edit warring at metrification articles.
Dereks1x (talk · contribs · block log), April 3, 2007
Used a sockpuppet with false medical credentials, Doc United States (talk · contribs · block log), to gain an advantage in a content dispute regarding the John Edwards article. Given the community's sensitivity to false credentials (see Essjay controversy), he was banned; tried and failed to influence discussion as Atlas87 (talk · contribs · block log). Later returned as Archtransit (talk · contribs · block log), who ultimately gained adminship before being himself banned for gross abuse of admin powers and community trust.
Desiphral (talk · contribs · block log), September 16, 2009
Consensus was reached for a community ban in July 2009 due to sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) used for paid editing and cross-wiki spamming, though unblocked on appeal due to insufficient evidence of prior misbehavior. However, the user was blocked indefinitely after CheckUser confirmed well over 20 sockpuppets; the block can be considered an enactment of the ban.
Die4Dixie (talk · contribs · block log), December 3, 2009
Banned for repeatedly and persistently violating our norms of civil interaction, notably by conduct widely perceived as racist and/or trolling.
Dingbat2007 (talk · contribs · block log), November 10, 2007
Persistent vandal who would intentionally introduce nonsensical and unverifiable information into articles, and challenged users who would issue warnings to stop. Once blocked, became a prolific sockpuppeteer. As several administrators have blocked his socks and deleted and/or reverted their edits on sight, he is considered community-banned, retroactive to the date of his indefinite block. User continues to create new sock accounts, mostly named Word... or Rebafan..., and frequently edits anonymously.
Dodona (talk · contribs · block log), April 9, 2008
Banned for persistently pushing fringe POV and abusive sockpuppetry. See [30].
Donnylong (talk · contribs · block log), July 2, 2010
An editor who had engaged in COI editing on an article about himself, attempted to insert spam links into that article as an anon IP, and then demanded the article be deleted when the spam links were removed. Community banned after multiple vulgar personal attacks, multiple legal threats (including on Jimbo's talk page) [31] and repeatedly disrupting the AfD for his bio [32], as well as generally abusive behavior. For community ban discussion, see [33].
Don't Feed the Zords (talk · contribs · block log), October 12, 2011
Longtime vandal and sockpuppetry, including attempts to disrupt ban discussion [34]. Checkuser data connected to other banned user BuickCenturyDriver (talk · contribs · block log).
Doughnuthead (talk · contribs · block log), August 6, 2012
Blocked indefinitely for repeatedly evading previous blocks and confirmed multiple sockpuppetry. Defacto Banned per AN/I community decision [35].
DragoLink08 (talk · contribs · block log), January 26, 2013
Blocked indefinitely then banned by the community for excessive sockpuppetry and repeated disruption, primarily through mass changes to color schemes in articles.
Dragon2016 (talk · contribs · block log), November 27, 2011
Community-banned for persistent vandalism and sockpuppetry, similar to Gerald Gonzalez. The user appears to have an "obsession" in editing any Selena Gomez related articles and occasionally adds Burmese text and Demi Lovato's signature on Philippine TV show articles, more specifically 24 Oras, Wish Ko Lang and Eat Bulaga!.
Drew R. Smith (talk · contribs · block log), February 26, 2010
Was nearly banned in August 2009 after being caught falsifying a source, but was given a reprieve. However, the discovery of numerous copyright violations and other disruptive behavior exhausted the community's patience.
Dr CareBear (talk · contribs · block log), 1 May 2011
See this AN/I discussion.
Dr.Mukesh111 (talk · contribs · block log), 3 September 2010
Community banned after the discovery of a legal threat that was found on a user's talk page using the sockpuppet Consistencyalways. Has been edit-warring on multiple articles using several sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).


Echigo mole (talk · contribs · block log), May 2012
long-standing de facto ban for persistent harassment and sockpuppetry, confirmed at WP:AN discussion here [36].
Ecoleetage (talk · contribs · block log), January 17, 2009
A long-time and valued contributor, banned after it had been emerged that he made contact with a user's employer following an unsuccessful RfA. Please do not unblock without consulting ArbCom. User created an new account the day after the ban called Pastor Theo (talk · contribs), which eventually became an admin. The connection was eventually discovered when it was found there was another sockpuppet, Mrs. Wolpoff (talk · contribs) which had been used to double-vote and skew consensus. After that sock was discovered, he again came back as Warrah (talk · contribs).
ECW500 (talk · contribs · block log), May 5, 2009
Originally blocked in 2007 as a vandalism-only account. Later banned for creating a huge number of abusive sockpuppets [37], [38]. Sockpuppetry is ongoing. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/ECW500 and Wikipedia:Long-term_abuse/ECW500.
EddieSegoura (talk · contribs · block log), May 26, 2006
Editing career was spent almost entirely on using Wikipedia to promote the existence of a neologism. He engaged in massive disruption of the original AfD with votes from sockpuppets he created (confirmed, suspected), as well as attempts to change votes. His numerous attempts to recreate the article finally exhausted the community's patience (version 1, version 2). His disruption has been so severe that the unusual step was taken of salting his userpage (it has since been restored). Has also been suspected of causing similar disruption on Wikitionary.
Editor XXV (talk · contribs · block log), December 5, 2009
Editor was blocked for vandalism and during the block he used sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to attempt to evade it, pledging not to stop until he reached 100 socks. To support a revert on sight, block on sight approach in dealing with him, the community has banned him, see: Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/IncidentArchive583#User:Editor_XXV.
EffK (talk · contribs · block log), October 4, 2007
Previously known as Famekeeper (talk · contribs · block log). Used Wikipedia to promote conspiracy theories on the Roman Catholic Church article and related articles, resulting in him being banned for a year by ArbCom. Returned and almost immediately began trolling about the topics that got him banned. Repeated warnings were met with legal threats, exhausting the community's patience.
Egyegy (talk · contribs · block log), June 6, 2008
For egregious sockpuppetry, personal attacks and harassment [39]. Has been determined, by means of technical and behavioral evidence to be a sockpuppet of already-community banned Zerida.
Einsteindonut (talk · contribs · block log), August 27, 2010
For ongoing sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and ongoing disruption of Wikipedia by off-site organization of a biased editing campaign (Jewish Internet Defense Force). See Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/IncidentArchive634#Community_ban.3F
Ekajati (talk · contribs · block log), January 31, 2007
disruption, sock puppetry
El Machete Guerrero (talk · contribs · block log), March 27, 2009
Banned for personal attacks, edit warring, harassment, incivility, soapboxing, wikilawyering, and deceptive sockpuppetry (confirmed. suspected) used to avoid scrutiny. User persistently denied any evidence of his misbehavior. See history of User talk:Xcahv8 for large-scale user invlovement.
EliasAlucard (talk · contribs · block log), February 29, 2008
Indeffed for anti-Semitic remarks [40][41] by User:Will Beback; block generally supported by the community.
Ernham (talk · contribs · block log), April 10, 2007
Banned for disruptive and tendentious edit-warring, and POV pushing, having been blocked several times previously.


Fairyspit (talk · contribs · block log), April 7, 2014
Banned for a history of sockpuppetry and abuse of Wikipedia for stalking.
Fatal!ty (talk · contribs · block log), November 25, 2008
per this discussion. Disruptive editor blocked originally in early 2008 for heavy sockpuppetry; unblocked after expressing remorse, but after he requested adminship, he was quickly reblocked again when he went on a spree of reckless deletion nominations and reverts.
Fclass (talk · contribs · block log), June 24, 2008
Gaming the system, persistent disruption and personal attacks. Banned for exhausting community patience. Unblocked on September 5 based on promises of reform, but after multiple blocks for further disruption, user's indefinite block was reimposed on October 7.
Fila3466757 (talk · contribs · block log), February 10, 2008
Abusing multiple accounts.
FiveSidedFistagon (talk · contribs · block log), August 15, 2012
community banned for sockpuppetry and disruptive editing.
Footage (talk · contribs · block log), May 2, 2009
Blocked for two weeks after it was discovered he'd been cutting and pasting material wholesale from sources. However, the block was extended indefinitely when further investigation revealed that many of the images he'd uploaded were actually copyrighted when he claimed them as his own work. After it emerged that he'd lifted the content of entire articles from a single book, this was endorsed as a ban.
Fraberj (talk · contribs · block log), October 6, 2009
Per this discussion, banned for exhausting community patience from disruptive editing, sockpuppetry, legal threats, etc.
Fragments of Jade (talk · contribs · block log), February 11, 2009
Banned indefinitely for continued harassment by means of block-evading sockpuppetry (confirmed, SPI). Such activity has dated back to an indefinite block given to the user six months prior to the ban.
France a (talk · contribs · block log), May 2007
simple vandalism which, post-block, became massive sockpuppetry and talkpage disruption. See here for a list of socks – it includes MrClaxson (talk · contribs · logs · block log), who is almost certainly linked with the banned user Claxson.
Freedom5000 (talk · contribs · block log), January 2, 2011
Primary alias of the "fluoride spammer," who was banned for using sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to continually insert fluoride-related conspiracy theories into articles.
Freestylefrappe (talk · contribs · block log), October 4, 2006
Third current or former administrator to be banned from the project; desysopped by ArbCom for various abuses; returned as KI (talk · contribs · block log) without revealing his previous identity to try to regain adminship; main account blocked after he switched to Ya ya ya ya ya ya (talk · contribs · block log); exhausted the community's patience with massive sockpuppetry, trolling, and harassment.
Frei Hans (talk · contribs · block log), May 25, 2010
Banned after exhausting the community's patience with repeated sockpuppetry from anonymous IPs and disruptive editing. 1 year prior to the ban, was indefinitely blocked for continued and unrelenting assumptions of bad faith about the community as a whole which were entirely incompatible with the collaborative nature of Wikipedia (see also this earlier example).


Gavin.collins (talk · contribs · block log), November 4, 2010
Uncompromising approach on policy discussions, in particular regarding notability and deletion, led to an RFC/U being filed concerning Gavin.collins' conduct, where he refused to respond. It was also determined that several of his article space contributions were copyright infringements. A mentorship arrangement failed, and he was banned following a community discussion after no indication of changing course.
Gaydenver (talk · contribs · block log), February 27, 2012
Engaged in repeated POV pushing on articles related to Barack Obama, wikilawyering, battlefield mentality and large-scale abusive sockpuppetry. Initially blocked indefinitely in April 2010, his antics eventually exhausted the patience of the community and his block was converted into a De Facto ban.
GENIUS(4th power) (talk · contribs · block log), February 20, 2009
Made several good contributions, but had focused more on his userspace and promoting a MySpace atmosphere, which led to several distinct blocks on this individual, despite many warnings to not do so. It was then determined later, via three checkusers, that he had created many sockpuppets, including "good hand" accounts like Master of Pies (talk · contribs · block log) and "bad hand" accounts like the Blake The Third (talk · contribs · block log) sockpuppets. Banned for disruption, gaming the system, harrassment, sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and vandalism per consensus on IRC. Has continued to cause distruption since the ban, including said activities like further socking and harassment/impersonation of legitimate users. By both technical and behavioral evidence, he is the mastermind of about 200–300 sockpuppets, resulting in the creation of an LTA page to help track more down.
General Tojo (talk · contribs · block log), apparently formalized as of 2006
Also known as Keith Bridgeman (talk · contribs · block log). User has engaged in a constant point pushing against pages regarding Parkinson's disease since 2006. Banned indefinitely in 2006 for tedentious editing, repeated sockpuppetry, trolling, gaming the system , harassment of legitimate users, incivility, in addition to massive POV pushing. Has continued to cause disruption after the ban, including said activities like further sockpuppetry and general harassment of other users. He has been determined by both technical and behavioral means to be the mastermind of about 300+ sockpuppets, resulting in the creation of an LTA page to track down more.
Gerald Gonzalez (talk · contribs · block log), (First was February 12, 2008, later February 15 and March 14, 2008 indefinitely)
Exhausted community patience by deliberately inserting POV information and BLP violations in Philippine-related articles like Angel Locsin. He created sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) on said articles and occasionally added vandalism as well as attacked other users. See his long term abuse about his information and see ANI thread 1 and ANI thread 2.
German reference desk troll (talk · contribs · block log) May 17, 2012
Relentless trolling of the reference desk via anon IPs. See also Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/German reference desk troll. For ban discussion see [42]
Gibraltarian (talk · contribs · block log), December 17, 2005
Engaged in POV-pushing, harassment, and vandalism while editing pages on Gibraltar. While being decided against in arbitration, user's main account was blocked for 48 hours on December 12 for disruption. He then used sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to evade block, leading to an indefinite block on December 17, which ArbCom did not lift. At times, almost all Internet users in Gibraltar have been unable to edit Wikipedia due to collateral damage from blocks of this user.
Giovanni33 (talk · contribs · block log) July 4, 2008
exhausted community patience. See ANI thread and Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser/Case/Giovanni33.
Giovanni Giove (talk · contribs · block log), November 30, 2007
exhausted community patience. See talk page and ANI thread.
GoldenGlory84 (talk · contribs · block log), May 14, 2012
Large-scale abusive sockpuppetry. See [43]
Gold heart (talk · contribs · block log), September 16, 2007
After announcing his retirement on August 11, proceeded to reactivate a dormant second account, Thepiper (talk · contribs · block log), to troll in an ArbCom case. He subsequently created several other socks to influence the case and to harass another user on and off-wiki. Despite having made several good contributions, this behavior (especially the harassment) enraged the community, leading to a ban.
GordonWatts (talk · contribs · block log), May 22, 2007
Banned for long-term, persistent, disruptive, policy-violating conduct regarding the Terri Schiavo article. See discussions here, here, and here.
GoRight (talk · contribs · block log), March 31, 2010
After numerous blocks over a number of years, GoRight was banned for a combination of wikilawyering, disruption, harassment and failures to assume good faith. For more information, see the AN/I thread.
Grace Saunders (talk · contribs · block log), July 22, 2012
For repeated legal threats and sockpuppetry. [44]
GrahamBould (talk · contribs · block log), March 13, 2009
Created a massive copyright problem which was tackled at WikiProject Gastropods. Had been warned in 2008 about lifting text from sources, but continued for over a year until the problem was detected. Banned after it was discovered that several of his other contributions were copyright violations as well.
Greier (talk · contribs · block log), December 4, 2006
After a long history of edit-warring and incivility (including 14 blocks for such behavior), user finally exhausted the community's patience. Has used sockpuppets to evade the ban.
Grundle2600 (talk · contribs · block log), April 8, 2010
Community discussion stemmed from Grundle's ban on editing US politics topics. Consensus was that all previous attempts to counsel Grundle about the problems with his POV editing had failed. Repeated references to seven questions which Grundle had agreed not to mention anymore and a violation of his topic ban on April 1, followed by wikilawyering, and a request to modify his topic ban led to an indefinite site-ban. Since the ban, has engaged in ongoing abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and then attempted wikilawyering at the sockpuppet investigation.
Guitarherochristopher (talk · contribs · block log), October 23, 2009
Banned for repeated violations of WP:NFCC and WP:NOTMYSPACE and misuse of Wikipedia as a blog, despite many warnings not to do so. This user had also claimed to have assumed control of a legitimate user's account.
G-Zay (talk · contribs · block log), April 16, 2013
Banned for creating hoaxes and BLP violations.


Haham hanuka (talk · contribs · block log), January 22, 2007
Engaged in repeated revert warring, block-evading sockpuppetry, and disruption of AFD discussions and WikiProjects. Also engaged in "search engine fraud" by adding random Hebrew words on his user page, which could have caused serious problems for Wikipedia. See WP:RFC/Haham hanuka. A final violation of 3RR at Adolf Hitler led to an indefinite block, which was later endorsed as a ban with community assent on this individual. Also banned from the Hebrew Wikipedia for similar reasons.
Haizum (talk · contribs · block log), November 15, 2007
After a long history of incivility, edit-warring, and POV-pushing, exhausted community patience by attempting to blackmail his way out of an indefinite block.
Harvardlaw (talk · contribs · block log), October 13, 2006
Banned (sockpuppet discussion, plus block log entry, show that the user is community banned) for rampant self-promotion and removal of AFD tags, which he vowed to continue. Has created numerous sockpuppets (suspected, confirmed).
HarveyCarter (talk · contribs · block log), May 19, 2011
Banned for persistent sockpuppetry (suspected, confirmed)
HeadleyDown (talk · contribs · block log), June 5, 2006
Gaming the system, malicious personal attacks and deliberate degradation of articles to extreme POV positions under the guise of playing the "good editor." After a number of distinct blocks for violating an ArbCom decision concerning him, the block was extended to indefinite for the use of several sockpuppets and meatpuppets. Has since created a large number of sockpuppets in a wide range of fields, resulting in an LTA page so more socks can be found.
HistoricWarrior007 (talk · contribs · block log), April 25, 2010
per Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive609#Community ban: HistoricWarrior007. Disruptive POV editing; was sanctioned under WP:DIGWUREN Arbcom "discretionary sanctions" clause, followed by repeated socking to evade blocks, and threats of more sockpuppetry when caught.
Hogeye (talk · contribs · block log), October 1, 2006
Banned for exhaustive POV-pushing, using dozens of sockpuppets after being banned for various offenses, and unwillingness to work towards consensus in reaching positive changes to the encyclopedia. Offenses included malicious activity such as vandalism to research templates and personal attacks, including uploading offensive images with the intention to harass editors.


Iaaasi (talk · contribs · block log), April 2, 2011
After many blocks for persistent edit-warring and tendentious editing with nationalistic bias and sockpuppetry, despite having made several good contributions, this user was Banned with community assent. Has continued to cause distruption since the ban, including said activities like further socking and nationalistic editing, and numerous attempts to solicit users by e-mail in an attempt to get people to edit on his behalf.
Iamandrewrice (talk · contribs · block log), December 7, 2007
Banned for disruption, sockpuppetry and claiming that innocent users are his socks.
-Inanna- (talk · contribs · block log), April 5, 2006
After many blocks for edit warring, incivility, and racist personal attacks, user was banned. Used sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).
Israelbeach (talk · contribs · block log), April 30, 2006
Alias of search engine optimizer Joel Leyden. After a long history of linkspamming by his main account and by way of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected), banned for legal threats and harassment of another user, including revealing the user's real-life identity. Since his ban, has continued to use sockpuppets to linkspam and show false consensus, resulting in the creation of an LTA page (now deleted) to track them down.
ItsLassieTime (talk · contribs · block log), April 8, 2009
Banned for 18 months for widespread and disruptive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected, including self-admitted). User's claims to be using multiple accounts legitimately found to be false due to creation of multiple different personae on different sockpuppet accounts, including sockpuppets awarding each other Barnstars for work on GA projects. Ban extended to indefinite per: Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive204#Ban of User:ItsLassieTime now indefinite


Jack Merridew (talk · contribs · block log), et al., October 16, 2012
Community banned for repeated sockpuppetry, block evasion using sockpuppet accounts, and violation of ArbCom restrictions limiting to a single account.
Jacob Hnri 6 (talk · contribs · block log), January 12, 2010
Community banned for large-scale abusive socking, including creating 37 different sockpuppet accounts (Confirmed, Suspected) in a span of just 12 hours (possibly using bots), as well as abusing more than 50 accounts and 7 IP ranges over one month. For ban discussion see [45].
Jagged 85 (talk · contribs · block log), September 22, 2012
Community banned for persistent misrepresentation of sources, including introduction of false information into articles, and a general failure to assist the community with cleanup of the same as agreed in a 2010 RFC. For ban discussion see [46].
Jake Duncan (talk · contribs · block log), December 26, 2010
Also known as Jake Picasso (talk · contribs · block log); banned for abusive sockpuppetry (1, 2, 3, 4) and creating hoaxes.
JamesBurns (talk · contribs · block log), April 20, 2009
De facto community ban. Used many sock puppets to influence AfDs and talk page discussions for five and a half years, edit warred using sock puppets, edit warred to include BLP violations (eventually leading to the article's subject having to make an OTRS complaint), impersonated other users, impersonated non-Wikipedians with their real names, created hoax article of a living person. It is likely that this user previously edited under the name Leanne (talk · contribs) before JamesBurns was created. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Leanne/Archive and Uncle G's evidence in particular.
Jameswhatson (talk · contribs · block log), December 4, 2010
Banned for persistent vandalism and edit warring on the Monkey-baiting article using many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).
JarlaxleArtemis (talk · contribs · block log), September 17, 2005, lifted November 17, 2005, then reimposed on September 17, 2006
Subject of two ArbCom cases (1st case, 2nd case) for trolling, disruption, and massive copyright violations. During the second ArbCom case, it was discovered that he had created almost 50 accounts to impersonate and harass other users. As a result, he was banned from all Wikimedia projects by order of board member Anthere. The ban was lifted two months later, but he was community-banned from Wikipedia a year later for continued misbehavior, including further sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected). He then continued as a serial vandal. Later created the vandal persona "Grawp", engaging in page-move vandalism and harassment of various users on the English Wikipedia and many other wikis. See also WP:LTA/JarlaxleArtemis.
Jason James Scott (talk · contribs · block log), April 11, 2012
Banned indefinitely for creating hoax and fake articles, vandalism and egregious gaming of the system for self-promotion by the use of sock puppetry (confirmed, suspected). From July to August 2010, this editor created a massive sockpuppet farm with the purpose of evading his block. Checkuser confirms that Jason James Scott has created almost 131 sockpuppets three years after his indefinite block. After almost two years of inactivity, the editor returned to sockpuppetry once more, which exhausted the community's patience.
JAT6634 (talk · contribs · block log), October 22, 2011
persistent disruption and sockpuppetry. AN discussion. See also WP:LTA/JAT6634.
Jbamb (talk · contribs · block log), March 10, 2007
Alias of blogger John Bambenek, who worked to keep his article (since salted) on Wikipedia, using sockpuppets to create the article repeatedly and to stack votes in discussions related to its deletion. Banned for filing a bad-faith arbitration request as Echo16 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) and then using another sock, DailyIllini (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log), to appear to support it.
JB196 (talk · contribs · block log), December 20, 2006
Alias of an internet professional wrestling fan, who was blocked on September 8, 2006 during an edit war on Vic Grimes (see: WP:LAME entry) for violations of WP:OWN, trolling, and personal attacks. Converted to a community ban due to his behaviour and attitude to Wikipedia. Since the ban he has had over 200 confirmed sockpuppets discovered through CheckUser and duck tests, as well as several more suspected socks and at least one meatpuppet, Burntsauce (talk · contribs · block log) (see above). See Wikipedia:Long term abuse/JB196.
Jerry Jones (talk · contribs · block log), May 24, 2006
Known previously as JJstroker (talk · contribs · block log). Banned for plagarism, copyright violations and POV-pushing Edits focused on adding derogatory information about Jews, African Americans and the U.S. Democratic Party, removing negative information about individuals such as Charles Lindbergh and Charles Coughlin, and similar POV-pushing. Engaged in sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected). Unblocked on July 15, 2006 after he expressed a desire to return, but was reblocked after it was discovered he'd been evading his block as TheSettingSun (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) and RisingJapaneseSun (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · nuke contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log).
JI Hawkins (talk · contribs · block log), February 25, 2010
Was blocked indefinitely for vandalism and abuse of the undo tool on November 8, 2009, Banned for using sockpuppets (Confirmed, Suspected) to evade the block and to continue his disruptive editing.
Joehazelton (talk · contribs · block log), November 21, 2009
For cyberstalking other editors he was in dispute with and abusive deletion nominations. Also for ongoing abusive sockpuppetry. See [47] for LTA information. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Joehazelton/Archive, Category:Suspected_Wikipedia_sockpuppets_of_Joehazelton, Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Joehazelton.
John254 (talk · contribs · block log), January 28, 2009
Banned when it was discovered he had been using a sockpuppet to manipulate and disrupt Wikipedia. His ban is endorsed by the Arbitration Committee. Has continued to sock since the ban.
Johnjoecavanagh (talk · contribs · block log), March 8, 2008
After having an article, Redboy, deleted several times, canvassed for support of a petition in protest of the deletion, resulting in an indefinite block in August 2007. Subsequently returned as Orrelon (talk · contribs · block log), and harassed one of the administrators involved in the original deletion. After this account was blocked, continued campaign of harassment by way of several anonymous IPs, leading to a ban.
John celona (talk · contribs · block log), July 4, 2008
JoMontNW (talk · contribs · block log), September 9, 2013
Banned by the community for sockpuppetry, vandalism and trolling.
Jon Awbrey (talk · contribs · block log), September 7, 2006
Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive134#User:Jon Awbrey project spam
Jonah Ayers (talk · contribs · block log), January 20, 2006
Banned for sockpuppetry (suspected, checkuser), harassment, personal attacks, POV violations, etc.
Jonathan Yip (talk · contribs · block log), May 8, 2012
Prolific abusive sockpuppetry and vandalism. De facto banned.
JoshuSasori (talk · contribs · block log), March 3, 2013
Indefinitely blocked for disruption, harassment, and sockpuppetry. De facto banned.
Jude Enemy (talk · contribs · block log), November 26, 2013
Sockpuppetry. Community banned: after community discussion at ANI
Just H (talk · contribs · block log), April 12, 2007
On at least four occasions, engaged in disruptive multiple-voting on RfAs via prolonged sockpuppetry. Blocked indefinitely after evidence surfaced that his multiple voting may have affected the outcome of at least one RfA. While this user had many good contributions, his egregious gaming of the system and sockpuppetry exhausted the community's patience and he was banned for being unapologetic about his behavior; he declared upon being indefblocked, "Don't worry, i've been here before, I can be here again. :)"
Justa Punk (talk · contribs · block log), November 10, 2010
Banned by the community for repeated abusive sockpuppetry and harassment.
Jvolkblum (talk · contribs · block log), May 31, 2008
Engaged in disruptive conduct on articles, persistently working around indefinite blocks by using proxies to create (at last count) 67 confirmed sock puppets and at least six other suspected. Banned after eighth checkuser and suspected sock puppets cases were filed.


Kagome 85 (talk · contribs · block log), December 20, 2010
Extensive abusive sockpuppetry including wikistalking of her real-life ex-lover and being a grossly disruptive nuisance over a period of several years. For ban discussion see [48]. See also Blackmagic1234 (talk · contribs).
Karunyan (talk · contribs · block log), June 5, 2010
Blocked for continued wikistalking, harassment, outing, and vandalism. Since block, has continued to engage in this behavior using numerous sockpuppets, most named on varients of his username, ConductDiscussion, spoofs of editor User:Collectonian's named, and various IPs based in/around Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India (Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Karunyan, confirmed, suspected. (Banned)
Karmafist (talk · contribs · block log), August 30, 2006
Second current or former administrator to be banned. Desysopped after this arbitration case, banned for engaging in subtle vandalism under numerous sock puppets (confirmed, suspected). See the links added in this post. Indefinitely blocked on August 10, but unblocked August 16 as a test of good faith. Two weeks later, the block was reinstated as he showed no signs of improvement.
Karmaisking (talk · contribs · block log), February 14, 2008
Editor blocked indefinitely for incivility and disruption. Since then, has engaged in aggressive and disruptive POV-pushing on economics articles using hundreds of sock puppets (confirmed, suspected). Also see Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Karmaisking.
Katrina Villegas (talk · contribs · block log), February 15, 2014
Banned for exhausting community patience, through relentless and persistent attempts at (re)creating hoax articles pertaining to non-notable or fictitious Filipino child actresses using various sockpuppet accounts. See discussion.
Kauffner (talk · contribs · block log), August 23, 2013
For sockpuppetry and tendentious editing. See discussion.
Kavdiaravish (talk · contribs · block log), April 12, 2013
for sockpuppetry and blatant copyvios. ANI discussion.
Keegscee (talk · contribs · block log), June 3, 2010
Editor was indefinitely blocked and then community banned per Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive213#Keegscee - community ban proposal for self-admitted sockpuppetry and harrassment of other users. Also see Confirmed sockpuppets.
KingsOfHearts (talk · contribs · block log), December 19, 2008
Editor was blocked indefinitely for sock puppetry (Confirmed, Suspected), lying, and POV pushing. Editor has exhausted community patience.
Klaksonn (talk · contribs · block log), August 13, 2007
Blocked indefinitely for persistent incivility and disruptive editing. Since then has been using numerous sockpuppets (identified through CheckUserconfirmed, suspected) to continue similar disruption.
KnowIG (talk · contribs · block log), July 16, 2011
Community banned for excessive sock puppetry, harassment, and article ownership of tennis-related articles. Has abused over a dozen sock accounts and has engaged in a pattern of severe harassment against others who touch any tennis-related article. See AN discussion here.
KuhnstylePro (talk · contribs · block log), August 15, 2013
Community banned for hoax creation, sockpuppetry/block evasion, and general vandtrollism.
Kumioko (talk · contribs · block log), February 28, 2014
See Administrators' noticeboard for discussion. Community banned for disruption, soapboxing, and inability to reform after being given numerous chances.
Kwork (talk · contribs · block log), May 29, 2009
See [49]. Banned for abusive sockpuppetry.


Lagoo sab (talk · contribs · block log), November 27, 2011
Engaged in abusive and unrepentant sockpuppetry, misuse of talk pages while blocked, battleground behavior, edit warring, POV pushing, disruptive editing and accusations against other editors of sockpuppetry. Has since continued to return on numerous occasions with numerous socks. For ban discussion see [50].
LarryDarby (talk · contribs · block log), January 31, 2007
Alias of attorney Larry Darby, who after a history of POV-pushing, COI editing, and self-promotion on his biography, exhausted the community's patience with personal attacks and claims that Wikipedia was controlled by Jews and Zionists, and by using a sockpuppet, BopBeBop (talk · contribs · block log), to attempt to circumvent COI issues.
LeoniDb (talk · contribs · block log), January 6, 2007
Banned for trolling, vandalism, fascist POV-pushing, incivility, and sockpuppetry.
Leyasu (talk · contribs · block log), July 9, 2006
Put on revert probation in two distinct Arbcom cases, one in March 2006, the other in June. Regular violation of this parole and use of numerous IP addresses and sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to disrupt a range of heavy metal music-related articles exhausted the community's patience.
Lifnlsdlsdnf (talk · contribs · block log), May 16, 2009
Also known as the "Rockwick spammer". Banned for excessive site spamming and use of abuse sockpuppets after a discussion on ANI. Please see Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Lifnlsdlsdnf for more information.
Light current (talk · contribs · block log), February 2, 2007
After a long history of incivility on his main account and by way of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) and IP addresses, banned for a particularly severe personal attack against another user. The ban was reduced to a one-month block with an unspecified parole, but was reimposed only six days later after the discovery of a large number of sockpuppets (see Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser/Case/Light current) that threatened to "wreak havoc" with Wikipedia if he wasn't allowed back.
Libb Thims (talk · contribs · block log), 9 September 2010
Previously Sadi Carnot This user was banned for a year by the arbitration committee and returned some years later to continue the same problems with using wikipedia for promoting a fringe POV and abusing sources. The community banned him from further participation (discussion here [51]). See also [52]
Lir (talk · contribs · block log), March 6, 2008
Subject of two arbitration cases (first case, second case) for disruptive and provocative editing. Banned on January 1, 2005 for one year after the second case, but this ban was reset across two calendar years due to frequent evasion. After he returned, he trolled repeatedly about the circumstances of his ban, and was finally blocked indefinitely. Unblocked by Doc glasgow the next day as a test of good faith, but showed no signs of improvement..
Loosmark (talk · contribs · block log), November 29, 2010
For repeatedly engaging in tendentious editing, treating heated political topics as a battleground, and operating a large sockfarm which was used to circumvent topic bans. For duscussion see [53].
Lou franklin (talk · contribs · block log), May 30, 2006
Engaged in sustained edit warring over a single article against a perceived "gay cabal" over a period of several months before being banned from the article by ArbCom, in addition to being put on revert and personal attack parole. After using a sock puppet to evade his sanctions and hence blocked for two weeks, he claimed that the sockpuppet accusation amounted to libel, and was henceforth banned.
Lyle123 (talk · contribs · block log), August 12, 2007
Also known as StealBoy (talk · contribs · block log). Created numerous hoax articles about television shows and movies, resulting in an indefinite block only three days after the account was created. Continued to create hoaxes and add false information using over 60 sockpuppets. Banned to support block-on-sight of all socks and revert/delete-on-sight of all edits.


Macallla (talk · contribs · block log), March 25, 2013
Oldest known account of the AN/TPS Vandal, vandalising AN/TPS-43 and AN/TPS-75 (at least) for over six years from at least 17 named accounts and a variety of dynamic Colombian IPs, finally exhausting the community's patience [54].
Malber (talk · contribs · block log), August 18, 2007
A longtime contributor initially blocked for using a sockpuppet to vandalize RfA requests with Harry Potter spoilers, his block was later extended after he was found to be using another sockpuppet to further disrupt RfA while blocked. Later indefinitely blocked, and de facto banned from the community, for attempting to disruptively revoke the GFDL on his contributions and for continuing sockpuppet vandalism.
Mantanmoreland (talk · contribs · block log), May 29, 2008
Used multiple sock accounts, Samiharris (talk · contribs · block log), Lastexit (talk · contribs · block log), and Tomstoner (talk · contribs · block log) to help use Wikipedia as a battleground for an off-wiki controversy. Directed by ArbCom to edit from only one account, but blocked for two weeks after Checkuser confirmed the existence of another sock, Bassettcat (talk · contribs · block log). This was extended to a community ban with overwhelming support[55]
MariaJaydHicky (talk · contribs · block log), March 9, 2014
Banned for persistent sockpuppeteering and block evasion, which exhausted the patience and assumption of good faith by the community. For ban discussion see [56].
Mario96 (talk · contribs · block log), October 19, 2010
After being blocked indefinitely in May 2010 for creating inappropriate pages, used many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to continue doing so before finally exhausting the community's patience.
Marquis de la Eirron (talk · contribs · block log), December 5, 2011
Persistent sockpuppet and copyright violations, banned per ANI discussion.
Marshallsumter (talk · contribs · block log), September 12, 2011
Blocked indefinitely after an WP:ANI discussion revealed he was disrupting Wikipedia for "research" purposes. Many of his contributions were laden with original syntheses, and some of them contained copyright violations. After it emerged that he was transferring many of his articles to Wikiversity—thus putting the Foundation in astronomical legal danger—this was endorsed as a ban. In an unprecedented move, all articles he created were deleted, as the community felt his activities on Wikipedia were an egregious violation of the pillars of the project (though some of them have since been restored).
Markanthony101 (talk · contribs · block log), March 13, 2008
Banned for abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and harassment of at least two editors.
"MascotGuy", 2009
"MascotGuy" is the name given to this vandal for purposes of identification. It is unknown what the first account was and this vandal has created many thousands of sockpuppet accounts and abused many more IP addresses since 2004. The abuse level has been significant enough to create a Long-Term Abuse listing at Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/MascotGuy.
Max Mux (talk · contribs · block log), June 23, 2009
Was blocked for edit warring, banned for personal attacks and using sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to evade blocks. Ban was discussed at ANI.
Mbz1 (talk · contribs · block log), February 12, 2012
Banned for repeated harassment of an administrator, most notably for continuing grudges at other wikis after being blocked on en-wiki, as well as enlisting the help of other users banned from en-wiki. For ban discussion see [57].
Michael (talk · contribs · block log), April 1, 2003, lifted on September 3, 2004, reimposed on September 4, 2006
Banned by Jimbo Wales for adding fake info and threats. Following the ban, he continued to cause disruption through inserting inaccuracies, vandalism, and personal attacks. By August 2004, Michael began to make constructive edits, and stated that he wished to reform himself. As an "unique experiment", he was allowed back as Mike Garcia (talk · contribs · block log) and placed under mentorship. He actually became a constructive editor, making almost 10,000 article edits. But from May 2005 onwards his behaviour became increasingly problematic, and his editing less and less frequent. By September 2006, he exhausted the community's patience after it became apparent that he was once again using sockpuppets to cause disruption. Around the time he was blocked, he admitted being under the guise of a longtime vandal called "Johnny the Vandal" to engage in page-move vandalism and harassment of other users.
MichaelIsGreat (talk · contribs · block log), June 20, 2006
Initially posted an "essay" (advertisement) at Bösendorfer and player piano. Following its removal he made personal attacks against those who removed the essay from the articles, and was advised on proper policy. Banned for incessantly posting baseless and indiscriminate accusations of censorship, conspiracy, and skulduggery.
Mikemikev (talk · contribs · block log), January 2, 2011
Initially banned by ArbCom for one year per Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Race and intelligence#Mikemikev site-banned and thereafter topic-banned. Thereafter was full community banned for evading the ArbCom ban via sockpuppetry. For discussion see community discussion. He has since attempted to return multiple times under various sockpuppets.
Middim13 (talk · contribs · block log), October 17, 2008
After exhausting the community's patience through a long-term history of POV-pushing, disruptive editing, sockpuppetry on maritime history-related articles, received an indefinite block and de-facto community ban.
MilesMoney (talk · contribs · block log), January 3, 2014
After repeated incivility, he was banned by the community, per this ANI discussion.
Misterrick (talk · contribs · block log), December 15, 2006
A 24-hour block for incivility and 3RR violations was quickly extended to indefinite due to a nasty legal threat sent to the blocking administrator via e-mail; see this discussion for more information.
Miyokan (talk · contribs · block log), September 17, 2008
Long disruption, incivility, personal attacks, and outing. See [58]
Mk5384 (talk · contribs · block log), July 21, 2010
Banned for personal attacks, edit warring, and using sockpuppets to make uncivil comments on talk pages, via email, as well as vandalizing user pages.
Mmbabies (talk · contribs · block log), March 30, 2007
Banned for insertion of nonsense into articles and disruptive sockpuppetry through anonymous IPs to continue doing so after being indefinitely blocked as a vandal-only account on February 12, 2007. Some of the suspected socks' edits were abusive and outright threatening, including threats to the life of Christina Aguilera (a, b, c), as well as posting of personal information about Houston-area school bus drivers (d). Has continued this behavior from anonymous IPs since the banning, including graphic threats to the lives of Nicole C. Mullen, Enrique Iglesias and Kellie Copeland-Kutz (see WP:LTA/MMB). As a result of this and his ISP's unresponsiveness to repeated emails, some Internet users in the Houston area now have to create an account to edit Wikipedia.
Mokshanine (talk · contribs · block log) (formerly Amanbirgrewal; most commonly referred to as Amanbir Singh (talk · contribs)), September 29, 2013
Banned by the community for sockpuppetry, disruptive editing involving nationalist/ethnic POV-pushing and bigotry, and edit-warring.
Molag Bal (talk · contribs · block log), May 13, 2007
It was determined that Molag Bal had created a complex sockpuppetry ring including "good hand" accounts like Retiono Virginian (talk · contribs)/Eaomatrix (talk · contribs) and "bad hand" accounts like the Mr oompapa (talk · contribs · block log) sockpuppets. The above checkuser was run following a false hijacking used to vandalize not unlike what had happened to five administrator accounts.
MooshiePorkFace (talk · contribs · block log), June 10, 2012
Banned for clearly dishonest attempts to present PR guff as legitimate sourcing, and constant attempts to evade scrutiny (34 socks at the initiating of the discussion) [59]
Morning277 (talk · contribs · block log), 14 July 2013
Banned per an AN discussion for creating hundreds of socks and creating persistent disruption.
Mr. Curious Man (talk · contribs · block log), February 2, 2012
Banned for persistent sockpuppetry, harassment, and general disruption.
Mr Wiki Pro (talk · contribs · block log), December 21, 2013
Banned for persistent sockpuppetry, and general disruption.
Mr. Treason, July 8, 2004
Anonymous user or users who made death threats against various Wikipedians and legal threats, claiming to have filed criminal complaints and lawsuits against Wikipedians. This person or these people are to be considered banned. See User:Mr. Treason/Request for comment and User:Mr. Treason/Request for arbitration for details on this user's activities. This user is the source of the Wikipedia "I will sue you in a court of law in Trenton, New Jersey" meme alluded to in Wikipedia:No legal threats.
MyWikiBiz (talk · contribs · block log), October 5, 2006
Originally banned by Jimbo for "inappropriate use of Wikipedia name in commerce" and "implying that people can pay him [MyWikiBiz] to get listed in Wikipedia." After having one of his sockpuppets, JossBuckle Swami (talk · contribs · block log), blocked, it was decided to reinforce Jimbo's ban with a community ban on January 23, 2007; the community felt this was necessary because his activities were an egregious violation of the pillars of the project. Unblocked by Jimbo March 23, 2007; reblocked for legal intimidation as Zibiki Wym (talk · contribs · block log) March 29, 2007. Has continued to disrupt and vandalize the project over the long term through various sockpuppet accounts as of early 2008, including impersonation of other users. This ban was provisionally suspended by the Arbitration Committee here under conditions which were then violated, reinstating the ban. See also Thekohser (talk · contribs).
Mziboy (talk · contribs · block log), August 30, 2012
Banned by the community for sockpuppetry and general disruption.


Naacats (talk · contribs · block log), September 29, 2007
Devoted most of his time to extreme POV-pushing regarding the effects of smoking. Also canvassed for meatpuppets to advance his views. A topic ban was proposed, but was extended to a full community ban after it was determined that he had a high conflict of interest.
Naadapriya (talk · contribs · block log), formalised as of February 17, 2009
Banned from Wikipedia for tendentious POV-pushing, and other types of disruptive and problematic editing, including harassment, personal attacks, incivility, assumptions of bad faith, edit-warring, attempts to use Wikipedia as a battleground and game the system, egregious sockpuppetry/meatpuppetry, trolling, etc. Previously tried remedies include blocks, topic ban, and de-facto community ban. See also Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Naadapriya.
Nangparbat (talk · contribs · block log), April 22, 2012
Devoted most of his time to push a chronic and nationalistic-POV and edit-warrior on various India and Pakistan-related topics, most of which were articles about Jammu and Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. After the user's subsequent indefinite block in 2008, Nangparbat continued the disruption through excessive sockfarming by the usage of multiple IP addresses around the United Kingdom and several sleeper accounts, which lead the community to endorse a ban on this individual. Continued collateral damage from Nangparbat has nearly put millions of people in the United Kingdom at risk from being unable to edit Wikipedia. The ban discussion at WP:ANI can be viewed here.
Nasz (talk · contribs · block log), June 1, 2007
Banned for low-quality editing, POV-pushing, and violation of WP:FRINGE. Had previously been banned for the same problems on the Polish Wikipedia.
Nazrac (talk · contribs · block log), May 13, 2007
User's editing style came close on several occasions to violating policies on NPOV editing and trolling, but managed to avoid being blocked. However, his personal attacks on article talk pages finally exhausted the community's patience.
Nathanrdotcom (talk · contribs · block log), August 14, 2006
Banned for highly inappropriate off-wiki emails (discussion not linked to protect innocent third parties). Ban was lifted on January 19, 2007 by Tawker. However, other administrators reimposed the ban and filed a request for an in-camera arbitration, citing the circumstances of the original ban and concerns about his behavior since the ban. As a result of this proceeding, the original community ban was endorsed. Subsequently tried to return as Skult of Caro (talk · contribs · block log), and has also harassed other users via email.
Neuraxis (talk · contribs · block log), June 19, 2014
Banned for being a de-facto single-purpose account with a history of personal attacks, legal threads and talk page philibustering.
Neutralizer (talk · contribs · block log), December 20, 2006
After a long history of sockpuppetry, notably Ottawaman (talk · contribs · block log) and Canuckster (talk · contribs · block log), tendentious partisan editing, trolling, and legal threats on WP:ANI, Neutralizer eventually exhausted community patience, leading to a ban.
NicAgent (talk · contribs · block log), August 12, 2006
Known to act in good faith while simultaneously perpetrating rampant vandalism through many, many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected). His "bad hand" account "contributions" include spurious AfD nominations (Wi-Fi and China), trolling, impersonation of better-known vandals and miscellaneous disruption.
Nimbley6 (talk · contribs · block log), May 31, 2009
Community-banned per banning discussion on WP:AN.
Nirelan (talk · contribs · block log), May 2, 2012
Community banned for BLP violations, edit warring and abusive sockpuppetry. For ban discussion see [60].
Nixer (talk · contribs · block log), January 2, 2007
While this user had many good contributions, his persistent edit-warring, personal attacks, and sockpuppetry exhausted community patience and led to a ban.
Nkras (talk · contribs · block log), February 20, 2007
Banned for POV pushing and revert warring on Marriage and related articles, creation of numerous POV forks, removal of various WikiProjects' templates from articles and talk pages, sockpuppetry, threats of meatpuppetry, abusive language, and disregard for consensus. See discussions here, here, and here.
Noloop (talk · contribs · block log) October 9, 2011
Also edited under User:Mindbunny, ban enacted after an indefinite block for exhausting community patience, accusations of bad faith, tendentious editing, and a history of sockpuppetry problems.[61]
NorbertArthur (talk · contribs · block log), November 26, 2006
After many individual blocks, personal attacks, disruption, and sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), user's last block was extended to indefinite and he was banned.
Nothing444 (talk · contribs · block log), May 26, 2008
"This user is de facto banned per the consensus on ANI that his editing over a long period of time was unacceptable and that he should be removed from the community indefinitely." See Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive138#Nothing444 and Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive141#User:Nothing444.
Notre Dame vandal
Variable IP/sockpuppet vandal to American football and University of Notre Dame related topics. Banned by the community after checkuser confirmed this user created an impersonation account during the Jmfangio-Chrisjnelson arbitration case.
See Banc de Binary above
Nrcprm2026 (talk · contribs · block log), September 28, 2007
Also known as LossIsNotMore (talk · contribs · block log). Engaged in disruptive editing at Depleted uranium and other articles, to the point that he was banned from the article by ArbCom on May 6, 2006. Over the next year, he flagrantly evaded the ban with several sockpuppets. The discovery of another sock, BenB4 (talk · contribs · block log), resulted in him being banned. Later, he was responsible for forging unapproved administrator surveys.
NYScholar (talk · contribs · block log), July 2, 2009
Banned for exhausting the community's patience with repeated uncollaborative editing and incivility.


Obuibo Mbstpo (talk · contribs · block log), March 17, 2008
For sockpuppetry, wikilawyering, and the creation of malicious hoax articles. Three of his many sockpuppets were Absidy (talk · contribs · block log),Ron Duvall (talk · contribs · block log), and Larry E. Jordan (talk · contribs · block log).
Oldhouse2012 (talk · contribs · block log), February 9, 2013
For sockpuppeting, block evasion, and trolling.
On.Elpeleg (talk · contribs · block log), September 17, 2008
Banned due to unrepentant spamming, incivility and personal attacks.
Orsahnses (talk · contribs · block log), July 18, 2010
For creating sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) and violations of personal attacks. Banned as per discussion.
OSUHEY (talk · contribs · block log), August 27, 2011
Abusive sockpuppetry and copyright violations – discussion.
See Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/OSUHEY for more information.
Otto4711 (talk · contribs · block log), October 23, 2011
Two years of disruptive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) – after an indefinite block. – discussion.


PalestineRemembered (talk · contribs · block log), December 31, 2009
Banned for disruptive behaviour over Palestine-Israeli articles and sock puppetry.
Panairjdde (talk · contribs · block log), June 10, 2007
Banned for POV pushing, incivility, and egregious sockpuppetry.
Papa Smooch (talk · contribs · block log), March 10, 2012
Originally blocked for disruptive editing and personal attacks. Community banned for using sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to vandalise other user's talk pages.
ParadoxTom (talk · contribs · block log), November 30, 2006
Banned for incessant edit-warring at the Jews for Jesus article.
ParalelUni (talk · contribs · block log), August 11, 2006
While the subject of an arbitration case for edit-warring through sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), banned for extremely offensive personal attacks and incivility, including reveling in the death of another user's sister. One of a very few cases whose community ban was formally endorsed by the Arbitration Committee.
ParthianShot (talk · contribs · block log), May 7, 2007
Previously known as Surena (talk · contribs · block log). Uploaded dozens of images to Wikipedia and Commons from a site that has been proven to host images deceptively labeled as free when they are actually copyrighted—thus putting the Wikimedia Foundation in grave legal danger. Responded to demands for an explanation with legal threats, leading to a ban.
Patchouli (talk · contribs · block log), February 20, 2007
Banned for repeatedly creating biased and incorrect articles about Iran and Muslims and making biased edits to articles about those topics. Has since used a number of sockpuppets.
Paul Bedson (talk · contribs · block log), March 20, 2013
Banned by the community for disruption and sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) following an RfC on the user.
Pé de Chinelo (talk · contribs · block log), November 3, 2012
Indefinitely blocked for disruption, sockpuppetry and vandalism. De facto banned.
Peter Judge, Sept 12, 2012
Discussion. The person editing by an IP and signing with the name Peter Judge is banned by community consensus from the English Wikipedia for continued legal threats against Wikipedia editors and disruptive editing. (Note that the registered user Peter Judge (talk · contribs) is not the same person, and is not banned.)
Jacob Peters (talk · contribs · block log), May 16, 2011
Originally blocked on January 7, 2007 Banned for persistent sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected, CheckUser) to avoid blocks for revert warring, personal attacks, incivility, disruptive behaviour on Communism-related articles, and exhausting the community's patience. Community ban later confirmed when the user requested unblock and immediately resumed disruptive, battleground behavior. See [62] for unanimous ban discussion.
Pelican Shit (talk · contribs · block log), apparently formalized as of 2005 
Banned indefinitely for repeated vandalism, sockpuppetry and highly inappropriate edits. Blocked/Banned on several other Wikimedia projects for the same behavior. De-facto Banned.
Peter Damian (talk · contribs · block log), August 3, 2009
Community banned per this discussion for violating ArbCom restrictions and socking.
Pickbothmanlol (talk · contribs · block log), June 24, 2010
For a long time he has engaged in trolling, harrassment of administrators, vandalism, and abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) as well as disrupting the Simple English Wikipedia (See here for the sockpuppets used there). Often attempts to trick admins into blocking other unrelated editors either by claiming they are him or by other means. Has even filed SPI investigations against his own socks in attempts to tie himself to banned User:JarlaxleArtemis, AKA "Grawp". For community ban discussion see [63]. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Pickbothmanlol/Archive for SPI investigations.
Piercetheorganist (talk · contribs · block log) April 12, 2008
A longtime contributor, the user made several good contributions, but had a tendency to steer directly into extreme POV-pushing and incivil communication, and to promote a white-supremacist ideology, which led to three distinct blocks and having his original userpage deleted. The discovery of several instances where he inserted racial slurs into articles exhausted the community's patience.
Pioneer-12 (talk · contribs · block log), May 15, 2005
Banned for insisting that his contributions to talk pages were not licensed under the GFDL, and thus fundamentally denying the terms of use of the site. Returns frequently via open proxies. Ban may be lifted if Pioneer-12 agrees to abide Wikipedia's terms of use and license his signed comments under the GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike licenses. For more information, see User:Pioneer-12.
Pioneercourthouse (talk · contribs · block log), May 22, 2009
Has engaged in a nearly-constant edit-war at Pioneer Courthouse Square since 2006. After his main account was blocked in September 2006, continued to edit-war by way of sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) resulting in it being under nearly-constant protection since September 2008 (including a period of full protection). Also escalated to joe-jobbing other users to make them look like his socks. Banned to support block-on-sight/revert-on-sight of all socks.
Piotr Blass (talk · contribs · block log), January 17, 2007
Following an AFD deletion of Piotr Blass (edit|talk|history|protect|delete|links|watch|logs|views), his autobiography, continued to recreate it nearly a dozen times, after which it was salted on three different pages. When the page was deleted and unprotected, he proceeded to edit as Pblass2002 (talk · contribs · block log) and recreated his article, which was sent to AfD a second time, resulting in a speedy delete, a final protection against recreation, and a community ban on Blass. The article was later re-created (although he was not allowed to edit it), but was once again deleted and salted.
PirateSmackK (talk · contribs · block log), June 2, 2009
Community-banned per discussion on WP:AN/I.
PoliticianTexas (talk · contribs · block log), October 11, 2008
Previously known as Diamond Joe Quimby (talk · contribs · block log). Blocked indefinitely in July 2008 for removing article maintenance tags, removing legitimate warnings from his talk page soon after they are placed, ignoring attempts to communicate, leaving uncivil comments on others' talk pages and massive sockpuppetry (first case, second case). Following the block, created more sockpuppets (third case, fourth case) to continue disruptive activity, including massive copyright violations. Banned to support block-on-sight of all socks and revert/delete-on-sight of their edits.
PoolGuy (talk · contribs · block log), June 25, 2006
Engaged in abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected). After an arbitration ruling preventing him from holding more than one unblocked account, he was banned for continuing his antics and generally making no positive contributions.
Prin (talk · contribs · block log), May 17, 2006
Continuously uploaded copyvios to Wikipedia, and created many sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to continue doing so.
Professorgupta (talk · contribs · block log), January 18, 2007
User would often remove link spam from articles while simultaneously inserting his own, giving the appearance of a good-faith editor on the surface. Extensive research by administrator Hu12 discovered that this user had inserted numerous spam links to sites he owned across many articles. As a result, he was banned for bringing disrepute upon the project.
Protector of Wiki (talk · contribs · block log), January 5, 2011
Editor was blocked multiple times, with an indef block in September 2010. A first series of unblock requests were declined in March 2011. In January 2012, editor requested a community review. After 2 days of discussion, there was no consensus to unblock, thus the editor is de facto banned from English Wikipedia
PWeeHurman (talk · contribs · block log), June 23, 2010
One of Wikipedia's longest-standing harassment vandals. First appeared in 2006, then registered as PWeeHurman in October 2007. Was blocked indefinitely a month later for relentless abusive sockpuppetry and trolling of administrators. Has been socking continuously ever since. See also Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/JJonz/Archive, Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/PWeeHurman/Archive, Wikipedia:Long-term_abuse/PWeeHurman, User:TigerShark/PeeWee. For ban discussion see [64]


Qworty (talk · contribs · block log), May 19, 2013
Site-banned indefinitely per ANI consensus for COI editing, BLP violations, disruption and sockpuppetry after acknowledging allegations made in a article.


Rachiddebbagh‎ (talk · contribs · block log), May 3, 2009
Blocked indefinitely due to highly disturbing posts on his userspace. This was endorsed as a ban less than a day later after he made a highly graphic threat against Queen Elizabeth via an IP. Has also engaged in similar behavior on the French Wikipedia.
Raspor (talk · contribs · block log), January 18, 2007
Multiple blocks for trolling, disruption, abuse, edit warring, WP:POINT violations. Primary target Talk:Intelligent design and Intelligent design. Community ban discussion: Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive179#Proposed_community_ban
Rasputinfa (talk · contribs · block log) (David Horvitz), July 11, 2014
Banned for incidents of sockpuppetry and disruptive file uploads. Community ban discussion: Permalink.
Ratinator (talk · contribs · block log), July 27, 2010 
Banned for multiple incidents of sockpuppetry, including during the ban discussion, general lack of competence, multiple incidents of disruption at Articles for Creation. Ban discussion here, see also Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Ratinator
Rayesworied (talk · contribs · block log), September 1, 2009
Was temporarily blocked for inappropriate use of warning templates and disruptive editing, which extended to an indefinite block for creating sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) as an attempt to evade the block.
Rbj (talk · contribs · block log), May 27, 2007
Consensus reached for a community ban on May 15, 2007 after a long history of incivility, harassment, personal attacks and highly tendentious editing. The community opted to give him one last chance to reform. However, he exhausted community patience by using anonymous IPs to harass another user. Appeal to ArbCom was rejected.
Realhistorybuff (talk · contribs · block log), November 22, 2011
Disruption, sockpuppetry, POV-pushing and racism. See AN discussion.
RevolverOcelotX (talk · contribs · block log), January 15, 2007
Disruption, sockpuppetry, community patience exhausted, unblock abuse. See thread on ANI.
Rex Germanus (talk · contribs · block log), December 11, 2007
Community banned for repeated edit warring, point of view pushing, incivility, and use of IP sock puppets to evade scrutiny and editing restrictions. Fifteen prior blocks failed to change the behavior.
Richard Daft (talk · contribs · block log), May 16, 2012 
Banned indefinitely. for repeated block evasion, constant POV pushing, repeated disruption to WP:CRICKET, legal threats, a general lack of competence, and non-stop incivility to further a single purpose.
Richzubaty (talk · contribs · block log), October 11, 2010
Community ban ( ['_noticeboard&action=historysubmit&diff=390165110&oldid=390163879] ) after repeated sockpuppetry, repeated attacks on other editors, extensive efforts to promote himself via Wikipedia.
Rinpoche (talk · contribs · block log), April 27, 2012
Made several good contributions, but had a tendency to veer into generally poor interactions against people he had disagreed with, which led to three distinct blocks and having his original userpage deleted. After an increasing pattern of disruption, including harassment, outing, sockpuppetry, meatpuppetry, personal attacks, trolling, and making contact with a user's school, consensus reached that user was not mature enough for Wikipedia. Has since continued to evade his block via various socks, and continuing to cause further disruption. A subsequent LTA case was started to catch more socks.
Rjecina (talk · contribs · block log), March 29, 2009
banned for disruptive editing (here), implemented initially by a one-year block; re-blocked indef August 2, 2010 because disruptive editing continued after return [65].
RJII (talk · contribs · block log), June 25, 2006
Subject of two ArbCom cases for tendentious editing and incivility (first case, second case). While a third case was underway, posted a statement (reproduced on talk page) admitting to being a shared account, and was indefinitely blocked. This was endorsed as a ban the following day.
Road Runner IP Harassment Vandal, December 22, 2011
Anonymous user who has repeatedly harassed User:Yworo over a period of months, incited another now-indeffed editor into continuing the harassment, and engaged in general incivility. This person's IP should be temporarily blocked on sight and all of their edits reverted as a community banned user. See [66] for ban discussion and [67] for details on this user's activities.
Runtshit (talk · contribs · block log), Formalised as of 2007
Banned for repeated and ongoing abusive sock puppetry, harassment and outing of another editor.
Robdurbar (talk · contribs · block log), April 22, 2007
see ban discussion. A once constructive, good administrator that went on a shocking rampage on April 19, 2007. During this time, he deleted the main page several times and blocked users he previously had disputes with. Also, found to be a sockpuppet of a once-good administrator, Wonderfool.
Roger the red (talk · contribs · block log), February 6, 2007
Banned for block evasion, incivility and ongoing threats, and violations of WP:POINT and WP:COI.
Roitr (talk · contribs · block log), March 25, 2007
Indefinitely blocked on March 11, 2006, for inserting false information about military ranks and the Olympic Games, numerous violations of the three-revert rule, and edit warring. For a year, evaded block with numerous sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected). Following a blizzard of vandalism by his socks on March 22, 2007, the block was converted to a community ban. Please also see WP:LTA/Roitr.
Roman888 (talk · contribs · block log), 22 March 2011
Banned for abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), serial copyright violations, harassment, and general disruption.
Ron liebman (talk · contribs · block log) September 14, 2007
Banned for adding outright fabrication to baseball-related articles, as well as making legal threats on his talk page.[68] Also created over 80 socks confirmed by Checkuser and duck tests, most of whose usernames matched those of members of the Society for American Baseball Research as well as well-known baseball players. See Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Ron liebman.
Rosanacurso (talk · contribs · block log), April 5, 2011
Massive sockpuppetry, wardriving to circumvent blocks for same, and general disruption. Banned per [69].
Rosinaharris (talk · contribs · block log), May 27, 2007
Evading ArbCom ban in editing article Gundagai, New South Wales and Talk:Gundagai, New South Wales, sock puppetry.
Rovoam (talk · contribs · block log), April 11, 2005
After an ArbCom case limited his editing, Rovoam employed anonymous IPs from various service providers to further his agenda and to vandalize user and talk pages. Has been extremely persistent in vandalizing numerous Azerbaijan- and Turkey-related entries, even Template:Europe (removing Azerbaijan from the list). He also threatened to escalate his efforts, including using "a DoS attack, which will make Wikipedia unavailable for all editors". More updated information provided at User:Rovoam.
Russavia (talk · contribs · block log), June 24, 2014
Banned by the community for long term disruption and socking after their request for the removal of the indefinite block on their account was denied. (AN/I)
Ryan kirkpatrick (talk · contribs · block log), November 9, 2011
sockpuppetry (with over fifty150 confirmed) and a crusade of WP:OWN behaviour to remove their past work.


Safwwefe (talk · contribs · block log), June 7, 2009
User made some good contributions, but had a tendency to engage in repeated vandalism, trolling, harassment, and personal attacks. Initially blocked indefinitely in May 2007 for disruption, he continued his screed through several abusive sockpuppets. He returned a month later as Brave warrior (talk · contribs · block log), to continue the similar pattern of disruption, resulting in another indefinite block. Briefly unblocked in January 2009 as a test of good faith, but later that summer used sockpuppets to issue graphic death threats against Barack Obama. Consensus reached that user was not mature enough for Wikipedia
Samuel Luo (talk · contribs · block log), May 5, 2007
disruption, SPA, edit warring, and sockpuppetry
Sarenne (talk · contribs · block log), May 24, 2007
edit warring and sockpuppetry
Sarvabhaum (talk · contribs · block log), February 12, 2007
Banned after continuous edit warring and sockpuppetry to get around blocks for 3RR despite numerous warnings.
Scibaby (talk · contribs · block log), September 25, 2007
Disruptive editing and massive sock-puppetry. See Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Scibaby, Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Scibaby, Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Scibaby/Archive.
ScienceGolfFanatic (talk · contribs · block log), June 17, 2009
Vandalism and sockpuppetry. Please see Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/IncidentArchive546#Several_new_users_with_similar_pattern_of_creating_nonsense_redirects Has since returned on numerous occasions to engage in serious pagemove vandalism.
Scottfisher (talk · contribs · block log) November 2, 2005
(consistent image copyright violation issues and subsequent sock-puppetry. See Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of Scottfisher
SEGA (talk · contribs · block log), March 31, 2007
Blocked indefinitely on January 1 for using massive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) to upload unfree images despite warnings. Through socks, continued massive copyright violations after block. Banned in order to support block-on-sight of these sockpuppets and mass reversion of their edits.
Seaver11171944 (talk · contribs · block log), September 8, 2007
Notre Dame vandal. [70]
Serafin (talk · contribs · block log), April 9, 2007
Banned for massive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and POV-pushing on the English Wikipedia, after doing the same at the German and Polish Wikipedias.
Sgrayban (talk · contribs · block log), May 11, 2006
Initially banned for sending legal threats through e-mail to another user who proceeded to post the threats on a request for comment the users were having against each other. Ban was overturned on appeal but reissued after more legal threats.
Shakinglord (talk · contribs · block log), November 21, 2011
First blocked then banned due to sockpuppetry.
Sheynhertz-Unbayg (talk · contribs · block log), August 30, 2006
Created a large cleanup problem necessitating the creation of Wikipedia:SU to clean it up. After not answering to his RfC and other attempts to communicate with him, and evading blocks by using sock puppets (confirmed, suspected), he was eventually banned. Is also known to abuse Wikipedia e-mail features.
Shuppiluliuma (talk · contribs · block log), February 22, 2007
Also known as DragutBarbarossa (talk · contribs · block log) and StamboulioteParExcellence (talk · contribs · block log). Banned for personal attacks, uncooperative behaviour, edit-warring, bad image uploads, and block evasion using sockpuppets.
Shutterbug (talk · contribs · block log), 27 September 2010
Community Banned after Checkuser discovered that he evaded his Arbcom topic ban with the sockpuppet, Margaret's son, along with possibly over 25 others.
Simn-Bar-Sinister (talk · contribs · block log), August 2, 2007
First blocked for vandalism, then banned for sockpuppetry.
Simulation12 (talk · contribs · block log), November 8, 2010
Banned for egregious abusive sockpuppetry, disrupting articles, imitating other users and admins in an abusive fashion, and creating attack pages. See [71] for ban discussion.
SirIsaacBrock (talk · contribs · block log), July 14, 2006
Banned after extensive and prolonged disruptive behavior through rampant sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) to evade previous blocks. His main account and sockpuppets amassed dozens of blocks combined.
SkagitRiverQueen (talk · contribs · block log), March 22, 2010
One-year block endorsed as a ban after repeated failures to edit collaboratively, and multiple blocks and an interaction ban for same. Ban was reset twice due to sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected); the second reset was accompanied with an indefinite block. Finally banned indefinitely for exhausting the community's patience with egregious sockpuppetry and harassment of other users.
Smauritius (talk · contribs · block log), March 14, 2014
Banned by the community for socking and competence issues, including "edit wars, disruption, sockpuppetry and personal attacks and assumptions of bad faith."
SndrAndrss (talk · contribs · block log), March 17, 2007
Banned for persistent disruptive editing, repeated sockpuppetry for block evasion, and an unwillingness (or inability) to work or communicate with other editors. He does not usually respond to messages addressed to him. His targets were articles related to football, the Olympics, skiing, and rally.
Socafan (talk · contribs · block log), August 3, 2006
From the block log: "exhausted community patience with edit warring in violation of WP:BLP and harrassment of other users".
Sol Goldstone (talk · contribs · block log), March 2, 2011
Banned for harassment of another editor via e-mail and through sockpuppets.
Sriharsh1234 (talk · contribs · block log), November 10, 2012
Community discussion. Banned for sockpuppetry (creation of good hand and bad hand accounts).
Starwars1955 (talk · contribs · block log), February 14, 2007
Banned for edit-warring, repeated sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) for block evasion, personal attacks, and refusal to work with other editors. Primary target was Brett Favre.
Ste4k (talk · contribs · block log), July 29, 2006
Repeated trolling, edit-warring, incivility, disruption, and POV-pushing on articles and discussions related to curses led to an RfC being filed on this user's behavior; after which the RfC was disrupted by a sockpuppet which she used to hide evidence, defend herself, and act as her husband. See discussions here and here.
Stephenlewis (talk · contribs · block log), March 15, 2008
One of several accounts used by the Dot Com Infoway Company, which engaged in massive linkspamming of Wikipedia and several other Wikimedia projects over two years. Banned after it was discovered this spamhaus had inserted 271 links across 25 projects.
Stubes99 (talk · contribs · block log), 20 June 2011
Banned by community consensus following serial copyright violations and sockpuppetry.
SuaveArt (talk · contribs · block log), February 1, 2010
Banned by virtually unanimous ANI thread. Problems with personal attacks and collaboration; anti-social.
Subwayjack (talk · contribs · block log), November 6, 2010
User committed long-term COI and BLP violations through several sockpuppets, eventually requiring Jimbo's involvement. Banned to support deletion of BLP vios on sight.
Sugar Bear (talk · contribs · block log), June 30, 2010
Also known as Ibaranoff24 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log). User made several good contributions, but had a tendency of engaging in extreme edit-warring and incivility. His antics eventually exhausted the community's patience for continuing a similar pattern of disruption and for using sockpuppets to evade blocks. Several blocks prior to the community banning failed to change this user's actions.
SummerThunder (talk · contribs · block log), December 31, 2006
Was banned from the Chinese Wikipedia because of his qualms against its and other forms of censorship in mainland China. He brought his tirade to the English Wikipedia, and after evading a 24-hour block for personal attacks by using a multitude of sock puppets and IP addresses, SummerThunder's block was extended to indefinite. See WP:LTA/SummerThunder.
SuperblySpiffingPerson (talk · contribs · block log), 18 May 2011
AN/I discussion.
SuperDeng (talk · contribs · block log), November 24, 2006
See block log. Blocks for personal attacks, "continual wikistalking", violations of policy, various disruption. See Wikipedia:Requests_for_checkuser/Case/SuperDeng. Block log on November 24, 2006, states, "Has used so many socks to evade his block that an entire template needs to be created."
Surasaman (talk · contribs · block log), July 30, 2011
Banned for disruption, including abusing rollback and Twinkle, harassing editors on their talk pages as well as IRC, and abusive sockpuppetry going back to 2006. For community ban discussion see [72]
Sussexman (talk · contribs · block log), February 21, 2008
Evasion of ArbCom ban, legal threats, sockpuppetry including use of sockpuppets to votestack in ArbCom elections. Community ban discussed on WP:AN – see [73]
Swamilive (talk · contribs · block log), June 18, 2010
Was considered de facto banned first, as he was indefinitely blocked in August 2008. But was converted into a community ban (See this discussion). For a long time he has used sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) to troll, vandalise and edit war on multiple pages, as well as doing so on his main account too.


T-man, the Wise Scarecrow (talk · contribs · block log), May 4, 2007
"was given adequate opportunity to reform his uncivil behaviour and has failed to do so"
Tailsman67 (talk · contribs · block log), January 5, 2013
AN discussion. The person editing using multiple IP addresses but known as Tailsman67 (no user account with that name), is banned by community consensus from the English Wikipedia for continued sock puppetry and disruptive editing (see also User:Salvidrim/Tailsman67).
Tasc0 (talk · contribs · block log), July 20, 2008
User made many good contributions, but had a tendency for repeated personal attacks and incivility. Initially blocked indefinitely in February 2008 for a highly graphic threat against an administrator's family following a block for edit-warring, the block was reduced to one month as a test of good faith. Following an escalating pattern of problematic behavior of gross incivility and personal attacks, consensus reached that this user was not civil enough for Wikipedia.
Technoquat (talk · contribs · block log), September 20, 2012
Banned for persistent trolling and sockpuppetry which exhausted the community's patience.
Techwriter2B (talk · contribs · block log), July 18, 2010
See [74]; also managed to get an LTA page [75] Primary disruptive activities include (but are not limited to) relentless wikistalking, vandalism (including page blanking or addition of random text), spam, deliberate misinformation, privacy violations, personal attacks, impersonation of other editors (including altering the posts of others to change the meanings thereof; forging the signatures of other editors to comments they did not make), and repeated, blatant violations of neutral point of view policy. He/she has since made (and is still making) continuous attempts to evade this ban by registering multiple sock accounts including for the purpose of impersonation by using the real name of another user that Techwriter2B has been Wikistalking for more than a year. Eleven more such registered socks have already been identified and blocked that have been created since this user was community banned.
Tecmobowl (talk · contribs · block log), July 1, 2007
Banned for disruption on baseball-related articles, including edit-warring, sockpuppetry, and incivility, in addition to stated refusal to reform his behavior; was blocked five times in the month prior to the ban.
Th041 (talk · contribs · block log), June 15, 2007
Vandalism / sock puppetry.
The Anonymous One (talk · contribs · block log), June 9, 2007
After numerous warnings for highly tendentious editing of religion-related articles, exhausted community patience with a spree of trolling and harassment on Muslim users' talk pages.
The Maiden City (talk · contribs · block log), 11 October 2010
Was blocked and a vandalism-only account back in 2008. The block was converted into a community ban after block-evading sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected). See ban discussion.
TheREALCableGuy (talk · contribs · block log), 4 September 2013
Banned by the community for sockpuppetry and tendentious editing. AN discussion.
Thewolfstar (talk · contribs · block log), May 9, 2006
Banned for exhausting the community's patience by making personal attacks. She has since been responsible for a number of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected).
Thileepanmathivanan (talk · contribs · block log), March 29, 2008
Banned for creating an exceedingly large amount of sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) and using them for a vandalism spree.
Tile join (talk · contribs · block log), March 19, 2009
Disruptive editing / sock puppetry. See also [76].
Tigeroo (talk · contribs · block log), December 29, 2011
Long term abuse / sock puppetry. See also [77].
Timecop (talk · contribs · block log), December 7, 2006
Banned by the community for long-term trolling and disruption per this discussion.
Time Will Say Nothing (talk · contribs · block log), January 14, 2011
Banned for making legal threats and socking via IPs and edit warring on BLP articles. For discussion see community consensus.
Timmy Polo (talk · contribs · block log) September 30, 2010
Banned for disruptive editing on film-related articles using several sockpuppets (confirmed,suspected).
Timothy Sheridan (talk · contribs · block log), July 17, 2010
See this discussion at AN. Banned for long-term spamming and being unrepentant about his behavior (namely by using sockpuppets to work around the spam blacklist, and attacking users who reverted his edits or blocked his socks with personal attacks and conspiracy theories about them).
Toadsmith (talk · contribs · block log), November 5, 2012
Banned for disruptive editing, POV-pushing and abusing multiple accounts. See the discussion at ANI. This is the 'Jews and the slave trade' editor.
Tobias Conradi (talk · contribs · block log), July 28, 2007
Banned for continued incivility and personal attacks. Multiple second chances were given, but eventually the patience of the community regarding his tendentious editing was exhausted and, following a discussion at the community sanction noticeboard, a site ban was enacted. Additionally, he engaged in IP hopping block evasion in order to continue the attacks and incivility once blocked.
Tommerrigan (talk · contribs · block log), May 8, 2007
Long-term vandalism
Tommstein (talk · contribs · block log), January 24, 2006
While being subject of an Arbitration case, Tommstein was blocked indefinitely after insulting several members of the ArbCom. ArbCom acknowledged and confirmed that Tommstein had been banned by the Wikipedia community.
Torkmann (talk · contribs · block log), September 19, 2010
Community banned for ongoing abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), using his socks to create multiple disruptive AfD nominations, and for gross incivility. For ban discussion see [78]. See also [79] and [80]
TrEeMaNsHoE (talk · contribs · block log) December 5, 2009
Sockpuppetry, disruptive editing. Banned after socking after the standard offer was offered, and to make it easier to deal with any further socks' edits(revert on sight).


UGAdawgs2010 (talk · contribs · block log) August 7, 2010
For egregious, abusive sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected), and using his sock puppets to engage in edit warring at the Barack Obama Article. See [81] for the community ban discussion at AN/I.
UkraineToday (talk · contribs · block log) September 7, 2007
For persistent sock puppetry (confirmed, suspected) and edit warring.


Verdict (talk · contribs · block log), March 18, 2007
Banned for excessive sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected), uploading and deceptively labeling copyrighted images as free use to cause legal problems for Wikipedia, death and legal threats, edit warring, and impersonation of other users. Has continued sockpuppeting since the ban, and has made on-wiki death threats with his socks ([82], [83]).
VigilancePrime (talk · contribs · block log), July 31, 2008
Was indef blocked, then unblocked on terms not to edit child sex/pedophile articles, but did so quickly. See here.
VinceB (talk · contribs · block log), April 4, 2007
Banned after multiple blocks for disruptive sockpuppetry (checkuser), edit-warring, personal attacks, and vandalism.
VivaNorthCyprus (talk · contribs · block log), February 9, 2009
Sockpuppeteer with 40+ socks. Community ban discussed at Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/VivaNorthCyprus.
Vote (X) for Change (talk · contribs · block log), 23 July 2011
Sockpuppetry and vandalism. Frequently targets articles on calendars and their associated talk pages. Ban discussion on AN.


Wanli (talk · contribs · block log), March 24, 2003
Banned by early developers for creating a large number of Google keyword articles and for using his userspace as a file storage facility; see userpage notice. Believed to be the earliest user on record to be banned.
Watch844 (talk · contribs · block log), August 21, 2007
Banned because all edits are revert warring.
WCGSOldBoy (talk · contribs · block log), 25 July 2011
After being blocked as a vandalism-only account, user carried on his unhelpful editing by creating sockpuppets (confirmed, suspected) which quickly resulted in a ban. His socks' edits included adding false information onto articles, harrassment and user talk page vandalism.
Werdnawerdna (talk · contribs · block log), November 19, 2008
Indefinitely blocked for creating a hostile environment with racist and homophobic comments, community banned following discussion.
Wheres Dan (talk · contribs · block log), November 29, 2011
Banned for various disruptions, including personal attacks, referring to good faith edits as vandalism, repeatedly using fringe sources, and general abusive and disruptive behavior. For ban discussion see [84].
Widescreen (talk · contribs · block log), April 18, 2013
Per [85], indefinitely blocked for clear and persistent violations of WP:NOTHERE and WP:IDHT.
Wik (talk · contribs · block log), February 6, 2005. Per WP:Requests for arbitration/Wik2.
Wiki brah (talk · contribs · block log), January 8, 2006
Banned for trolling and highly inappropriate edits. User claimed to be an autistic young man from Brazil with a penchant for "hot Jewish sluts" and drug abuse. His alleged condition was taken under consideration with a number of users stepping in to help, but in the end exhausted the community's patience with his behavior. Sockpuppetry confirmed, suspected.
see entry for User:AKonanykhin
Wiki Greek Basketball (talk · contribs · block log) February 15, 2010
A longtime contributor, banned for disruption following an increasing pattern of trolling, harassment, incivility, block evasion, on-and-off personal attacks, and sockpuppetry (confirmed), (suspected) following two unsuccessful requests for adminship [86], [87]. His pattern of disruption caused the community to impose direct sanctions to curtail his antics, but he eventually exhausted the community's patience. Also blocked/banned from numerous Wikimedia projects such as the Italian Wikipedia, Simple Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for the same reasons.
Wikindia24x7 (talk · contribs · block log), March 27, 2011
[88] Banned for copyright violations, persistent hoaxing and sockpuppetry.
Wikinger (talk · contribs · block log), June 29, 2008
Community banned for spreading religious propaganda combined with pseudoscience and plain disruption like insisting on "alphabetization" or "tidying up". Sockpuppetry: confirmed
Wikiman232 (talk · contribs · block log), September 10, 2007
Banned for recreating deleted content; violating the GFDL.
Wikipedia is Communism (talk · contribs · block log), April 10, 2005
Banned for vandalism, including running a vandalbot.
Wikipéire (talk · contribs · block log), January 19, 2009
Banned for serial sock-puppeting (confirmed, suspected) on Ireland-related articles and continuous edit warring.
Wiki-PR; October 25, 2013. (aka Status Labs Image Management [89]) Community banned [90] with the following text
“Employees, contractors, owners, and anyone who derives financial benefit from editing the English Wikipedia on behalf of or its founders are banned from editing the English Wikipedia. This ban has been enacted because has, as an organization, proven themselves repeatedly unable or unwilling to adhere to our basic community standards. This ban as a whole may be appealed at WP:AN at any time that as an organization is willing to (a) divulge a complete list of all past sock and meatpuppet accounts that they have used, (b) divulge a complete list of all articles they have edited that they have received any financial benefit from whatsoever, and (c) pledge to, in the future, only edit under transparent, disclosed accounts and adhere as closely as they are able to all of Wikipedia’s content policies. Individual accounts blocked under this ban may be unblocked if any uninvolved administrator honestly believes that it is more likely than not that the individual account in question is not connected to Wiki-PR.”
WikiWoo (talk · contribs · block log), August 28, 2006
Banned for unrelenting POV pushing, personal attacks, and disruption regarding conspiracy theories about the government of Ontario. Previously edited as WikiRoo (talk · contribs · block log) and WikiDoo (talk · contribs · block log), among other IDs (confirmed, suspected).
Willy on Wheels (talk · contribs · block log), February 2, 2005
Banned for persistent high-speed pagemove vandalism by means of bots; onetime persistent sockpuppeteer. Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/IncidentArchive5#User:Mac_Mini_on_Wheels [91]
Wonderfool (talk · contribs · block log), May 1, 2007
Fourth former administrator to be banned from the project. Desysopped and banned after gross abuse of admin privileges using the sockpuppet Robdurbar (talk · contribs · block log), which included vandalising the main page [92], [93], [94] and repeated attempts to unblock his own account for no reason. There were also revelations of more sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected, checkuser). Wonderfool's account was renamed Thewayforward (talk · contribs · block log), but is still well known by his or her old username "Wonderfool". Wonderfool is also known to have performed three administrative rampages on Wiktionary, using his own account on the first rampage, the sockpuppet wikt:Dangherous (talkcontribspage movesblock log) Local: User:Dangherous on the second rampage, and the sockpuppet wikt:Keene (talkcontribspage movesblock log) Local: User:Keene on the third rampage. Earlier, this user was emergency banned by the Arbitration Committee for creating at least five hoax articles, but that ban was lifted after he apologized.
WordBomb (talk · contribs · block log), July 7, 2006
Alleged inappropriate edits to a BLP, attempts to out another user, subsequent offsite harassment and block-evasion while blocked. See here for more background and subsequent events.


XB70Valyrie (talk · contribs · block log), June 19, 2012
After the editors subsequent indef block for off-wiki harassment, outing, personal attacks, and lack of ability to work with other editors, this editor eventually exhausted the community's patience after posting an unblock request with threats of sockpuppetry.
Xed (talk · contribs · block log), July 12, 2006
For blatant trolling at User talk:Jimbo Wales, was simultaneously indef-blocked by two administrators, which was broadly supported at WP:AN/I. Jimbo Wales lifted the block to "give him one last chance," but reinstated the ban after Xed continued trolling. Not considered to be "banned by Jimbo."
Xtinadbest (talk · contribs · block log), May 31, 2009
After this user was blocked indefinitely for persistent vandalism and creation of hoaxes, he evaded the block with several sockpuppets, leading to an indefinite de facto ban.


Yattum (talk · contribs · block log), enacted July 28, 2010
Initially blocked for repeated edit-warring, banned after it had emerged he had been engaging in abusive sockpuppetry to wiki-stalk, make legal threats and harass other editors.
YinYangJihad (talk · contribs · block log), January 19, 2012
Originally blocked for abusing multiple accounts, community banned for ongoing sockpuppetry, vandalism and trolling. For ban discussion see [95]
Yorkshirian (talk · contribs · block log), July 14, 2008, lifted July 2009, reinstated March 19, 2010
Originally banned for a year per WP:RFAR/Yorkshirian, but was extended to indefinite after block-evading sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected). Ban was lifted after original 1 year ArbCom ban expired as no further sockpuppetry occurred. Was indefinitely blocked again on September 23, 2009 for extensive ArbCom remedy violations but unblocked per [96]. Indefinitely banned per this ANI thread for violating terms of unblocking, source fabrication, and exhausting the community's patience.
Young Zaphod (talk · contribs · block log), November 1, 2006
The primary account of the "H. Ellwood Gilliand" vandal, whose numerous vanity insertions about himself in technology-related articles exhausted the community's patience.
Youreallycan (talk · contribs · block log), January 24, 2013
For violating agreed-to restrictions on editing/behaviour that they had also agreed would lead to a site ban following consensus at ANI
Yourname (talk · contribs · block log), November 16, 2011
Long-term disruption, community banned at AN/I.
Yqbd (talk · contribs · block log), August 12, 2007
Banned for long term disruption concerning intelligent design, its talk page, and related pages after a discussion here.


Zaphnathpaaneah (talk · contribs · block log), October 26, 2006
Banned indefinitely for Race-baiting, trolling, threats of disruption, horrid incivility and personal attacks, in addition to massive POV pushing regarding the Black people article. Used a sleeper account, Osirica (talk · contribs · block log), to try to regain access to the article and continue his screed.
Zarapastroso (talk · contribs · block log), October 4, 2010
Banned for vandalising other users' talk pages. This was followed by block-evading sockpuppetry (confirmed, suspected) and general disruption.
Zerida (talk · contribs · block log), June 6, 2008
For egregious sockpuppetry, personal attacks and harassment Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive428#Review of indefinite block of User:Zerida.
Zeq (talk · contribs · block log), April 27, 2008
Banned for meatpuppetry, soliciting attacks on other Wikipedians, etc. See the ArbCom case, which confirmed the findings here.
Zhoban (talk · contribs · block log), October 26, 2012
Banned for sockpuppetry, edit-warring and uncivil conduct towards other Wikipedians. See also: Long-term abuse case.
ZoguShqiptar700 (talk · contribs · block log), December 1, 2006
Signed up for an account on November 30, 2006 and immediately engaged in POV pushing. An initial 8-hour block for 3RR escalated to five days when he created a succession of sockpuppets. Responded to lengthened block with legal threats, resulting in a ban.
Zombie433 (talk · contribs · block log), April 18, 2011
Indefintitely community banned: [97] for repeated BLP violations, disruptions of football-related articles, and repeated and unrelenting breaches of his indefinite block by editing via IP addresses.
Zsfgseg (talk · contribs · block log), June 13, 2010
Continual harassment of other editors and administrators, as well as repeated socking. This resulted in the creation of an edit filter to track down further abuse. See [98]. Also creates abusive pages attacking his target users.
Zurbagan (talk · contribs · block log), March 28, 2007
Banned for disruption. Maybe related to Robert599, Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/Robert599


Δδ (talk · contribs · block log), March 30, 2011
Banned for abusive sockpuppetry, harassment, personal attacks, and other disruptive behavior. (talk · contribs · block log) and related IPs from Hyogo, Japan, April 12, 2013
As far as can be determined, this user has never used a named account; instead using a variety of static IP addresses to add BLP violations and conspiracy theories to a variety of articles. ban discussion. ANI #2 for more IPs found. (talk · contribs · block log)
The person who uses the IP, among others, and has engaged in disruption as described in Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/IncidentArchive832#Continued harassment of a Wikipedia editor, is banned from Wikipedia by the community consensus found in that discussion.
Nnimrodd (talk · contribs · block log), March 19, 2006. Also known as Nimrod Kamer.

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