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The following is an alphabetical index of decisions made at Wikipedia:Categories for deletion.

Category Decision Discussion_log
* <label> releases to * <label> albums in Category:Albums by record label rename all April 21
2 Protected Areas of the United States categories rename April 12
Sezione di Roma rename April 12
Subdivisions to appropriate divisions no consensus to rename April 15
Category:British Chinese to Category:Chinese-British people withdrawn April 29
Category:Hindu demons to Category:Asura Withdrawn April 22
Category:Porn stars by nationality: Czech porn stars speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Songs with lyrics by Mack Gordon withdrawn April 14
Category:United States Air Force Fighter Squadrons Withdrawn April 8
Category:Crime books to Category:True crime books delete after multiple merges April 19
Category:Irish academics to Category:Irish scholars withdrawn April 29
Aircraft manufacturers by country rename to Aircraft manufacturers of Foo April 22
Ancient Greek sites Rename all April 30
Australian Rules categories Rename April 9
Automobile manufacturers categories rename (done by April 24
Beer categories Rename as listed April 4
Biographer categories rename all April 18
British people by ethnic or national origin delete April 29
CHL alumni categories no consensous April 8
Cricketers by skill delete all April 12
CSI categories delete April 6
Delete Category:Australian top 10 singles delete April 11
Delete Category:New Zealand top 10 singles delete April 11
Duplicate nursing school by country categories delete April 21
Economics categories rename April 7
Ethnicity categories deleted already April 30
Footballers by club rename April 26
Hollyoaks keep hollyoaks, delete characters April 13
Imdb and Amg templates delete all April 26
merge Category:Fictional plants with Category:Fictional plant species reverse merge April 4
Merge Category:Singles by popularity to Category:Singles merge/delete April 11
Monuments and memorials rename April 13
Nintendo Wii categories rename as per below April 27
North-West Frontier Province nominations rename April 7
Northern Irish categories (block rename proposal) Rename April 3
Northern Wei imperials Rename April 8
Overpass and underpass-related categories delete April 29
remaining Professors category pages Rename all April 15
Rugby league stadiums rename both April 5
Several Fooian companies to Companies of Foo rename all per nom April 6
subcategories of Category:Computer vision Rename April 9
subcategories of Category:Wikipedian user categories delete April 19
Subdivisions to Administrative divisions No consensous April 4
Subdivisions to Political divisions No consensous April 4
Three surname categories rename April 6
Transport in Europe rename all April 1
Transport in the Commonwealth rename April 2
Triumphal arches Rename/Merge/Delete as nominated April 30
Two "X member" categories rename April 6
Two Category:Political history of the United States subcategories rename April 6
university category pages named with abbreviations / non-English rexpandname April 16
Uzbekistan categories rename April 8
Various hip hop musicians/rappers category moves and deletes X per nom April 20
White hip hop musicians, rappers, and groups rename and delete as proposed April 12
Youth wings of political parties by country rename all April 21
Category:... Pokémon Delete April 30
Category:1632-163x alt-hist to Category:1632-163x alternative-history series no consensus as proposed category has also been proposed for deletion April 14
Category:1632-163x alternative-history series to Category:1632 series rename as nominated April 16
Category:1932 short stories delete April 24
Category:1940s ships delete April 25
Category:A-League players keep April 13
Category:Abhorsen series delete April 12
Category:Accounting Miscellaneous merge with Category:Accountancy April 10
Category:Accounting to Category:Accountancy rename April 10
Category:ADF delete April 2
Category:Administrative divisions of Russia to Category:History of administrative divisions of Russia no consensous April 8
Category:African breweries delete April 8
Category:Age of Mythology characters Delete April 9
Category:Aliso Viejo Merge (empty) April 28
Category:Ambidextrous people no consensus April 16
Category:American army groups keep April 16
Category:American cable companies to Category:Cable television companies of the United States rename April 6
Category:American Dance Acts to Category:American dance acts yikes thats a mess. no consensus. April 29
Category:American disaster preparation to Category:Disaster preparation in the United States rename as nominated April 17
Category:American rock musicians by instrumet already deleted April 7
Category:American Speed Association Drivers to Category:American Speed Association drivers speedy merge April 17
Category:Anaheim Angels to Category:Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim merge April 7
Category:Ancient entertainment buildings of Rome to Category:Ancient monuments in Rome renamed already April 13
Category:Ancient Greek structures to Category:Ancient Greek buildings and structures rename April 18
Category:Anti Iraq war people No consensous April 4
Category:Antipodes Islands Group delete April 17
Category:Apparel & Clothing companies of South Korea to Category:Clothing manufacturers of South Korea rename April 25
Category:ARCA racers to Category:ARCA drivers rename as nominated April 17
Category:Armored divisions of the United States to Category:Armored divisions of the United States Army Rename April 4
Category:Art galleries in Rome;
Category:Art galleries and museums in Rome
delete April 13
Category:Article header templates to Category:Protection templates merge April 17
Category:Artists who have recorded songs by Allen Toussaint delete April 20
Category:Artists who played Coachella deletella April 27
Category:Artists who recorded Peel Sessions to Category:Peel Sessions artists rename April 12
Category:Astronomy events to Category:Astronomical events keep April 12
Category:Aubergine speedy deleted April 4
Category:Australian organizations to Category:Australian organisations delete. (nothing to merge) April 11
Category:AV Idols delete April 23
Category:Avoid Parkinson's Bicycle Shed Effect Speedy delete per creator April 25
Category:Badges of the United States military to Category:Awards and decorations of the United States military Rename April 3
Category:Bahamas Democratic Movement relisted on May 4 April 30
Category:Bangala language delete April 8
Category:Banks of Scotland no consensus April 23
Category:Baths (ancient) in Rome to Category:Ancient Roman baths in Rome;
Category:Circuses (ancient) in Rome to Category:Ancient Roman circuses in Rome;
Category:Theatres (ancient) in Rome to Category:Ancient Roman theatres in Rome
renamed already April 13
Category:Battlestar Galactica planets to Category:Battlestar Galactica locations Withdrawn April 2
Category:Beatles song stubs to Category:The Beatles song stubs rename April 13
Category:Belgian tennis tournaments to Category:Tennis tournaments in Belgium
Category:German tennis tournaments to Category:Tennis tournaments in Germany
rename both April 23
Category:Benz family delete April 5
Category:Best Soundtrack Oscar Winner to Category:Best Original Music Score Oscar winner; Category:Best Soundtrack Oscar Nominee to Category:Best Original Music Score Oscar nominee rename both in plural form April 22
Category:Black Mexicans to Category:Afro-Mexicans rename April 30
Category:Blocked vandal accounts delete April 8
Category:Bondage programming languages Delete April 23
Category:Bongo Flava to Category:Tanzanian hip hop musicians Merge April 9
Category:Boroughs and Districts of Kent to Category:Local government in Kent rename April 25
Category:Branchlist delete April 6
Category:Brazilian-English people to Category:Brazilian-British peopleCategory:British people of Brazilian descent and Category:Croatian-Englishes to Category:Croatian-British peopleCategory:British people of Croatian delete April 29
Category:Brazilian-Englishes to Category:Brazilian-English people delete April 27
Category:Bridgetown buildings Delete April 9
Category:Brigades of the United States to Category:Brigades of the United States Army Rename April 3
Category:British Columbia Conservative Party to Category:Provincial political parties in British Columbia merge as above April 19
Category:British MPs No consensous April 9
Category:British sport by locality to Category:Sport in the United Kingdom by locality rename April 5
Category:Broadcasting companies of South Korea to Category:Media companies of South Korea rename April 25
Category:Browse delete April 14
Category:Buildings duplicated at Legoland, Windsor Delete April 9
Category:Buster Keaton films already deleted April 8
Category:Byzantine sites in Italy delete - wiki is not a crystal ball April 5
Category:Byzantine sites of Puglia Already deleted April 10
Category:Calgary Transit delete April 12
Category:Calvin Klein Models and Category:Versace Models delete April 12
Category:Cambodian images to Category:Images of Cambodia Rename April 3
Category:Canadian Britons delete April 10
Category:Canadian disaster preparation to Category:Disaster preparation by country Rename to Category:Disaster preparation in Canada April 15
Category:Canadian literary academics to Category:Canadian literary critics merge April 29
Category:Canadian_jurists -> Category:Canadian_judges merge April 16
Category:Cancelled games to Category:Cancelled Olympic games Rename April 8
Category:Capitol Broadcasting Company Stations delete April 11
Category:Cargo aircraft Keep April 3
Category:Caribbean economic states to Category:Economies of the Caribbean rename April 6
Category:Carnegie Mellon professors to Category:Carnegie Mellon University faculty;
Category:MIT professors to Category:Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty;
Category:Harvard University professors to Category:Harvard University faculty;
Category:Columbia University professors to Category:Columbia University faculty;
Category:New York University professors to Category:New York University faculty
Rename April 15
Category:Categories by person to Category:People who have their own categories Category:Person categories per my talk page, rename to Category:Categories named after people April 29
Category:Categories without descriptions delete April 26
Category:Catholic philosophers to Category:Roman Catholic philosophers rename April 11
Category:CAZA Members merge April 17
Category:Celebrities who have appeared on Sesame Street delete April 13
Category:Celebrities With A MySpace delete April 14
Category:Cellulose derivates to Category:Cellulose rename April 29
Category:Central Unified School District delete April 16
Category:Ceratopsids delete April 8
Category:Ceratopsids delete April 8
Category:Characters in novels delete April 13
Category:Characters known by surname Delete April 23
Category:Charter schools in Georgia (U.S. state) to Category:Charter schools No consensous April 8
Category:Chemical compounds with unusual names delete April 14
Category:Chemical delete April 12
Category:Child killers to Category:Convicted child murderers rename to Category:Murderers of children April 10
Category:Children's ombudsman delete April 17
Category:Chinese golf clubs and courses to Category:Golf clubs and courses in the People's Republic of China rename April 17
Category:Christian CCM musical groups to Category:Contemporary Christian musical groups rename April 7
Category:CIA World Factbook, 2004 delete April 12
Category:Cincinnati RailRaiders delete April 30
Category:Cities in Bulgaria and Category:Towns in Bulgaria rename to Category:Cities and towns in Bulgaria April 14
Category:Clarion graduates delete April 17
Category:Classical trombonist Speedy rename April 8
Category:Clear Channel Communications Station delete April 11
Category:Cleveland Indians (football) players delete April 10
Category:Colleges That Change Lives deletions that change lives April 17
Category:Colonization of other planets delete April 8
Category:Columbia alumni to Category:Columbia University alumni already merged apparently April 29
Category:Commercial systems for Computer vision redundant debate April 11
Category:Communities on U.S. Highway 66 to Category:Communities on U.S. Route 66 rename April 2
Category:Community building to Category:Community no consensus April 22
Category:Community Justice delete April 22
Category:Companies based in Jordan into Category:Companies of Jordan merge April 25
Category:Competency Modeling delete April 12
Category:Complex (Chemistry) to Category:Chemical complexes rename to Category:Coordination compounds April 14
Category:Compositions by Instrumentation Delete April 4
Category:Compositions by musical composer Delete April 4
Category:Congress images to Category: Images of the United States Congress merge April 28
Category:Conscription Armies to Category:Conscript militaries rename April 28
Category:Contemporary christian radio stations to Category:Christian radio stations rename April 30
Category:Continuation War operations and battles to Category:Battles and operations of the Continuation War rename April 29
Category:Corporate Abuse Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Corporate crime Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Corporate misbehavior Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Corporate scandal Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Corps of the United States to Category:Corps of the United States Army Rename April 3
Category:Cougar Women del April 26
Category:County Government Officials in the U.S. to Category:United States county government officials delete April 18
Category:Courtroom Sketch Artist to Category:Courtroom sketch artists rename April 12
Category:Cricket subcategories delete April 12
Category:Cult books Delete April 4
Category:Czech-British people delete April 29
Category:Deceased Cardinals delete April 27
Category:Decemmillenniums Speedy deletion by April 22
Category:Desi press speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Disaster preparation by country outstanding cats rename April 20
Category:Disaster preparation in Germany to Category:Disaster preparation by country Keep April 15
Category:Disaster preparation in Puerto Rico Keep April 15
Category:Disaster preparation to Category:Disaster preparedness rename April 28
Category:Disaster to Category:Emergency management rename as nominated April 28
Category:Divisions of Captain Wes Industries Worldwide, Inc. delete April 22
Category:DJ Danger Mouse albums to Category:Danger Mouse albums rename April 11
Category:DNC Chairmen to Category:Democratic National Committee Chairmen rename to Category:Democratic National Committee chairmen Category:Democratic National Committee chairs April 14
Category:Drug logos to Category:Medication logos rename April 18
Category:Economic Systems JEL:P Rename to Category:Economic systems April 3
Category:Edible flowers delete April 10
Category:Elections in Man to Category:Elections in the Isle of Man rename April 13
Category:Elections in Pitcairn to Category:Elections in the Pitcairn Islands rename April 17
Category:Elections in the European Union and Category:European Parliament results Delete April 9
Category:English Premiership players keep April 13
Category:English speaking countries to Category:Countries where English is spoken no consensous April 11
Category:Environmental science timelines delete April 25
Category:Episcopal cathedrals of the United States to Category:Episcopal cathedrals in the United States rename April 23
Category:EPrint Archive delete April 12
Category:Establishments by year and all related sub cats keep April 14
Category:Ethnic group in Israel for deletion delete April 16
Category:European national football teams to Category:UEFA national football teams no consensus April 28
Category:European Ombudsman delete April 17
Category:European sport to Category:Sport in Europe merge April 11
Category:European Youth Model Government to Category:Youth model governments upmerge April 13
Category:Faculties by university to Category:Academics by university and sub-category pages rename all April 16
Category:Famous bow tie wearers delete April 5
Category:Famous locations in Fukui Prefecture to Category:Visitor attractions in Fukui Prefecture Rename April 15
Category:Famous people's relatives who committed suicide delete April 16
Category:Famous Redheads delete April 6
Category:Fans of Cowboy Bebop to Category:User Cowboy Bebop Delete (dead cat) April 28
Category:Far-left politicians Delete (empty) April 21
Category:Far-right politicians delete April 22
Category:Fat people speedy delete April 27
Category:Female Digimon Delete April 9
Category:Female life peers to Category:Life peers No Consensous April 7
Category:FIBT at the Olympics delete April 8
Category:Fictional British Army regiments to Category:Fictional British Army units rename April 28
Category:Fictional characters by secret identity delete April 7
Category:Fictional Hongkongers to Category:Fictional Hong Kongers no consensous April 15
Category:Fictional smokers delete April 23
Category:Films by actor Delete April 3
Category:Films by language rename all April 11
Category:Films in Cantonese to Category:Cantonese-language films or Category:Cantonese films or Keep no consensous April 11
Category:Fires to Category:Historic fires Keep April 9
Category:FIS at the Olympics Delete April 9
Category:Fjords of Vestland speedy delete April 1
Category:Football in the United States delete April 14
Category:Football World Cup already deleted April 18
Category:Fora (forums) of Rome to Category:Forums of Rome renamed already April 13
Category:Foreign Korean companies delete April 23
Category:Foreign-owned Mexican companies and Category:Foreign-owned Canadian companies delete both April 16
Category:Foreigners in Turkey and all subcategories delete all April 16
Category:Forensic artist to Category:Forensic artists rename April 12
Category:Former Catholics to Category:Former Roman Catholics delete April 28
Category:Former country subdivisions no consensous April 11
Category:Free kick specialists delete April 13
Category:Fruit and vegetable characters Keep April 23
Category:Future TV series already merged April 20
Category:G.I. Joe weapons and vehicles to Category:G.I. Joe vehicles rename April 21
Category:Gay icons No consensous April 8
Category:GCC States to Category:Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf member states renamte to the members etc etc one April 19
Category:General Australian reality television delete (as the article exists already in the merge target) April 22
Category:Georgetown residence halls delete April 1
Category:Good articles delete April 8
Category:Google services delete April 8
Category:Gosiewski (Slepowron) already deleted April 8
Category:Gothic sites of Italy already deleted April 8
Category:Gothic sites of Puglia delete April 5
Category:Government and Politics of Belarus delete April 6
Category:Government Munitions Production (United Kingdom) to Category:Government munitions production in the United Kingdom rename April 28
Category:Greek military aircrat Delete April 3
Category:Greek religion to Category:Ancient Greek religion rename April 18
Category:Green Party of British Columbia to Category:Provincial political parties in British Columbia merge April 19
Category:Gundam fans Rename to Category:Fans of Gundam. — April 24
Category:Halo 2 Weapons Delete April 9
Category:Hamilton Steelhawks players to Category:Hamilton Steelhawks alumni rename, weirdly April 19
Category:Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios characters to Category:Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios series and characters merge April 5
Category:Heads of state in India delete April 27
Category:Health in Prague Delete April 3
Category:High School delete April 30
Category:Hill Stations of Pakistan to Category:Hill stations of Pakistan rename to Hill stations in Pakistan April 13
Category:Hip hop culture to Category:Hip hop merge April 20
Category:Hip hop music merge to Category:Hip hop Merge April 8
Category:Hip hop singers no consensous. (No consensous on a rename, either) April 1
Category:Historical empires of India to Category:Empires and kingdoms of India Merge April 4
Category:History of Azerbaijan/Azerbaijani Atabek State delete April 11
Category:Hoboken, New Jersey Mayors to Category:Mayors of Hoboken, New Jersey Rename April 4
Category:Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov to Category:House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov rename April 27
Category:Holy Cross Colleges and Universities to Category:Holy Cross universities and colleges rename April 19
Category:Hong Kong attractions to Category:Visitor attractions in Hong Kong rename April 12
Category:Hong Kong comparative education researchers delete April 11
Category:Humor webcomics delete April 2
Category:Hurricanes in the United States by name delete April 7
Category:Husbands of Mayors of Aliso Viejo Delete (empty) April 28
Category:Hyderabad delete April 6
Category:IAS to Category:International Accounting Standards
Category:IFRS to Category:International Financial Reporting Standards
Category:GAAP to Category:Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
rename all April 10
Category:Ice Hockey in Spain speedy delete April 1
Category:IIHF at the Olympics delete April 8
Category:Images of New York City, New York to Category:Images of New York City Rename April 8
Category:Important archaeological sites and discoveries Delete (empty) April 20
Category:Independence movement of Pakistan delete April 12
Category:Independent comics delete April 14
Category:IndiaFreedom delete April 13
Category:Indian Bishops to Category:Indian bishops rename April 11
Category:Indian government and military stubs deleted April 12
Category:Indian surnames versus Category:Indian Family Names merge both to Indian family names April 23
Category:Indigenous Australian authors and poets to Category:Indigenous Australian writers rename April 24
Category:Industrialists of Hawaii to Category:Businesspeople of Hawaii rename to Hawaiian businesspeople to match both parent cats April 22
Category:Infantry divisions of the United States to Category:Infantry divisions of the United States Army Rename April 4
Category:Inheritance rename to Category:Inheritance Trilogy April 14
Category:Invasions of England to Category:Invasions of Britain withdrawn by nominator April 17
Category:Investment managers to Category:Investment management companies rename April 6
Category:Iranian actresses to Category:Iranian actors merge April 17
Category:Iranian Stage actors to Category:Iranian stage actors merge April 5
Category:Irish MPs to Category:Members of the pre-1801 Parliament of Ireland rename April 10
Category:Islamic geographers Keep April 23
Category:Israel Defense Forces guided missiles Delete April 4
Category:Issue in the Culture Wars no consensous April 4
Category:ISU at the Olympics delete April 8
Category:ITV1 viewers -> Category:Wikipedian ITV1 viewers delete April 16
Category:Japanese visual arts to Category:Japanese art merge April 6
Category:Jim Carrey films delete April 3
Category:Jonathan Edwards delete April 6
Category:Journalism in Pakistan to Category:Pakistani media relist (tag was removed on 1 May, probably why there was only one vote) April 24
Category:Journeyman Characters speedy delete by Darwinek as a recreation of a previously speedy category rename April 8
Category:Judaism pages needing attention delete April 14
Category:Jumping racehorses delete for now April 18
Category:Kalamazoo Wings players Already deleted April 8
Category:Kansas City Chiefs (baseball) players delete April 11
Category:Kazakhstan maps and its kid Category:Kazakhstan historical maps Delete (empty) April 21
Category:KBBW Delete April 3
Category:Kentucky Derby Winners (racehorse) delete April 11
Category:Kids' Choice Awards hosts delete April 11
Category:Kingdom Hearts planets delete April 8
Category:Kingdoms to Category:Monarchies Delete April 4
Category:KOF Maximum Impact characters delete April 16
Category:Korean games to Category:Computer and video games developed in Korea rename April 16
Category:Korean self-propelled artillery no consensus delete April 14
Category:Kurdish Jews already deleted April 8
Category:Kurdish provinces Merge with Category:Kurdistan. 4 Merge votes, 6 delete votes, 1 keep. Merge chosen because in terms of creation and deletion of categories (i.e. actual admin intervention) there is no difference. The only practical difference is the items currently in Kurdish provinces will be in Kurdistan category. Anyone may remove any articles from that category afterwards if they disagree with them being there April 30
Category:Kurdistan geography already deleted April 8
Category:La Liga footballers keep April 13
Category:La Liga Primera División clubs Already deleted April 11
Category:Latter Day Saint Historians to Category:Historians of Mormonism rename to HotLDSm April 17
Category:Latter Day Saint History Books to Category:History books about Mormonism rename to History books about the Latter Day Saint movement April 17
Category:Latter Day Saint history to Category:History of Mormonism Category:History of the Latter Day Saint movement rename April 17
Category:Law Life Peers delete April 7
Category:Law schools in China delete April 20
Category:Lawrence agasen already deleted April 17
Category:Lebanese speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Left-handed people delete April 8
Category:LGBT ombudsmans LGBaleeTe! April 17
Category:Linux web browsers no consensous April 2
Category:List of free daily newspapers Delete (empty) April 28
Category:List of Gaelic Poets rename to Category:Gaelic poets April 13
Category:List of Gaelic Poets speedy delete April 6
Category:List of HFStival acts bleh! delete, since its an article pretending its a cat anyhow (no articles in the cat) April 6
Category:List of schools in New Zealand upmerge if needed and delete April 6
Category:Lists by nationality to Category:Lists of people by nationality merge April 28
Category:Lists of console games to Category:Computer and video game lists merge April 25
Category:Lists of movements delete April 5
Category:Lists of people by university affiliation Rename April 3
Category:Lowlands on Mars Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Lucky/unlucky things or events to Category:Luck rename April 11
Category:Mac OS X ripping software delete April 13
Category:Major Cities in India delete April 26
Category:Malaysian opposition delete April 8
Category:Mariah Carey Films delete April 10
Category:Maricopa Community Colleges Already deleted April 11
Category:Mary J Blige Already deleted April 11
Category:Mass media in the Republic of China to Category:Media of the Republic of China rename April 10
Category:Master Data Management (MDM) Delete (empty) April 21
Category:McMaster University alumni Keep April 8
Category:Media by country to Category:Media by nationality & subcats keep April 22
Category:Media companies by nationality to Category:Media companies by country rename April 25
Category:Media of Kuwait Delete (empty) April 20
Category:Melbourne institutions to Category:Melbourne organisations rename April 6
Category:Metal Gear Solid characters to Category:Metal Gear characters Rename April 8
Category:Metropolitan areas in Belgium Already deleted April 11
Category:Metropolitan areas in Finland Already deleted April 11
Category:Metropolitan areas in France Already deleted April 11
Category:Metropolitan areas in Germany Already deleted April 11
Category:Metropolitan areas in Japan Already deleted April 11
Category:Metropolitan areas in Portugal Already deleted April 11
Category:Militaries by country to Category:Types of military merge April 13
Category:Militaries to Category:Military by country rename April 13
Category:Military reconnaissance aircraft Rename April 3
Category:Military slang to Category:Military slang and jargon merge April 6
Category:Milky Way's twins Delete April 8
Category:Modern American air-to-ground rockets delete April 26
Category:Modern Greek dramatists and playwrights to Category:Greek dramatists and playwrights rename April 28
Category:Mountain monuments to Category:Mountain monuments and memorials rename April 23
Category:Movie studios to Category:Film studios Rename April 3
Category:Movie websites to Category:Film websites Rename April 3
Category:MPs for Epping Forest Delete and merge to Category:Members of the United Kingdom Parliament from English constituencies April 24
Category:Mumbai landmarks to Category:Visitor attractions in Mumbai merge April 13
Category:Muscular Women Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Musical genres to Category:Music genres rename April 11
Category:Muslims-related Lists to Category:Muslims-related lists merge to Cat:Lists of Muslims April 28
Category:Muslim delete April 30
Category:Mycology to Category:Fungi withdrawn April 11
Category:N'vyus albums Speedy delete, empty and will remain so (a1, a7) April 8
Category:N.W.A to Category:N.W.A. Merge April 15
Category:Named galaxies delete April 13
Category:National Basketball Association, Category:National Hockey League, Category:Major League Baseball sub-cats (and ultimately others) keep, tho that was an interesting idea on how to handle it April 28
Category:National Medal of Science Delete (empty) April 29
Category:National Medal of Technology Delete (empty) April 29
Category:Nativists delete April 29
Category:Nature lists to Category:Nature-related lists Merge April 30
Category:Nature Reserves of Costa Rica to Category:Nature reserves of Costa Rica not so speedy rename April 17
Category:NBC/Universal Television shows to Category:NBC network shows merge April 7
Category:NCFCA Clubs delete April 11
Category:NCFCA delete April 6
Category:New England Association of Schools & Colleges to Category:New England Association of Schools and Colleges merge April 7
Category:New England Association of Schools and Colleges reverse merge April 7
Category:New Jersey actors no consensus April 13
Category:New Power Sector delete April 8
Category:New York City geography to Category:Geography of New York City Rename April 4
Category:Newcastle in Film and TV to Category:television programmes set in Newcastle upon Tyne; Category:Television programmes set in Newcastle to Category:Television programmes set in Newcastle upon Tyne rename April 24
Category:NHL Goalies who have scored in a game delete April 14
Category:Nicknamed galaxies Delete April 8
Category:Non-fiction writers by country to Category:Non-fiction writers by nationality rename April 22
Category:None Delete April 3
Category:North Alabama Landmarks merge April 23
Category:North Dakota Supreme Court delete April 8
Category:North Vancouver, British Columbia delete April 14
Category:Northeastern US geography stubs to Category:Northeastern United States geography stubs Moved to SFD April 18
Category:Northern Ireland Canadians to Category:Northern Irish Canadians and Category:Northern Ireland emigrants to Category:Northern Irish emigrants rename April 29
Category:Northern Ireland laws to Category:Northern Irish laws rename April 12
Category:Northern Ireland people to Category:People of Northern Ireland merge to Category:Northern Irish people April 1
Category:Northern Irish arts and culture to Category:Northern Irish culture merge April 24
Category:Northern Irish cinema to Category:Northern Irish culture Merge April 24
Category:Northern States delete April 26
Category:Norwegian penis speedied April 29
Category:Norwegian porno stars speedied April 29
Category:Novels which deal with slavery speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Numbers of the googol family and Category:Number families Delete (empty) April 20
Category:NZPA member to Category:New Zealand Parliament press gallery accredited delete April 13
Category:Oberon Dialects speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Olympics by sports federation Delete April 9
Category:Ombudsman kinds to Category:Ombudsmen by type rename April 17
Category:Ombudsmans to Category:Ombudsmen rename April 17
Category:Ombudsman to Category:Ombudsmen rename April 17
Category:One day international cricket to Category:One-day international cricket rename and delete as per David Kernow April 12
Category:One day international records rename all per Aloan April 13
Category:Online magazines to Category:Webzines merge April 18
Category:Online Soccer Project Alpha delete April 27
Category:Operations to Category:Military operations Rename April 3
Category:Oprah's Book Club no consensus April 17
Category:Orders of magnitude (numbers) already deleted April 8
Category:Organizations and people who predicted the collapse of the USSR delete April 18
Category:Pachycephalosaurids delete April 8
Category:Paint delete April 12
Category:Pakistani hill stations Delete April 4
Category:Pakistani scholars to Category:Pakistani academics no consensus April 29
Category:Parliamentary constituencies in West Wales delete April 14
Category:Parliamentary law to Category:Parliamentary procedure rename April 18
Category:PC Engine games delete April 12
Category:Peace campaigners to Category:Anti-war activists Merge April 30
Category:Peel Sessions to Category:John Peel merge April 12
Category:Penalty saving specialists delete April 13
Category:Penitentials delete April 29
Category:Pennsylvania National Guard Delete April 4
Category:People in Computer vision redundant April 11
Category:People of the French Revolution executed by guillotine delete April 10
Category:People questioning official 9/11 story delete April 1
Category:People who died from smoking Delete April 9
Category:People who represented themselves in court to Category:Litigants in person rename April 12
Category:Performers Banned From The Ed Sullivan Show Delete April 3
Category:Personal and Social Transformation delete April 10
Category:PGA TOUR events to Category:PGA Tour events rename April 27
Category:Phalaropes to Category:Phalaropus merge April 28
Category:Phillips Exeter Academy, Class of 1959 to Category:Phillips Exeter Academy alumni rename April 21
Category:Piccadilly Radio DJ's to Category:Piccadilly Radio DJs Rename April 4
Category:Places in New York to Category:Geography of New York merge as nominated April 25
Category:Places of worship in Isreal already deleted April 9
Category:Polish punk albums to Category:Polish punk rock albums rename April 22
Category:Polish rokosz's speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Political Parties in Sabah Already deleted April 11
Category:Pollution by country no consensous April 1
category:Pollution in the United States no consensous April 1
Category:Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica to Category:Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica rename April 24
Category:Preachers Delete April 4
Category:Premature obituaries delete April 22
Category:Present condition delyikes! April 16
Category:Press ombudsmans rename (and hopefully populate) April 17
Category:Press ombudsman delete April 17
Category:Prime ministers to Category:Prime Ministers keep April 27
Category:Professional Wrestling venues delete April 10
Category:Professors by university Delete (empty) April 28
Category:Programming language dialects to Category:Programming language families merge April 26
Category:Queen's University, Belfast to Category:Queen's University of Belfast rename April 10
Category:Queen's University, Canada alumni to Category:Queen's University alumni no consensus therefore keep April 10
Category:Queen's University, Canada to Category:Queen's University rename April 12
Category:Queens, NYC delete April 19
Category:Quinn, Daniel to Category:Daniel Quinn rename April 29
Category:R&B vocalists no consensus April 6
Category:Railway Stations in East Renfrewshire Already deleted April 10
Category:Ramsar sites of Pakistan Already deleted April 10
Category:Ranges of the Rocky Mountains already deleted April 8
Category:Rap songs of the 1990's delete April 1
Category:Recipients of the Distinguished Service Order to Category:Companions of the Distinguished Service Order rename April 6
Category:Regia Marina battles to Category:Battles of the Regia Marina rename to Naval batles of Italy April 18
Category:Regional union federations delete April 8
Category:Retail & Logistic companies of South Korea delete April 14
Category:Rhode Island State Highways to Category:Numbered routes in Rhode Island Rename April 3
Category:Richard & Judy's book club delete April 16
Category:Right-wing populists to Category:Far-right politicians or Category:Right-wing politicans delete April 26
Category:Role Models delete April 10
Category:Roman Catholic secondary education to Category:Roman Catholic secondary schools rename April 19
Category:Romanesque sites of Puglia delete April 5
Category:Rome (television) Characters merge both Category:Rome (television) Characters and Category:Rome characters to Category:Rome (TV series) characters April 10
Category:Rome (television) to Category:Rome (TV series) rename April 11
Category:Rosenborg players Already deleted April 10
Category:Royal League seasons delete April 11
Category:Ruler-and-compass constructions delete April 5
Category:Russian counter-revolution people to Category:Russian counter-revolutionaries Rename April 9
Category:Russian duchesses delete April 17
Category:Russian language webcomics delete April 13
Category:São Paulo Athletic Club players Merge April 9
Category:School exams to Category:School examinations rename April 28
Category:School of Pharmacy to Category:University of London merge April 21
Category:Science fiction by franchise to Category:Science fiction works by series name Keep April 2
Category:Science fiction fans No consensous April 4
Category:Scientific scandals delete April 18
Category:Scottish MPs to Category:Members of the pre-1707 Scottish Parliament discussion already completed April 9
Category:Security forces of Rwanda delete April 28
Category:Self-declared Emperors delete April 10
Category:Semi-Stubs already deleted April 14
Category:Separate Battalions of the United States Army to Category:Battalions of the United States Army Rename April 4
Category:Separate Battalions of the United States Marine Corps speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Shania Twain songs delete April 6
Category:Shildon delete April 11
Category:Ships of Austria delete April 18
Category:Shooting Victims speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Simulation computer games to Category:Simulation computer and video games rename April 30
Category:Skating at the Winter Olympics delete April 7
Category:Sliders at the Winter Olympics delete April 7
Category:Sliding at the Winter Olympics delete April 7
Category:Software engineering disasters to Category:Disasters attributed to software engineering keep April 5
Category:Software for Computer vision redundant April 11
Category:Solar System bodies formerly considered planets Delete April 23
Category:Soldiers of the United States Merge April 4
Category:Something Awful keep (8 to 4, non recent accounts only) April 25
Category:Songs with memorable riffs delete with memorable riffs April 19
Category:Soreal Entertainment delete April 10
Category:Soviet infantry divisions delete April 14
Category:Space flight control room positions Delete April 15
Category:Space flight control room positions No consensous April 4
Category:Spanish futsal teams delete April 14
Category:Spanish ice hockey already deleted April 9
Category:Spanish rugby delete April 14
Category:Specimen images Delete (empty) April 23
Category:Spiritual Sequels delete April 12
Category:Spiritual sequels rename to Category:Unofficial sequels April 14
Category:Sport in Saint Vincent to Category:Sport in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines rename to Category:Sport in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines April 14
Category:Sports in Dominica to Category:Sport in Dominica Rename April 8
Category:Sports venues in Mexico by city delete April 17
Category:Stadiums in Paris to Category:Sports venues in Paris rename April 17
Category:Stampede Wrestling Alumni Delete April 9
Category:Star Trek fans No consensous April 4
Category:Stone Roses albums to Category:The Stone Roses albums Rename April 15
Category:Strike aircraft Delete April 4
Category:Strong Women Delete April 23
Category:Subdivisions by country to Category:Political divisions by country consensous not clear enough April 4
Category:Subdivisons of the Republic of China to Category:Subdivisions of the Republic of China not consencus April 14
Category:Success delete April 14
Category:Suspected sockpuppets of to Category:Wikipedia:Suspected sockpuppets of move April 18
Category:Swadesh list delete April 8
Category:Swedish scholars to Category:Swedish academics no consensus April 29
Category:Swimming World Disabled Swimmers of the Year to Category:Swimming World World Disabled Swimmers of the Year Delete the first category (Empty, and creator says it's a mistake). No consensous on rename of second cat (several possible new names tossed out, but no consensous reached on final name April 3
Category:Swords of the Ancients Delete April 3
Category:Sword to Category:Swords merges (not to be confused with merge) April 21
Category:Tahitian models delete April 2
Category:Tasmanian cricketers delete April 12
Category:Technical edit delete April 12
Category:Telescope manufacturer logos upmerge April 22
Category:Television programmes set in Newcastle no consensous April 12
Category:Tenpin Bowling Magazines to Category:Ten-pin bowling magazines rename April 11
Category:Texas party primaries, 1998 delete April 13
Category:Thai Americans keep, but populate or I'm going to come through in a month and whack it April 17
Category:The Elder Scrolls skills delete April 14
Category:The Lestrange Family delete April 14
Category:The Salvation Army in Films delete April 5
Category:The West Wing merge to Category:The West Wing (TV series) April 10
Category:Third Lanark F.C. managers keep April 12
Category:TimeBomb Recordings albums non-existent entry April 14
Category:Titles borrowed from Shakespeare Delete, although 'apathy' might be more appropriate given the number of comments April 1
Category:Topography of Mars to Category:Surface features of Mars rename April 17
Category:Touchstone films delete April 7
Category:Transformer types delete April 8
Category:Transportation in Oceania to Category:Transport in Oceania rename April 1
Category:Transportation in Slovenia to Category:Transport in Slovenia rename April 18
Category:Transportation in the Faroe Islands to Category:Transport in the Faroe Islands merge April 27
Category:Transportation in the Netherland Antilles speedy delete April 1
Category:Tulsa Hurricanes men's basketball coaches already deleted April 8
Category:U.S. civil aircraft 1900-1909 delete April 8
Category:U.S. civil aircraft 1910-1919 no consensous April 8
Category:U.S. Highway 66 to Category:U.S. Route 66 rename April 2
Category:U.S. Libertarian Party presidential nominees delete April 13
Category:U.S. State legislatures to Category:State legislatures of the United States Rename April 4
Category:U.S. Whig Party presidential nominees to Category:Whig Party (United States) presidential nominees rename April 19
Category:Ufology speedy delete by Darwinek April 8
Category:Ultralights delete April 1
Category:Underground economy delete April 19
Category:Unethical accounting practices delete April 23
Category:Unethical business practices delete April 23
Category:Unification Church Heresies delete April 1
Category:United fronts Delete (empty) April 21
Category:United Kingdom law enforcement agencies to Category:Law enforcement agencies of the United Kingdom rename April 11
Category:United Kingdom newspapers to Category:British newspapers merge April 18
Category:United States armed forces to Category:Military of the United States Rename April 3
Category:United States federal banking legislationCategory:United States federal financial legislation Keep as is April 7
Category:United States federal organic, enabling, and admission legislation to Category:United States federal territory and statehood legislation Rename April 15
Category:United States Highways by state -> Category:U.S. Highways by state or Category:U.S. Routes by state rename to U.S. Routes by state April 6
Category:United States territorial organization and state admission legislation delete April 13
Category:United States wines to Category:American wines rename April 5
Category:Units of the U.S. Army National Guard to Category:United States Army National Guard units Rename April 4
Category:University of Montreal to Category:Université de Montréal no consensus April 28
Category:University_of_Southern_Mississippi Reverse Merge April 4
Category:US Army Lineage and Honors Delete April 4
Category:US mountain monuments to Category:Mountain monuments and memorials rename to Mnm in teh US April 23
Category:US mountain monuments to Category:Mountain monuments relisted at April 23 April 13
Category:US rail stubsCategory:United States rail stubs wrong page April 11
Category:User cpp-0 to Category:User c++-0 rename April 2
Category:User cpp-N to Category:User c++-N rename April 2
Category:User lists delete April 1
Category:User programmer/prog-x delete April 14
Category:User volleyball Delete April 4
Category:User Wes Brown Delete April 3
Category:USGA championships to Category:United States Golf Association championships Rename April 3
Category:USYers already deleted April 9
Category:Utah Grizzlies (1995-2005) players already deleted April 9
Category:UUP Leadership elections to Category:Ulster Unionist Party leadership elections rename April 17
Category:Valleys on Mars to Category:Valleys and canyons on Mars rename April 30
Category:Victims of the Night of the Long Knives Delete April 9
Category:Videogames journalism to Category:Computer and video game journalism rename April 2
Category:Villages of Cumbria Merge April 9
Category:Viribus Unitis class battleships delete April 10
Category:Visitor attactions in Belgium Delete April 30
Category:Wagers delete April 14
Category:WAGGGS member organization to Category:World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts member organizations and Category:WOSM member organization to Category:World Organization of the Scout Movement member organizations no consensus to rename - SEE ADMIN NOTE BEFORE CLAIMING THIS SETS PRECEDENT IN FUTURE DEBATES April 19
Category:War of the Worlds actors delete April 17
Category:War of the Worlds actors Invalid nomination, category not tagged. April 13
Category:Wards of Kawasaki delete April 19
Category:Warhammer 40,000 Gods Deleta April 3
Category:Warhammer 40,000 planets delete April 7
Category:Wars of Independence to Category:Wars of independence rename April 10
Category:Washington highways no consensus April 10
Category:Webcomic genres delete April 2
Category:Weezer singles to Category:Weezer songs merge April 28
Category:Well-known foreign residents of China merge into Category:Foreigners in China April 10
Category:West Adelaide Soccer Club players Delete April 9
Category:Whistle register singers Keep April 29
Category:Wikimeet images to Category:Wikipedia meetups merge per all knowing and all around wonderful nom April 29
Category:Wikipedia dark humor dark delete April 18
Category:Wikipedians that have never been arrested and Category:Wikipedians that have been arrested before delete April 25
Category:Wikipedians who feel good today Delete April 4
Category:Wikipedians who have run for public office to Category:Wikipedian politicians Merge April 8
Category:WikiProject Schools delete April 19
Category:WikiProject United States to Category:United States WikiProjects rename April 18
Category:Winter War operations and battles to Category:Battles and operations of the Winter War rename April 29
Category:Wireless carriers keep April 14
Category:Wold Newton family members no consensus : a very close call, but considering the strength of view of those wanting to keep the category, probably further discussion is required. Also, a lot of deletes seem to based on the inclusion of Sherlock Holmes, why not just remove him from this category? April 24
Category:Women of Ottoman Empire already deleted April 6
Category:World Cup cricketers of the Scotland to Category:World Cup cricketers of Scotland Merge April 3
Category:World Leading Ten-pin Bowlers delete April 11
Category:World War II ships to Category:World War II naval ships Keep April 12
Category:Writers who committed suicide keep April 26
Category:WTO members to Category:World Trade Organization member economies rename April 29
Category:York University buildings merge that one article April 18
Category:Zoos and Aquariums of British Columbia delete April 17
Category:Zoos and Aquariums of Canada to Category:Zoos in Canada merge April 17