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July 16[edit]

Category:Museums in Georgia, United States to Category:Museums in Georgia (U.S. state)[edit]

Category:Infrastructure of Poland[edit]

Category:Voivodships of Poland to Category:Voivodeships of Poland[edit]

Category:Residential architecture in London to Category:Housing in London[edit]

Fauna by country[edit]

Category:Identified Chemical Substances[edit]

Category:User ??-?[edit]

Category:Historic houses in North Carolina to Category:Houses in North Carolina[edit]

Category:Women of Pakistan[edit]

Category:Nigerian Yoruba Article[edit]

Category:Avifauna of Georgia to Category:Avifauna of Georgia (U.S. state)[edit]

Category:Hood Films[edit]

Wikipedians who like television by series[edit]

Mecca mosques and Medina mosques[edit]

Category:Histories of Polish cities to Category:Histories of cities in Poland[edit]

Category:Indoor soccer[edit]

Category:English inside-forwards[edit]

Category:Killer7 characters[edit]

Wikipedian supporters of Western Sahara[edit]

Category:Sister cities to Category:Twin towns[edit]

Category:Singer-lyricists to Category:Singer-songwriters[edit]


Category:American singer-lyricists to Category:American singer-songwriters[edit]

Category:Sport WikiProjects to Category:WikiProject Sports[edit]

Category:People of African descent[edit]

Category:Roman Catholic Canadians to Category:Canadian Roman Catholics[edit]


Streets and squares by city[edit]

Category:Romantic comedies and Category:Miracle operas and Category:Psychological dramas[edit]

Category:LDS Wikipedians to Category:Latter Day Saint Wikipedians[edit]

Category:God Wikipedians[edit]

Category:User religion... to Category:Wikipedians interested in religions[edit]

Category:Children's opera[edit]

Category:History of foreign relations of the United States to Category:History of the foreign relations of the United States[edit]

Category:Folk opera[edit]