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This is a list of members of the Wikipedia Cleanup Taskforce. See the main project page for more details on our goals and procedures. Previously registered members who were asked to re-register are listed here.

Join us![edit]

Anyone is welcome to join! Just take the following steps:

List yourself as a member[edit]

Please add yourself to any and all appropriate sections of the member lists below. Doing so lets visitors and other taskforce members know your interests and your ability to contribute, and will help in the assigning of tasks.

  • To note your interest in a particular topic, just click the Add yourself link next to each section that you are interested in, and insert your signature (by typing three or four tildes - e.g. ~~~) and a link to your desk ([[Username:YOURNAME/Desk|Desk]], see below on how to create your desk) at the bottom of the list, along with any further comments. Repeat for any other areas you are interested in. Alternately, you can edit the full members by interest page and insert yourself in all sections that apply to you in one go. If you have no preference and are willing to tackle anything, add yourself to the Anything section.
  • To indicate the number of tasks you are willing to take on at any one time, go to the members by size of queue section below and click the Add yourself link on the appropriate section. Once the new page opens, add yourself to the table, following the directions there.

Please remember to add yourself to both the members by interest and the members by size lists!

Create a desk[edit]

A desk is where tasks will be assigned to you. You can create one using the following procedure:

  • Save your changes. Make sure to click the Watch this page box when editing, so you will be informed of any changes (like a new assignment)!

You now are now ready to go to work! Please see the main project page for more information on assigning and completing tasks.

Member lists[edit]

You can find a list of current members below. They have been sorted for ease of assigning tasks relevant to their abilities and interests. Please give them some tasks to complete!

Members by area of interest or expertise[edit]

These users have identified their interests so you can bring a problem article of a particular type to their desk. If you are joining the taskforce, please list yourself in multiple sections here, should they apply.

Special powers

Meta tasks

Anything — (Add yourself)

Arts & entertainment — (Add yourself)

Biography — (Add yourself)

Business — (Add yourself)

Education — (Add yourself)

Geography — (Add yourself)


Languages — (Add yourself)

Music — (Add yourself)

Politics and Government — (Add yourself)

Religion — (Add yourself)

Philosophy — (Add yourself)

Science — (Add yourself)

Technology — (Add yourself)

Sports — (Add yourself)

World — (Add yourself)

Members by size of queue[edit]

This indicates the number of tasks that any member is willing to undertake at a time, for aid in finding members with free time to take on additional work. If you are joining the taskforce, please list yourself in a single section here.

Six Items and Up — (Add yourself)

Four to Five Items — (Add yourself)

Three Items — (Add yourself)

One to Two Items — (Add yourself)

Other — (Add yourself)

I am a participant
in the Cleanup Taskforce.
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