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We're not dead yet...or are we?[edit]

I'm not willing to concede defeat, or death, but I can be argued with. If you disagree please comment on the talk page. This is where plans to restart the Cleanup Taskforce will be placed.

Things to do[edit]

  1. We need to have people re-register so we can see who are active. That means posting the re-register template {{subst:Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce/Re-register Template}} on everyone's page.
    A category containing the user names of Cleanup Taskforce members who have been notified with {{subst:Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce/Re-register Template}} is located at: Category:Cleanup Taskforce members who have been asked to re-register.
  2. The tasks which are currently listed need to be re-examined, because I suspect a lot of them have improved substantially since the CUTF was called in on their case. I'm happy to help with pruning/re-evaluating. Cricketgirl 08:51, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

Users who have re-registered[edit]

People who reregistered by 02:22, 14 September 2007 (UTC) were retained when I cleared the list of members by interest. If you were previously a member then drop me a note at user talk:RJFJR and I'll be glad to add you back in. Or feel free to add your self. Thank you.