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This page lists Wikipedia content of interest to the Communicate OER project. Existing articles (in blue/purple) have been identified as requiring improvement; "missing" (red) articles may require creation.

Key OER articles list as of September 2013: meeting project goals[edit]

All WIKISOO course participants are urged to improve tier one, tier two and tier three articles!

Tier one[edit]

Tier two[edit]

Tier three[edit]

Other concepts - recategorized[edit]

Other entities/orgs - recategorized[edit]

Full article list as generated by project participants[edit]

Main Article[edit]

About OER[edit]

Philosophical underpinnings[edit]

OER Projects[edit]

Related Topics[edit]

Miscellaneous ideas[edit]

References and notes[edit]

Miscellaneous related tasks[edit]

This section is for things that are not necessarily on Wikipedia, but related:

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