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About becoming a volunteer and this list[edit]

Please note that this is the "social listing" of volunteers, not the volunteer signup sheet. To become an actual volunteer and for you to be recognized by our statusbot as a volunteer so that your edits on the main page show up in the "Last volunteer edit" of our status box, you must also list your name at Wikipedia:Dispute resolution noticeboard/Volunteering#List of the DRN volunteers.

Steven Zhang 2013.jpg
Steven Zhang
I'm Steve. I've been doing dispute resolution on-and-off for around five years. I have a relatively decent knowledge of most policies. I generally prefer to take on more complex cases. Mutual respect is important to me, so I expect that you are prepared to put aside differences and work together as best as possible to bring the issues to a close. I also help maintain the noticeboard along with other volunteers, and would be happy to provide prospective volunteers with assistance or advice.

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Guy Macon
I am Guy Macon. I have years of experience resolving disputes as an engineer, engineering manager, and director of engineering. I prefer the more controversial cases where emotions run high and a calm. reasoned, and structured discussion is needed.

Eduard von Grützner Falstaff.jpg
I'm TransporterMan. (The transporter part refers to transporter bridges, not to transporter vans or other kinds of transporter.) About all I do at Wikipedia is dispute resolution, volunteering both here at DRN and also at Third Opinion and being a member of the Mediation Committee. In real life, I'm a transactional lawyer (the kind that writes documents and does legal transactions rather than the kind that goes to court) who's been practicing law for over 35 years. I have experience on both sides of the mediation table, both as a giver and taker of mediation, and have received a good deal of mediation training.

I've been around on Wikipedia since 2005 in some form or another. In the last year I've become more interested in how the Wikipedia community works and assisting there. I started volunteering at DRN to help resolve disputes between editors over content as I thought it was an interesting challenge which usually ends up with me learning about a subject I'd previously never considered. I like to think I can bring a calm voice of reason to the table and refrain from bias in discussions. Feel free to message me on my talk page for assistance or send me an email if you wish to discuss something in private.

Joker cosplay.jpg
World of Warcraft junkie, Operator of HasteurBot, Guardian of standards, "Zombie Thread" DRN closer. I was involved in the incubation of DRN (and cabalist #3) and had a hand in helping sheperd some of the earliest resolutions. I don't edit DRN all that much any more (as I'm neck deep in Articles for Creation and BotRequests). I keep an eye on the DRN dashboard to help guide DRN threads that have gone on far too long to try and hammer out a compromise and get the thread into the grave. Poke me on my talk page if you need help getting a thread into the coffin.

032 Hadrian.jpg
I'm Howicus. I've been on Wikipedia nine months now. I'm generally a calm, collected person, so I think I can be a big help in settling disputes. I firmly believe that Wikipedia is the best thing on the internet.

Sumerian 26th c Adab.jpg
I'm Ebe123, a Wikimedian who contributes mostly to the Wikimedia Incubator. I am not so active here, but I'll try to help out. For the past little while, I was mostly aiding newcomers around this site.

Sunset over Altmühlsee.JPG
Hi, I'm PhilKnight. I joined Wikipedia in 2006, and I've been an admin since 2007. In July 2009, I joined the Mediation Committee, and following the December 2010 elections, I was appointed to the Arbitration Committee for a two year term. In March 2013, I was appointed chairman of the Mediation Committee for a 6 month term. I'm an occasional volunteer on the dispute resolution noticeboard.

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Technical 13
My areas of expertise are technical in nature: Templates, JavaScript, CSS, etc...

Mediator 2.png
I am an active and experienced Wikipedia user. I review changes and articles for vandalism. I am always ready and willing to help out with anything that arises.

Yogesh Khandke
I've done some 10k edits. I think I could look at disputes dispassionately, I would participate in areas outside my topic ban.

Mediator 2.png
As a former Cabalist, I assisted in a few cases, and have decided to resume similar activities here. Ping me or email me if you would like my assistance on a matter. I do like to have things somewhat organized, even if it makes it seem SUPER ULTRA OFFICIAL, which it obviously isn't at all. It's just me trying to keep the case easy for people to look back on and/or assist with.

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I've been an editor for a few years, and have actively edited since 2010/2011. I focus primarily on history, but am willing to volunteer in any topic areas.

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I'm MrScorch6200. I contribute to Wikipedia by mainly resolving disputes such as edit wars and other various situations. I hope to help anyone with any type of dispute.
MrScorch6200 is the current co-ordinator of DRN.

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Ki Chjang
A volunteer aspiring to help others in working towards a free encyclopedia

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Evacuated Highway 401 Color.jpg
A regular at Wikipedia. Reverting vandalism, minor edits, updating information and lots more.

Mediator 2.png
I have been a member of Wikipedia for several years and it's easily one of my favorite sites. I want to make this the best site it can be, and if I can improve the site by helping to solve disputes, I'd like to do that.

I've been an editor since December 2005. In the past, I have worked to settle some disputes, some successfully, some not, including some on Wikipedia. In June 2013 I signed up as a DRN volunteer. I have some experience in geology, geography, law, philosophy and information management. In general, I like the structured discussion approach to bringing parties together.

Mediator 2.png
Oh hey, we get to talk about ourselves? Um...I've been fairly active at WP:FILM and can talk about film/television policies in general. I'm probably a bit of a deletionist with a strong belief with regards to sourcing and original research and such, but I at least like to think I can at least try to see all sides of an issue and make some vague attempt at being tactful when I talk. I've got a BA in English Writing and have been editing here since 2008. I work at a bank and admittedly try to keep most of my interaction with Wikipedia "casual". Oh, and this is all TransporterMan's fault. :P

Mediator 2.png
I would like to work as a coordinator as I believe, I can assist in dispute resolution dispassionately.

Niccolo Paganini01.jpg
Mr. Stradivarius
Hi! I'm Mr. Stradivarius, and I've been editing Wikipedia since 2010. I've been an admin since August 2012, and I have a significant amount of experience in dispute resolution both here at the dispute resolution noticeboard and as a member of the Mediation Committee, which I joined in May 2012. I also like writing Lua modules, patrolling protected edit requests, and editing articles about language acquisition.

Peace sign.svg
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding? It is important to bring a calming voice into any dispute conversation thereby changing editors from adversaries to collaborators.

Mediator 2.png
The Herald
I am Benison. I have been around Wikipedia around 2008. But I had made an a/c an year earlier and made about 5000 edits. Still I can help you in any dispute about astronomical articles, which I prefer more. I am also a calm anti-vandal.

Mediator 2.png
Flat Out
I started editing in March 2013 and have been active in a number of areas including the Teahouse, anti-vandalism and assisting new editors get their articles up to scratch.

2013-03-05 Geneva Motor Show 7858.JPG
I am a volunteer for Wikipedia, and I try to help when I am available

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Mediator 2.png
The Cosmos Master
I have a good knowledge of wikipedias guidleines and policies and I am more than happy to help helpwith disputes.

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Ahmad Faiz Mustafa - 1st Image Uploaded.jpg
In Transit
A proud 7 year old wikipedian. I spend much of my time patrolling new pages, recent changes, revert vandalism and help new editors. I am always ready and willing to help out with any dispute that arises.
Mediator 2.png
Hi, I've been helping out at Wikipedia since 2008. I'm primarily a content creator but I've also been active at almost all of the noticeboards (some more than others) as well as participating in several Arbitration Committee proceedings and enforcements. I enjoy assisting editors in civil dispute resolution. Differences in opinion and style are the inevitable side effect of the WP collaborative format but together we can find common ground, compromise and consensus in a moderated setting. I look forward to working with you. Cheers!
Panthera tigris7.jpg
Pratyya Ghosh
A calm vandal fighter. Face-smile.svg
Mediator 2.png
The Cosmos Master
I have a good knowledge of wikipedias guidleines and policies and I am more than happy to help helpwith disputes.
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I've been on Wikipedia as an editor for only a year, but I have substantial dispute resolution experience out in the real world. I feel I have a substantial knowledge of Wikipedia policies, and am always looking to learn more. I'm more inclined toward dealing with NPOV and OR issues.

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I'm Deniz. While I've only been a Wikipedia member for a few months, I'm dedicated to ensuring that this site becomes a revered site for knowledge for the next century.

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Hello, I'm Hannah, usually patrolling and hunting down vandals. If there's anything I can help you with, just ask.

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Anup Mehra.jpeg
Stick to Wikipedia policy and guidelines, believe me there'd be almost zero dispute thereafter.I'm right, he's wrong, never ends, though!

Bust of Pallas Athena.jpg
I'm always looking for help, so I've learned a lot. Time to return the favor. My background is old-school computer programming/analysis and journalism. Also, since I edit a lot on gun-related articles, I prefer not to volunteer here on those kinds of articles. Some might question my neutrality - but mostly, I like to work in other areas, too.

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Mediator 2.png
I'm a wikipedia user who's a bit newer than most, but I know quite a bit. I've been helped a lot, and I'd like to help others.

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Mediator 2.png
Chemist and computer scientist. Happy to lend a hand.

Mediator 2.png
Hi, I'm Jeff. I mostly lurk behind the scenes, hunting down vandalism and helping with things such as edit requests and pending changes. I have quite a bit of experience in the outside world with customer service and dispute resolution, so I'm always happy to lend a hand!

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Mediator 2.png
I am a relatively new Wikipedian, although I created my account back in 2010. I mainly do anti vandal work- recent changes and new page patrolling- but am trying to expand my focus.

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Amaterasu cave crop.jpg
I am happy to help in any dispute. I promise to be impartial, fair, and logical in helping guide the affected parties to a mutually beneficial resolution to whatever disputes are involved. :-)

Mediator 2.png
I am a experienced Wikipedian looking to help.

TheQ Editor Official Logo.png
TheQ Editor
Reviewer and Rollbacker on the English Wikipedia. I am familiar with the majority of Wikipedia policies. I used to be the problem, and now I'll help solve the problem.TheQ Editor (Talk)

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Mediator 2.png
I am Icarosaurvus, and I have been making small edits to Wikipedia for years as an unregistered user. I've some conflict resolution experience, mostly as a teaching assistant who often saw group projects devolve into bickering while the bickering parties attempted to operate heavy machinery. I am happy to lend a hand, especially as there are fewer heavy objects to be tossed about on Wikipedia than in a machine shop.

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Mediator 2.png
Hi, I would like to volunteer.

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Mediator 2.png
Hello, aleding here. Been a long time user of WP but been trying to get more involved over the last few months. I've long supported WP financially and then I thought why not help with my time as well - so here I am. People say I've got a rational and minded approach to things so I'm glad to try and help here - just let me know.

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Ezra Cornell's first book.jpg
I'm Biblioworm, a rollbacker and reviewer here on Wikipedia. (See my userpage to find out more about me.) I'll try my best to help out. :)

Mediator 2.png
I'm Mahensingha (See My my userpage), a rollbacker, reviewer, Copy Editor and Translator here on Wiki. I can assure of having never been a part of dispute with any one, I regard the views of the editors and can manage the conflicts with in the wiki rules framework, if given a chance. Thanks.

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Robert McClenon
I have been editing Wikipedia since 2005. My philosophy is that Wikipedia is an electronic work place, and that disputes should be resolved collaboratively.

Kurtis close-up.png
I've been editing Wikipedia since March 2007, registering an account in June 2008. I've made several thousand contributions in total, often with a focus on articles pertaining to human rights. I'm willing to help in any way I can.