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This page is satire, and we must point this out to the humor-impaired as it does not represent any official or unofficial Wikipedia policy, past, present or future.

Extreme article deletion is an extreme sport in Wikipedia. The goal is to reduce the number of articles in Wikipedia as much as possible, with inventive and original AfD candidates.

Points are awarded to each player for the reasons they give to justify article deletion. Standard arguments include "unencyclopedic", "too short", "no significance", "irreparably (not my) POV", "fancruft", "non-notable", "is a secondary school", "vanity", and "no hits on Google, which means it doesn't exist"; generic concerns about server space. Every deletion proposal with these reasons earns one point.

Additional points are awarded for original proposals, or when the article is deleted despite proof of encyclopedic suitability. Blatant deletion of a valid encyclopedic article gives points based on how long the article remains deleted before being recreated; deleting and protecting (known as salting) such a page acts as a bonus multiplier. If an article is only changed into a redirect instead of deleted, scoring is as follows:

Achievement Score
Page is redirected to something relevant and informative half a point
Page is redirected to something in the same category, but too general to be of any use to whoever would have looked up the deleted article three-quarters of a point
Page is redirected to something completely irrelevant. 1 point
Page is redirected to something prominently featuring Rick Astley. 2 points

Combinations are possible. For example, getting the article on Rickrolling redirected to Rick Astley would give you three-quarters of a point for redirecting to something too general to be of any use, and 2 points for redirecting to something featuring Rick Astley, for a total of 2 and three-quarters points.

Extreme article deletion awarding has been in progress since 2003 on the German Wikipedia (as an April fools 2004 joke by de:User:Dingo). On 1 April every year, the overall standings of the German deletion champions are assembled; other Wikipedias will follow.

The original German article, WP:Extrem-Löschkandidating, originally was deleted <5 mins. after being made by an overaudacious SysOp, restored <2 mins. thereafter by another SysOp and moved to the Wikipedia:-Namespace: Extreme Article Deletion in its purest form.