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Request an editor review
Before requesting a review, please understand the following:
  • Editor review is a process that allows users to have their behavior and contributions to Wikipedia evaluated by peers, who will provide constructive feedback on areas for improvement. Anybody may request a review, regardless of their tenure at Wikipedia.
  • While an editor may remove comments about them that appear to be off-topic or simply personal attacks, it is important to remember that the editor review process may produce comments that the editor may not like or personally agree with, and the editor being reviewed should make every attempt to use this collaborative process to communicate with others. Editors should not refactor comments they dislike. These should either be simply removed or discussed.
  • Administrators requesting a review of their administrative actions should see administrator review.
  • This page frequently gets backlogged, so requests may wait up to several weeks for a response. If you have fewer than 300 edits (or your last request was within the last 3 months), your request may be removed without notice.
  • Please consider reviewing another editor when you request a review.
If you would like to be reviewed, please follow the steps below:
  1. Create a subpage using the box below, replacing USERNAME with your username. Please make sure there is no space after your username, as this makes it hard for reviewers to reach your request.
  2. Do not save the page yet! Follow the instructions in the box above the request page. Please remember to fill in the requested fields.
  • Optional, but highly recommended: You may put the {{Editor review}} template or the {{Editor review sticker}} template on your user page to advertise the review page.
  • Optional: It is possible to add a userbox onto your User page (after the review is finished) by placing {{User Editor review}} at your user box section on your User page. Instructions on how to use templates may be found here.
  • Optional: As only admins can see your deleted contributions, these admins have volunteered to perform editor reviews focussing on deleted contributions (this will probably be of most interest to newpage patrollers)
  • Optional, but highly recommended: There is a large backlog at Editor Review, so take some time to review some of your fellow Wikipedians.
Request form
Replace USERNAME with your username.

Click here for unreviewed requests