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Editsummarisis or Editisis is a serious disease in which a user writes an unclear Edit summary (Strain A)or even worse, leave it blank.(Strain B):

The edit summary; a daunting but rewarding task.

Sometimes, Editsummarisis are mistaken for "vandalism" in confusing edits as people will be questioning his/her motives. It is found out that 25% of the sufferers of editcountitis have been found containing the Editsummarisis virus. Unfortunately, it is contagious as an adopter could easily be infected by their adoptee.

The editsummarisis virus under an Electron Microscope


  • Hurrying to get edits, a user leaves an edit summary blank. (B)
  • Forgetting. (B)
  • In a hurry, but less serious. A user writes a puzzling edit summary. (A)
  • Purposely (without any possible reason) leaves an edit summary blank. (A)
  • Leaving riddles to other users in edit summaries. Do you think you are Ben Gates? (A)

*Bolded the serious ones.


The treatment was found recently. The user must have a healthy EPD level. This maintains blood pressure and coolness. Next, the user must practice filling up LONG edit summaries. Finally, the user must give up his/her long dream to become an admin.

Imagine the edit summary as a wall. You don't want to hit it don't you?