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Welcome to WikiProject Formula One. We aim to create, expand, update and standardise Wikipedia articles related to Formula One.



Anyone who would like to take part in WikiProject Formula One is welcome to do so. The project aims primarily to create and standardize complete articles on all people, teams, races, and other aspects of Formula One.

If you are interested, please feel free to help, and add your name to the list. If you have any questions, please inquire on the project's talk page.


  1. To divide the subject of Formula One into appropriate subtopics
  2. To gather complete and accurate information in all F1-related articles
  3. To standardize the appearance of F1-related pages, such as articles on grands prix, drivers, and constructors, as well as race reports and season summaries
  4. To maintain Portal:Formula One and keep all F1-related articles up-to-date
  5. To improve Formula One and as many related pages as possible to Featured Article standard


Feel free to add yourself to the list. Once you've done this, you may want to put the Wikiproject:Formula One user box on your user page by adding {{User WP:F1}}.

How to help[edit]

Featured content[edit]

For All Featured content on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Featured content

Some of the content supported by WikiProject Formula One has reached featured article, featured list or featured picture status (FA, FL and FP, respectively), meaning they are amongst the very best content in Wikipedia. They are listed below; a bold title indicates the article was "today's featured article" for the date listed. Also included here are articles that are either featured article candidates (FAC), FAC's that failed, those that have undergone peer review (PR) as part of an effort to get them to FA status, and those that have achieved good article (GA) status, the next-highest level of quality.


Article Status Peer Review FAC Portal (Until March 2009)
Cscr-featured.svg Damon Hill (August 3, 2006) Featured Article PR FAC; FAR June, 2006
Cscr-featured.svg Alain Prost (January 27, 2007) Featured Article PR FAC October, 2006
Cscr-featured.svg 1994 San Marino Grand Prix (May 1, 2007) Featured Article PR FAC November, 2006
Cscr-featured.svg 1995 Pacific Grand Prix (October 22, 2008) Featured Article PR FAC November, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (June 12, 2009) Featured Article PR FAC January, 2009
Cscr-featured.svg 2008 Monaco Grand Prix (December 1, 2009) Featured Article PR FAC
Cscr-featured.svg 2008 Japanese Grand Prix (August 11, 2010) Featured Article PR FAC March, 2009
Cscr-featured.svg Brabham (May 2, 2011) Featured Article PR FAC February, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg 2005 United States Grand Prix Featured Article PR FACs: 1, 2; FAR August, 2006
Cscr-featured.svg Tom Pryce Featured Article PR FAC March, 2007
Cscr-featured.svg Brabham BT19 Featured Article PR FAC April, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg 1995 Japanese Grand Prix Featured Article PRs: 1, 2 FACs: 1, 2, 3 June, 2008
Cscr-featured.svg 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix (August 3, 2013) Featured Article PRs: 1, 2, 3 FACs: 1, 2, 3
Symbol support vote.svg Michael Schumacher Failed FAC, Good Article PR FACs: 1, 2 December, 2005
Symbol support vote.svg Mark Webber Good Article May, 2006
Symbol support vote.svg Gilles Villeneuve Good Article PR July, 2006
Symbol support vote.svg Brabham BT46 Good Article July, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Monaco Grand Prix Failed FAC, Good Article PR FAC September, 2006
Symbol support vote.svg 1997 European Grand Prix Good Article PR April, 2007
Symbol support vote.svg Maurício Gugelmin Good Article PR January, 2007
Symbol support vote.svg 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix Failed FAC, Good Article PR FACs: 1, 2 February, 2009
Symbol support vote.svg 2007 Canadian Grand Prix Failed FAC, Good Article PRs: 1, 2 FACs: 1, 2
Symbol support vote.svg Mario Andretti Good Article October, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg 2007 French Grand Prix Failed FAC, Good Article FAC
Symbol support vote.svg Max Mosley Failed FAC, Good Article PR FAC May, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Forti Good Article PR September, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Belgian Grand Prix Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Italian Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Chinese Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 German Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Spanish Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 Turkish Grand Prix Good Article PRs: 1, 2
Symbol support vote.svg 2008 French Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg 1995 British Grand Prix Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg McLaren M2B Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg Brabham BT49 Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix Good Article PR
Cscr-former.svg Formula One (September 23, 2005) Former Featured Article PR FACs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; FAR Constant
Symbol unsupport vote.svg 2007 Australian Grand Prix Former GA August, 2008
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Fittipaldi Automotive Former GA PR March, 2008
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Lewis Hamilton Failed FAC, Former GA PR FAC December, 2008
Symbol unsupport vote.svg WilliamsF1 Failed GA, Peer Review PR
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Minardi Failed GA
Symbol unsupport vote.svg 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix Failed GA
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Toyota F1 Failed GA
Symbol unsupport vote.svg 2009 Australian Grand Prix Failed GA
Nuvola apps kedit.png Hideki Noda Peer Review PR
Nuvola apps kedit.png 2006 Formula One season Peer Review PR


Article Status Peer Review FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of red-flagged Formula One races Featured List FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of Formula One circuits Featured List FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions Featured List FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of Formula One World Constructors' Champions Featured List FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of Formula One fatal accidents Featured List PR FLC
Cscr-featured.svg List of Formula One Grand Prix winners Featured List PR FLC



Portal Status Peer Review FPOC
Cscr-featured.svg Portal:Formula One Featured Portal PR FPOC

Types of articles[edit]

Formula One and its series[edit]

The sport's primary article is the "top" article of a series which includes four other related topics. The Wikipedians who created these articles intended to divide the topic of Formula One into specific subtopics, and chose the four topics they thought would best accomplish this goal. The appropriateness of the subtopics is open to discussion.

All five articles should include the template {{Formula One}} at the top.

  • Formula One is the main article for the sport, including general information; summaries of the articles on history, cars, and racing; general sections on drivers/constructors, grands prix, and circuits; a section noting the important people in F1's history; a 'current season' section; and a section on the Future of F1.
    • History of Formula One – the sport's history, in detail. This should include major regulation changes, major technical advances, and the most important drivers and constructors of each era.
    • Formula One cars – a detailed description of the modern F1 car. Information about historical F1 cars belongs in the History article.
    • Formula One racing – the schedule and procedure of an F1 grand prix weekend; information about racing strategy.
    • Formula One regulations – both current and historical information on the FIA's technical and sporting regulations.


There are twenty-four Formula One-related lists. These should be historically complete, and include the template {{Formula One}}. Each, when updated, should also be marked "Accurate as of [date]" in order to assist future editors.

Race reports[edit]

A long-term goal of this project is to create articles containing a summary of every Formula One race since the sport's inception in 1950.

Thanks to a bot written by Bill Cook, articles containing full classifications of every past race now exist, but most need summaries and many need standardization.

The standard structure may be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Formula One/Example race report. The wikitext is annotated with comments and may be copied to assist with the creation of a new report.

The infobox templates to use for race report articles is {{Infobox Grand Prix race report}}, which caters for both Championship and non-Championship races. A cut and paste pro forma is available at the template doc page.


All season summary articles contain, as a minimum:

  • an overview of the season
    • the overview section generally contains a calendar of that season's races. An upcoming season's article instead features a list of contracted races. This list is transformed into the more familiar calendar format once the FIA published one through its World Motor Sport Council. Even if that is a provisional one. But not earlier than that.
  • a table of entrants
  • a Drivers' Championship table
  • a Constructors' Championship table (from 1958 onwards)

Articles for more recent season contain additional information. As a general rule, the current season article is in the "ideal" format; future season summary articles should use the same format.

Grands Prix[edit]

There should be a complete article on every race which has been a part of the Formula One calendar since the series started in 1950 (see List of Formula One Grands Prix). Each article should contain:

  • At the top, an infobox:
{{F1 race
|Name                  = [[Australia]]n Grand Prix
|Flag                  = Flag of Australia.svg
|Circuit               = [[Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit]]
|Circuit_image         = Circuit Albert Park.png
|Laps                  = 58
|Circuit_length_km     = 5.303
|Circuit_length_mi     = 3.295
|Race_length_km        = 307.574
|Race_length_mi        = 191.110
|Lap_record            = 1:24.125 ([[2004 Formula One season|2004]]) <br> {{flagicon|Germany}} [[Michael Schumacher]]
|Most_wins_driver      = {{flagicon|Australia}} [[Lex Davison]](non championship races) (4)<br/>{{flagicon|Germany}} [[Michael Schumacher]] (4)
|Most_wins_constructor = {{flagicon|ITA}} [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]] (10) <br />{{flagicon|UK}} [[McLaren]] (10)
|Current_year          = 2008
|Winner                = {{flagicon|UK}} [[Lewis Hamilton]]
|Winning_team          = [[McLaren]]-[[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]]
|Winning_time          = 1:34:50.616  (194.578 km/h)
|Pole_driver           = {{flagicon|UK}} [[Lewis Hamilton]]
|Pole_team             = [[McLaren]]-[[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]]
|Pole_time             = 1:26.714
|Fastest_lap_driver    = {{flagicon|Finland}} [[Heikki Kovalainen]]
|Fastest_lap_team      = [[McLaren]]-[[Mercedes-Benz|Mercedes]]
|Fastest_lap           = 1:27.418
  • History. This should cover all F1 races held under that name, and should note changes in venue, and the reasons for the change. The history should also cover races from other series held under the same name, if applicable.
  • A reverse-chronological list of winners in table format, including year, driver, constructor, location, and links to the relevant race reports, formatted thus:
Year Driver Constructor Location Report
2005 Giancarlo Fisichella Renault Melbourne Report
2004 Michael Schumacher Ferrari Melbourne Report
{| class="wikitable" style="font-size: 95%;"
! Year
! Driver
! Constructor
! Location
! Report
! [[2005 Formula One season|2005]]
| [[Giancarlo Fisichella]]
| [[Renault Sport|Renault]]
| [[Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit|Melbourne]]
| [[2005 Australian Grand Prix|Report]]
! [[2004 Formula One season|2004]]
| [[Michael Schumacher]]
| [[Ferrari]]
| [[Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit|Melbourne]]
| [[2004 Australian Grand Prix|Report]]
If a grand prix was only run once, there need not be a table of winners; instead, the race report article should redirect to the race's article, and the article should be structured like a race report.
If a grand prix was run as a non-Championship event in some years (e.g. Moroccan Grand Prix), then those years should be highlighted in pink in the results chart.


  • All F1 circuit articles (i.e. any circuit ever used for an F1 race) should include an infobox:
{{Motorsport venue
| Name          = Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
| Location      = [[Albert Park]], [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]]
| Time          = [[GMT]] +/- 00
| Image         = [[Image:Australiagprix.png|230px]]
| Events        = [[Formula One]]; [[V8 Supercar]]s; [[Carrera Cup]]; [[Formula Ford]]
| Length_km     = 5.30
| Length_mi     = 3.30
| Turns         = 16
| Record_time   = 1'24.125
| Record_driver = [[Michael Schumacher]]
| Record_team   = [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| Record_year   = 2004


Example of {{Infobox F1 driver}} for a current driver (Fernando Alonso):
{{Infobox F1 driver
| name            = Fernando Alonso
| image           = Senyum Fernando Alonso di Jepang 2011.jpg
| caption         = Alonso at the [[2011 Japanese Grand Prix]].
| birth_date      = {{birth date and age|1981|7|29|df=y}}
| nationality     = {{flagicon|Spain}} [[Spain|Spanish]]
| 2011 Team       = [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| 2011 Car number = 5
| 2012 Team       = [[Scuderia Ferrari|Ferrari]]
| 2012 Car number = 5
| Races           = 178 (177 starts)
| Championships   = 2 ({{F1|2005}}, {{F1|2006}})
| Wins            = 27
| Podiums         = 73
| Points          = 1,086
| Poles           = 20
| Fastest laps    = 19
| First race      = [[2001 Australian Grand Prix]]
| First win       = [[2003 Hungarian Grand Prix]]
| Last win        = [[2011 British Grand Prix]]
| Last race       = {{Latest F1GP}}
| Last season     = 2011
| Last position   = 4th (257 pts)
Example of {{Infobox F1 driver}} for a former driver (Ayrton Senna):
{{Infobox F1 driver
|name          = Ayrton Senna
|image         = Ayrton Senna Imola 1989 Cropped.jpg
|caption       = Senna at the [[1989 San Marino Grand Prix]]
|nationality   = {{BRA}}ian
|birth_date    = {{birth date|1960|3|21|df=y}}
|birth_place   = [[São Paulo]], [[Brazil]]
|death_date    = {{death date and age|1994|5|1|1960|3|21|df=y}}
|death_place   = [[Bologna]], [[Italy]]
|Years         = {{F1|1984}}–{{F1|1994}}
|Team(s)       = [[Toleman]], [[Team Lotus|Lotus]], [[McLaren (racing)|McLaren]], [[WilliamsF1|Williams]]
|Races         = 162 (161 starts)
|Championships = 3 ({{F1|1988}}, {{F1|1990}}, {{F1|1991}})
|Wins          = 41
|Podiums       = 80
|Points        = 610 (614)
|Poles         = 65
|Fastest laps  = 19
|First race    = [[1984 Brazilian Grand Prix]]
|First win     = [[1985 Portuguese Grand Prix]]
|Last win      = [[1993 Australian Grand Prix]]
|Last race     = [[1994 San Marino Grand Prix]]


{{Infobox F1 team
| Constructor_name  = {{flagicon|United Kingdom}} Williams-Cosworth
| Long_name         = AT&T Williams
| Logo              = [[File:Logo AT&T Williams 2011.png|200px]]
| Base              = [[Grove, Oxfordshire|Grove]], [[Oxfordshire]], United Kingdom
| Principal         = [[Frank Williams (Formula One)|Sir Frank Williams]]<br/> [[Patrick Head]]<br/>  [[Adam Parr]] (CEO)
| Director          = [[Mike Coughlan]]
| Website           = {{URL|}}
| 2011 Drivers      = 11. {{flagicon|Brazil}} [[Rubens Barrichello]]<br/>12. {{flagicon|Venezuela}} [[Pastor Maldonado]]
| 2011 Test_drivers = {{flagicon|Finland}} [[Valtteri Bottas]]
| 2011 Chassis      = [[Williams FW33]]
| 2011 Engine       = [[Cosworth]]
| 2011 Tyres        = [[Pirelli]]
| 2011 Fuel         = [[Petrobras]]
| Debut             = [[1978 Argentine Grand Prix]]
| Final             = {{Latest F1GP}}
| Races             = 558
| Cons_champ        = 9 ({{F1|1980}}, {{F1|1981}}, {{F1|1986}}, {{F1|1987}}, {{F1|1992}}, {{F1|1993}}, {{F1|1994}}, {{F1|1996}}, {{F1|1997}})
| Drivers_champ     = 7 ({{F1|1980}}, {{F1|1982}}, {{F1|1987}}, {{F1|1992}}, {{F1|1993}}, {{F1|1996}}, {{F1|1997}})
| Wins              = 113
| Poles             = 126
| Fastest_laps      = 130
| Last_season       = 2011
| Last_position     = 9th (5 pts)

For a former F1 Team such as British American Racing, use {{Infobox former F1 team}}:

{{Infobox former F1 team
| Logo          = [[Image:BAR logo.gif]]
| Short_name    = BAR Honda
| Long_name     = British American Racing
| Base          = [[Brackley]], [[Northamptonshire]], [[United Kingdom]]
| Founders      = [[Craig Pollock]]
| Staff         = [[Adrian Reynard]]<br>[[David Richards (racing)|David Richards]]<br>[[Nick Fry]]
| Drivers       = {{flagicon|Canada}}[[Jacques Villeneuve]]<br/>{{flagicon|Brazil}}[[Ricardo Zonta]]<br/>{{flagicon|Finland}}[[Mika Salo]]<br/>{{flagicon|France}}[[Olivier Panis]]<br/>{{flagicon|Japan}}[[Takuma Sato]]<br/>{{flagicon|UK}}[[Jenson Button]]<br/>{{flagicon|UK}}[[Anthony Davidson]]
| Debut         = [[1999 Australian Grand Prix]]
| Races         = 118
| Cons_champ    = 0
| Drivers_champ = 0
| Wins          = 0
| Poles         = 2
| Fastest_laps  = 0
| Last race     = [[2005 Chinese Grand Prix]]


{{Infobox racing car
| Car_name         = Tyrrell 006
| Logo             = [[Image:Tyrrell.gif]]
| Category         = [[Formula One]]
| Constructor      = [[Tyrrell Racing|Tyrrell Racing Organisation]]
| Designer         = [[Derek Gardner]]
| Team             = [[Tyrrell Racing|Elf Team Tyrrell]]
| Drivers          = [[François Cevert]],<br>[[Jackie Stewart]],<br>[[Patrick Depailler]],<br>[[Jody Scheckter]]
| Chassis          = [[Aluminium]] [[monocoque]]
| Front suspension = [[Double wishbone suspension|Double wishbone]], outboard [[Spring (device)|spring]]/[[shock absorber|damper]].
| Rear suspension  = Single top-link, parallel lower-links, twin [[Radius rod|radius arms]], outboard [[Spring (device)|spring]]/[[shock absorber|damper]].
| Engine name      = [[Ford]]-[[Cosworth DFV]]
| Capacity         = 2993[[cubic centimetre|cc]]
| Configuration    = [[V8 engine|V8]]
| Turbo/NA         = [[naturally aspirated]]
| Engine position  = [[Mid-engine]]d, [[longitudinal engine| longitudianlly mounted]]
| Gearbox name     = [[Hewland]] FG400
| Gears            = 5-speed
| Type             = [[Manual transmission|manual]]
| Differential     = [[ZF Friedrichshafen|ZF]] [[Differential (mechanics)|differential]]
| Fuel             = [[Elf Aquitaine|Elf]]
| Tyres            = [[Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company|Goodyear]]
| Debut            = [[1972 Canadian Grand Prix]],<br>[[Mosport Park]].
| Races            = 18
| Wins             = 5
| Cons_champ       = 0
| Drivers_champ    = '''1''' ([[1973 Formula One season|1973]])
| Poles            = 3
| Fastest_laps     = 2

For an unformatted, cut-and-paste pro forma, please see this template's doc page. For Formula One articles, most details should be available. Otherwise simply leave blank any unknown fields and enter n/a for irrelevant or highly variable fields. Many customer cars will have had highly variable set up, I would suggest using either the most common configuration (if such a thing exists) or simply stating a brief range of options in lieu of precise specifications.


... nothing yet :-)


Since Formula One is a constantly-changing subject, its pages need constant updating. Click here for a list of what needs to be updated and when.


Templates should be inserted using the syntax {{Formula One}}.




Article alerts[edit]

Good article nominees

Standard table formats[edit]

Standard formats for the Driver and Constructor/team summary tables are defined here.

Other conventions[edit]

Other conventions observed throughout the Formula One articles are listed here.

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