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This is an old story/joke/parable that probably exists in many other forms and in other cultures. It is about our own biases and misconceptions of others. While this version is uniquely American in flavor, the moral transcends nationality.

The story[edit]

Farmer Brown was driving his pickup truck down a dirt road in Texas when he merged onto a small highway, but he didn't see the stockbroker's BMW coming. The stockbroker slammed on his brakes but couldn't avoid the accident. Both vehicles pulled off the road and the men exited their vehicles. The young stockbroker was wearing a fine Armani suit and silk tie, a stark contrast to the old farmer's worn and dingy overalls. He began screaming at the farmer, "What are you, some kind of fucking idiot? Don't any of you Texan dumb asses know how to drive? You drive as stoopid as you talk!" The farmer was unshaken by the stream of profanities that followed and in a calm Texas drawl told him, "Well, no one was injured and what's done is done. No need for us to get bent out of shape." The farmer went back to his truck and from behind the seat pulled out a jug of moonshine. He offered the jug to the stockbroker and said "Here friend, take a swig or two, this will calm your nerves." The stockbroker obliged, taking a couple of pulls from the jug, his face visibly contorting with each draw. He handed the jug back to the farmer who went and put it back in the truck. The stockbroker asked him, "Hey, aren't you going to drink some, too?", to which the farmer replied "No, I'm pretty sure the Highway Patrol will be here any minute. I wouldn't want to have liquor on my breath..."

The moral[edit]

Just because someone looks, acts or speaks differently than you, it is foolish to assume they are less intelligent than you.

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