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This page is dedicated to gathering statistics about featured articles, featured article candidates, and related content-review statistics. There are currently 4368 featured articles, and the current percentage of Wikipedia articles that are featured articles is 0.0948%.

Note: Some of the numbers linked to by the historical version do not match the numbers on this page. In such cases, the numbers on this page are correct.


Note that this chart does not take into consideration the 2725 featured lists. It does, however, include the thousands of lists in the number of overall articles, so the proportion of featured articles is actually somewhat higher than it would appear from this chart. For details of the promotion of featured list candidates, see the featured list log.


A graph of the total number of featured articles on the English and German Wikipedias
A graph of the FA proportions on the English and German Wikipedias. The FA proportion = (# featured articles)/(total article count)

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