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The Signpost
Featured content dispatch workshop


The Featured content dispatch workshop facilitates the production of dispatches for the Wikipedia Signpost. Dispatches are one-off articles on the various vetted processes, including the Featured processes, Good articles, Valued pictures, Did you know, Peer review, In the news, and so on. They can be tutorials teaching the reader how to do something, tips on using or reaching certain processes or tools, news stories covering major developments in article writing, interviews with writers, etc. Please note however that Dispatches are separate from the WikiProject Interview and from Features and admins, two other weekly sections of The Signpost.

The goal of the workshop is to act as a staging area for writers looking to contribute Dispatches to The Signpost. We hope that this page will help writers produce excellent articles that help others use and understand the Featured articles processes. Suggesting stories and writing them is open to anyone; see ideas, below.


The sequence for preparing a Dispatch is as follows.

  1. Write the draft at the temporary work file, named WP:FCDW/[Title] or in your userspace, preferably by the Friday before the Monday 3:00 UTC submission deadline. The exact formatting of the temporary file can be seen at {{FCDW/T}}, which lists the temporary page for working on each article before publication.
  2. Give a link to the draft here (Proposed topics, below, and ({{FCDW/T}}) and in the Signpost newsroom, to invite collaboration on the draft before the Monday deadline. This will alert other FCDW and Signpost writers that a Dispatch is ready to preview and publish in the upcoming issue. They will deal with the rest of the mechanics of moving the draft to the permanent Signpost file when the Signpost is published.
  3. After publication, add the title of the Dispatch (e.g., "Taming talk page clutter") to {{FCDW}}, which lists the actual Signpost Dispatches, linking to the published Signpost page.