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Former Topics in Wikipedia

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This page lists topics that used to be featured topics or good topics, but were demoted because they do not meet current topic criteria. Good and Featured topics can only be demoted through a consensus derived through discussion at the Wikipedia:Featured topic removal candidates page. The removal discussions for the former topics listed below can be found in the topics log. Of course, the topics listed here do not have to stay here: be bold in updating and improving these pages, and help bring them back to featured topic status.

There are 68 former topics, including 26 that have been merged into other topics.


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Former topics[edit]

4 articles
Good article 2008–09 Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team
20090117 Team huddle.jpg
Good article John Beilein
Demoted article Zack Novak
Demoted article Jerry Dunn
Good article Manny Harris
Demoted article Stu Douglass
Good article DeShawn Sims
Demoted article Jevohn Shepherd

7 articles
Featured list Seasons of 30 Rock
Tina Fey 2 by David Shankbone.jpg
Featured list Season 1 (subtopic)
Featured list Season 2 (subtopic)
Featured list Season 3 (subtopic)
Featured list Season 4 (subtopic)
Demoted article Season 5
Demoted article Season 6
Demoted article Season 7

4 articles
Good article 47 Ursae Majoris
47 Ursae Majoris b.jpg
Good article 47 Ursae Majoris b
Good article 47 Ursae Majoris c
Demoted article 47 Ursae Majoris d

10 articles
Good article Atlantic Coast Conference football championship games
VT UNC 2005 entrance fireworks.jpg
Featured article 2005
Good article 2006
Featured article 2007
Featured article 2008
Good article 2009
Good article 2010
Demoted article 2011
Demoted article 2012
Featured list List of champions

15 articles
Featured list Seasons of Bleach
B with flames.png
Featured list Season 1
Featured list Season 2
Featured list Season 3
Featured list Season 4
Featured list Season 5
Featured list Season 6
Featured list Season 7
Featured list Season 8
Featured list Season 9
Featured list Season 10
Demoted article Season 11
Demoted article Season 12
Demoted article Season 13
Demoted article Season 14
Demoted article Season 15
Demoted article Season 16

7 articles
Featured list Bloc Party albums
Bloc Party at The Warfield, San Francisco.jpg
Featured article Silent Alarm
Good article Silent Alarm Remixed
Featured article A Weekend in the City
Featured article Intimacy
Good article Intimacy Remixed
Demoted article Four

8 articles
Good article Broken Sword
Broken Sword Logo.jpg
Featured article The Shadow of the Templars
Good article The Smoking Mirror
Good article The Sleeping Dragon
Good article The Angel of Death
Good article The Shadow of the Templars – Director's Cut
Demoted article The Serpent's Curse
Good article The Goat Puzzle

15 articles
Featured article Canadian election timelines
John A Macdonald election poster 1891.jpg
Featured list Canadian federal general elections
Featured list Alberta general elections
Featured list British Columbia general elections
Featured list Manitoba general elections
Featured list New Brunswick general elections
Featured list Newfoundland and Labrador general elections
Featured list Northwest Territories general elections
Featured list Nova Scotia general elections
Demoted article Nunavut general elections
Featured list Ontario general elections
Featured list Prince Edward Island general elections
Featured list Quebec general elections
Featured list Saskatchewan general elections
Featured list Yukon general elections

38 articles
Good article Celebration (Madonna album)
Madonna Betancourt.jpg
Good article"Hung Up"
Demoted article"Music"
Demoted article"Vogue"
Featured article"4 Minutes"
Good article"Holiday"
Good article"Everybody"
Good article"Like a Virgin"
Good article"Into the Groove"
Good article"Like a Prayer"
Good article"Ray of Light"
Good article"Sorry"
Good article"Express Yourself"
Good article"Open Your Heart"
Good article"Borderline"
Demoted article"Secret"
Demoted article"Erotica"
Demoted article"Justify My Love"
Good article "Revolver"
Good article"Dress You Up"
Good article"Material Girl"
Good article"La Isla Bonita"
Good article"Papa Don't Preach"
Good article"Lucky Star"
Good article"Burning Up"
Good article"Crazy for You"
Good article"Who's That Girl"
Good article"Frozen"
Good article"Miles Away"
Demoted article"Take a Bow"
Good article"Live to Tell"
Demoted article"Beautiful Stranger"
Good article"Hollywood"
Good article"Die Another Day"
Demoted article"Don't Tell Me"
Good article"Cherish"
Good article "Celebration"
Good article Celebration: The Video Collection

9 articles
Featured list Seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation
ETalk2008-Degrassi Cast.jpg
Featured list Season 1
Featured list Season 2
Featured list Season 3
Featured list Season 4
Featured list Season 5
Featured list Season 6
Featured list Season 7
Demoted article Season 8

5 articles
Demoted article Devil May Cry titles
Featured article Devil May Cry
Demoted article Devil May Cry 2
Demoted article Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
Good article Devil May Cry 4
Demoted article DmC: Devil May Cry

19 articles
Featured list Family Guy (season 5)
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore 5.jpg
Good article "Stewie Loves Lois"
Good article "Mother Tucker"
Good article "Hell Comes to Quahog"
Good article "Saving Private Brian"
Good article "Whistle While Your Wife Works"
Good article "Prick Up Your Ears"
Good article "Chick Cancer"
Good article "Barely Legal"
Good article "Road to Rupert"
Good article "Peter's Two Dads"
Good article "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou"
Demoted article "Airport '07"
Demoted article "Bill & Peter's Bogus Journey"
Good article "No Meals on Wheels"
Demoted article "Boys Do Cry"
Good article "No Chris Left Behind"
Good article "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One"
Good article "Meet the Quagmires"

16 articles
Featured article Final Fantasy titles
FF project logo.svg
Good article Final Fantasy
Good article Final Fantasy II
Good article Final Fantasy III
Good article Final Fantasy IV
Good article Final Fantasy V
Featured article Final Fantasy VI
Good article Final Fantasy VII
Featured article Final Fantasy VIII (subtopic)
Featured article Final Fantasy IX
Featured article Final Fantasy X (subtopic)
Featured article Final Fantasy X-2
Featured article Final Fantasy XI
Featured article Final Fantasy XII
Good article Final Fantasy XIII
Demoted article Final Fantasy XIV
Good article Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

10 articles
Featured article Final Fantasy X and Featured article Final Fantasy X-2
Demoted article Spira
Demoted article Characters of Final Fantasy X and X-2
Good article Music of Final Fantasy X
Good article Music of Final Fantasy X-2
Good article Tidus
Good article Yuna
Demoted article Lulu
Demoted article Rikku

6 articles
Demoted article Half-Life 2 titles
Orange lambda.svg
Featured article Half-Life 2: Episode One
Good article Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Featured article Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Good article Half-Life 2: Survivor
Good article Codename: Gordon

4 articles
Good article Halloween film series
Balle-à-leunettes 11.jpg
Demoted article Halloween I
Demoted article Halloween II
Demoted article Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Demoted article Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Demoted article Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
Demoted article Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Demoted article Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
Demoted article Halloween: Resurrection
Good article Halloween (2007)
Good article Halloween II (2009)

24 articles
Featured article Halo media
Featured article Halo: Combat Evolved
Good article Original Soundtrack
Featured article Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Featured article Halo 2
Good article Original Soundtrack
Good article I Love Bees
Featured article Halo 3
Featured article Original Soundtrack
Good article Marketing
Featured article Halo 3: ODST
Featured article Halo Wars
Good article Halo: Reach
Good article Halo Legends
Demoted article Halo 4
Good article Original Soundtrack
Good article Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
Good article Halo: The Fall of Reach
Good article Halo: The Flood
Good article Halo: First Strike
Good article Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
Featured article Halo: Contact Harvest
Featured article The Halo Graphic Novel
Good article Halo: Uprising

13 articles
Featured article Kingdom Hearts series
Schluessel StPetri Hamburg.jpg
Featured article Kingdom Hearts
Featured article Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Featured article Kingdom Hearts II
Demoted article Kingdom Hearts III
Demoted article Kingdom Hearts coded
Good article Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Good article Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Good article Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Featured list List of media
Demoted article Characters
Demoted article Organization XIII
Good article Music
Demoted article Universe

15 articles
Featured list The Legend of Zelda titles
Good article The Legend of Zelda
Good article Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Good article A Link to the Past
Featured article Link's Awakening
Featured article Ocarina of Time
Featured article Majora's Mask
Featured article Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
Demoted article The Wind Waker
Good article Four Swords Adventures
Good article The Minish Cap
Good article Twilight Princess
Good article Phantom Hourglass
Demoted article Spirit Tracks
Demoted article Skyward Sword

6 articles
Featured list Seasons of Lost
Featured list Season 1
Featured list Season 2
Featured list Season 3
Featured list Season 4 (subtopic)
Demoted article Season 5
Demoted article Season 6

10 articles
Featured list State highways in Marquette County, Michigan
Marquette County, Mich.svg
Featured article M-28
Featured article Business M-28
Featured article M-35
Featured article U.S. Route 41 in Michigan
Good article Business US 41
Good article M-94
Good article M-95
Good article M-553
Good article M-554

5 articles
Featured article Michigan State University
MSU Abbot Hall sign.jpg
Featured article History of Michigan State University
Good article Campus of Michigan State University
Demoted article Michigan State University academics
Good article Michigan State Spartans
Demoted article Michigan State University Libraries

8 articles
Good article My World
Justin Bieber.jpg
Good article "One Time"
Good article "Favorite Girl"
Good article "Down to Earth"
Good article "Bigger"
Good article "One Less Lonely Girl"
Good article "First Dance"
Good article "Love Me"

4 articles
Featured list Naruto manga chapters
Featured list Part I
Featured list Part II, (volumes 28-48)
Demoted article Part II, (volumes 49-current)

7 articles
Featured article Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails logo.svg
Featured list Band members
Demoted article Trent Reznor
Featured list Concert tours
Featured article Live performances
Featured list Discography
Featured list Awards and nominations

10 articles
Featured article No Doubt albums
NO DOUBT 327b Brian McCauley.jpg
Good article No Doubt
Good article The Beacon Street Collection
Featured article Tragic Kingdom
Good article Return of Saturn
Featured article Rock Steady (subtopic)
Demoted article Push and Shove
Good article The Singles 1992–2003
Good article Boom Box
Good article Everything in Time

5 articles
Demoted article Numbered highways in Amenia (CDP), New York
Amenia, New York road map.svg
Featured article New York State Route 22
Featured article New York State Route 343
Good article U.S. Route 44 in New York
County Route 81 (Dutchess County, New York)

6 articles
Good article The Orange Box
Demoted article Half-Life 2
Featured article Half-Life 2: Episode One
Good article Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Featured article Portal
Good article Team Fortress 2

9 articles
Featured list Powderfinger albums
Powderfinger September 2007.jpg
Good article Parables for Wooden Ears
Good article Double Allergic
Featured article Internationalist
Featured article Odyssey Number Five
Good article Vulture Street
Good article These Days: Live in Concert
Good article Fingerprints: The Best of Powderfinger, 1994–2000
Featured article Dream Days at the Hotel Existence (subtopic)
Demoted article Golden Rule (album)

7 articles
Featured article Rock Steady
Featured article "Hey Baby"
Good article "Hella Good"
Good article "Underneath It All"
Good article "Running"
Good article Rock Steady Live
Demoted article Rock Steady Tour

10 articles
Featured list Seasons of The Office (U.S. TV series)
Scranton welcome sign from The Office credits.jpg
Featured list Season 1
Featured list Season 2
Featured list Season 3
Featured list Season 4 (subtopic)
Demoted article Season 5
Demoted article Season 6
Demoted article Season 7
Featured article Season 8
Good article Season 9

6 articles
Good article Spider-Man films
Spiderman and child.jpg
Good article Spider-Man
Demoted article Spider-Man 2
Good article Spider-Man 3
Good article The Amazing Spider-Man
Demoted article The Amazing Spider-Man 2

6 articles
Good article StarCraft titles
Fuchs-starcraft planets.png
Featured article StarCraft
Good article StarCraft: Brood War
Featured article StarCraft: Ghost
Good article StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Demoted article StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Demoted article StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

7 articles
Good article Star Wars episodes
Star Wars Logo.svg
Good article Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Good article Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Good article Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Demoted article Episode IV: A New Hope
Demoted article Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Good article Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

6 articles
Good article Star Wars: Jedi Knight titles
Dueling lightsabers.svg
Good article Star Wars: Dark Forces
Good article Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Good article Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
Demoted article Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Good article Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

6 articles
Demoted article Lists of universities in Canada
Canada-provinces layout.png
British Columbia
Atlantic Canada
Canadian Prairies

3 articles
Demoted article USA PATRIOT Act, Title III
Seal of the United States Congress.svg
Demoted article Subtitle A
Demoted article Subtitle B

5 articles
Good article Video game consoles (seventh generation)
Featured article PlayStation 3
Demoted article PlayStation Portable
Featured article Wii
Demoted article Nintendo DS
Demoted article Xbox 360

26 articles
Featured list Virginia Tech Hokies bowl games
VT logo.svg
Good article 1947 Sun Bowl
Good article 1966 Liberty Bowl
Good article 1968 Liberty Bowl
Good article 1981 Peach Bowl
Good article 1984 Independence Bowl
Good article 1986 Peach Bowl
Good article 1993 Independence Bowl
Good article 1994 Gator Bowl
Good article 1995 Sugar Bowl
Good article 1996 Orange Bowl
Good article 1998 Gator Bowl
Good article 1998 Music City Bowl
Featured article 2000 Sugar Bowl
Good article 2001 Gator Bowl
Good article 2002 Gator Bowl
Good article 2002 San Francisco Bowl
Featured article 2003 Insight Bowl
Featured article 2005 Sugar Bowl
Featured article 2006 Gator Bowl
Featured article 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl
Featured article 2008 Orange Bowl
Featured article 2009 Orange Bowl
Good article 2009 Chick-fil-A Bowl
Good article 2011 Orange Bowl
Non-article page 2012 Sugar Bowl

8 articles
Featured list Wilco albums
Good article A.M.
Good article Being There
Good article Summerteeth
Good article Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Good article A Ghost Is Born
Demoted article Mermaid Avenue
Good article Kicking Television: Live in Chicago
Featured article Sky Blue Sky
Demoted article Mermaid Avenue Vol. II

3 articles
Good article World Series of Poker Europe
Royal straight flush.jpg
Featured list 2007 World Series of Poker Europe
Featured list 2008 World Series of Poker Europe
Demoted article 2009 World Series of Poker Europe

7 articles
Demoted article World Wrestling Entertainment champions
The Miz 2010 Tribute to the Troops.jpg
Featured list WWE Champions
Featured list WWE United States Champions
Featured list WWE World Heavyweight Champions
Featured list WWE Intercontinental Champions
Featured list WWE Tag Team Champions
Featured list WWE Divas Champions

8 articles
Good article X-Men films
Good article X-Men
Good article X2: X-Men United
Demoted article X-Men: The Last Stand
Good article X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Good article X-Men: First Class
Good article The Wolverine
Demoted article X-Men: Days of Future Past

5 articles
Demoted article Seasons of YuYu Hakusho
Featured list Season 1
Featured list Season 2
Featured list Season 3
Featured list Season 4

Former topics that have been merged into other topics[edit]

6 articles
Good article Admiral Hipper-class cruiser
Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-63-09, Kreuzer "Blücher".jpg
Good article Admiral Hipper
Good article Blücher
Good article Prinz Eugen
Good article Seydlitz
Good article Lützow

4 articles
Featured article Alaska class cruiser
Guam shakedown.jpg
Good article USS Alaska (CB-1)
Good article USS Guam (CB-2)
Good article USS Hawaii (CB-3)

3 articles
Featured article Bayern-class battleships
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R17811, Linienschiff "Bayern".jpg
Featured article SMS Bayern
Featured article SMS Baden

3 articles
Good article Brummer class cruisers
War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918.svg
Good article SMS Brummer
Good article SMS Bremse

3 articles
Featured article Christ Illusion
Featured article "Eyes of the Insane"
Featured article "Jihad"

3 articles
Good article Cöln class cruisers
SMS Dresden (Light Cruiser) scuttled 17 June 1919.jpg
Good article SMS Cöln (1916)
Good article SMS Dresden (1917)

3 articles
Good article Graudenz class cruisers
War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918.svg
Good article SMS Graudenz
Good article SMS Regensburg

4 articles
Good article Indefatigable class battlecruisers
HMAS Australia LOC 16921u.jpg
Featured article HMS Indefatigable
Featured article HMAS Australia
Featured article HMS New Zealand

3 articles
Good article Ionian Revolt
Greek-Persian duel.jpg
Good article Siege of Naxos
Good article Battle of Lade

3 articles
Good article Karlsruhe class cruisers
Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-61-01, Kleiner Kreuzer "Karlsruhe".jpg
Good article SMS Karlsruhe
Good article SMS Rostock

5 articles
Good article Kolberg class cruisers
SMS Coeln.jpg
Good article SMS Kolberg
Good article SMS Cöln (1909)
Good article SMS Mainz
Good article SMS Augsburg

5 articles
Good article Kongō-class battlecruisers
Haruna 1934.jpg
Good article Kongō
Good article Hiei
Featured article Haruna
Good article Kirishima

5 articles
Featured article König-class battleship
SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm in Scapa Flow.jpg
Featured article SMS König
Good article SMS Grosser Kurfürst
Featured article SMS Markgraf
Featured article SMS Kronprinz

5 articles
Good article Königsberg class cruisers
SMS Emden Scapa Flow 1919 IWM SP 001864.jpg
Good article SMS Königsberg (1915)
Good article SMS Karlsruhe (1916)
Good article SMS Emden (1916)
Good article SMS Nürnberg (1916)

4 articles
Good article First Persian invasion of Greece
Greek-Persian duel.jpg
Good article Battle of Marathon
Good article Siege of Eretria
Good article Darius I of Persia

6 articles
Good article Second Persian invasion of Greece
Greek-Persian duel.jpg
Good article Battle of Thermopylae
Good article Battle of Artemisium
Good article Battle of Salamis
Good article Battle of Plataea
Good article Battle of Mycale

4 articles
Good article Invincible class battlecruisers
HMS Invincible (1907) British Battleship.jpg
Good article HMS Invincible
Good article HMS Inflexible
Good article HMS Indomitable

3 articles
Good article Lion class battlecruisers
HMS Lion (Lion-class battlecruiser).jpg
Featured article HMS Lion
Good article HMS Princess Royal

5 articles
Good article Magdeburg class cruisers
Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-61-22, Kleiner Kreuzer "SMS Breslau".jpg
Good article SMS Magdeburg
Good article SMS Breslau
Good article SMS Strassburg
Good article SMS Stralsund

3 articles
Good article Pillau class cruisers
War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918.svg
Good article SMS Pillau
Good article SMS Elbing

3 articles
Good article Prinz Adalbert-class armored cruiser
SMS Prinz Adalbert Bain picture.jpg
Good article SMS Prinz Adalbert
Good article SMS Friedrich Carl

3 articles
Good article Roon-class armored cruiser
Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-61-82, Panzerkreuzer der Roon-Klasse.jpg
Good article SMS Roon
Good article SMS Yorck

3 articles
Good article Scharnhorst-class armored cruiser
Good article SMS Scharnhorst
Good article SMS Gneisenau

4 articles
Featured article Reign in Blood

Featured article "Angel of Death"

Good article "Raining Blood"

Featured article Still Reigning

12 articles
Featured article Slayer studio albums
Good article Show No Mercy
Good article Hell Awaits
Featured article Reign in Blood
Featured article South of Heaven
Good article Seasons in the Abyss
Good article Divine Intervention
Good article Undisputed Attitude
Good article Diabolus in Musica
Featured article God Hates Us All
Featured article Christ Illusion
Good article World Painted Blood

3 articles
Good article Wiesbaden class cruisers
SMS Frankfurt.jpg
Good article SMS Wiesbaden
Good article SMS Frankfurt