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The fictional nanny Mary Poppins in the Disney children's film of the same name claimed that she was "practically perfect in every way".

In Wikipedia, much emphasis is being put upon "perfecting" articles so that they can get featured article status. However, you do not have to make articles perfect – although that is a plus – you just need to make them better. Every Wikipedian makes mistakes, yet every Wikipedian, including admins, is supposed to be perfect. And that is one of Wikipedia's faults. If we could understand that, we could be a great community.

Wikipedia is a work in progress, and will always remain so. There is no deadline. Wikipedia does not have to be finished today. It merely needs to have improved on yesterday. Indeed, even an article given "Featured Article" status may not be perfect. As time goes by, it may need to be updated or modified to keep up with new standards.

And remember, when you are feeling stressed by a feeling that "articles have to be perfect", try to ease this stress by having a little fun. Take a break from the article that you are getting stressed about--or even take a little break from Wikipedia and go offline. But if you are stressed or frustrated, please don't take out your stress by vandalizing pages to make a point!