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Account Coordinator: Nikkimaria. If you need any help, please contact her  :) She will be collecting and distributing information.
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HighBeam Research is an online, subscription-based search engine for newspapers, magazines, academic journals, newswires, trade magazines and encyclopedias. The site has access to over 80 million articles from 6,500 publications, most of which are not available for free elsewhere on the internet. Thousands of new articles are added daily, archives date back over 25 years including trade journal, newspaper articles, and peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of subjects and industries; and there are tools for finding, saving, organizing, and sharing information as documents. Aside from a free seven-day trial (credit card required), access to HighBeam costs $30 per month or $200 per year for the first year and $300 for subsequent years.

As of March 13, 2012 HighBeam has generously agreed to give free, full-access one-year accounts for Wikipedia editors to use, at the discretion of the community. HighBeam is excited about this and does not expect there to be a shortage of these free, one-year accounts; however, editors will have to have a one-year-old account and 1000 edits in order to qualify for one. At the end of one year, editors who found the resource useful can simply re-apply.

Requirements and expectations[edit]

  • You do not have free access to HighBeam through your local library or university
  • You have your preferences enabled to receive email messages on English Wikipedia (see Special:Preferences)
  • You have an account that is a minimum of 1 year old
  • You have a minimum of 1000 edits to the Wikimedia projects
  • Ideally, you are active in content generation, research, and verification work.
Expectations for use
  • All editors are encouraged to apply where they have a need for background reading, research, verification, or content writing
  • Editors should try out and use the HighBeam account during their free access period
  • Editors should always provide original citation information, in addition to linking a HighBeam article
  • Editors should review WP:V, WP:SAYWHEREYOUGOTIT, and WP:PAYWALL
  • Editors should not use bare links to non-free HighBeam pages
  • Editors should note (subscription required) in the citation, where appropriate

If your application suggests you've read this, we will give it a fair shot :)

Private and confidential information
  • You will need to have a confirmed email address to participate. You understand and agree that your name and email address may be shared with a representatives of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia Library,* and HighBeam. While representatives of the Wikipedia Library are volunteers (not employees or contractors of the Wikimedia Foundation or HighBeam), they have signed confidentiality agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation with regards to the personal information they may handle for the Wikipedia Library.

HighBeam 8[edit]

Signups open!

Example application
  1. [[User:Name]]. Active Wikimedia project(s). History of content, research, or verification work. Intentions for future research.
  2. User:Ocaasi. English Wikipedia. I write biographies about alternative medicine practitioners and Middle Eastern political activists. I intend to continue this work, specifically writing about Gabriel Cousens and the Egyptian presidential election, 2012. Ocaasi t | c 21:37, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

Apply here if you want an account or want to renew your old one