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The first Indian WikiMarathon is scheduled to be held on November 14. Read the announcement here. Essentially, a WikiMarathon is an event where editors get together and edit articles or perform other tasks on Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects simultaneously. It provides an opportunity for real-time and location brainstorming and collaboration.


Goldenwiki 2.png
  • Creating / improving pages of your interest / locality / native / *what ever*
  • Adding references to unreferenced BLPs
  • Collaborating in person with other editors towards FA/GA [i accept its more than 6 hours,but its unique opportunity having people together at same time]
  • Arm chair flickr hunt to add media to commons
  • Translation
  • De-orphaning pages with links
  • Creating templates / navboxes
  • Running AWB tasks like fixing redlinks/typos
  • Categorization cleanups
  • Even "writing a bot" / code something like(for) Arjuna's gyanpad etc.
  • Creating newsletter / video tutorials,etc

Help Information for newbies[edit]