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If you're anxious for to shine in the Wikipedian line[edit]

Surely not related at all to the song from Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience.

If you're anxious for to shine
In the Wikipedian line
For your civ-il-i-ty rare,
You must pick up all the germs
Of the wiki-shortcut terms
And plant them ev'rywhere.
You must know WP:CIVIL
And write WP:V drivel,
AGF with NPA -
The articles don't matter
If it's NPOV chatter
In a TLA-ish way!
And ev'ryone will say,
"'AGF with NPA!'
If he has such a grasp on wikiwords that he baffles each newbie,
Why, what a very model of a modern Wikipedian this editor must be!"

Be eloquant in praise
Of whatever Jimbo says
And quote him all the time.
Search the archive of his sayings
For whatever backs your brayings -
(This bit completes the rhyme.)
And your enemies, defeated
By a Jimbo quote repeated
Then cannot do a thing
For policy and guideline
Can only take a sideline
To our Wikipedian God-king!
And everyone will say,
When Jimbo rules the day,
"If this young man knows Jimbo quotes that had never yet been heard by me,
Why, what a most extraordinary kind of man this editor must be!"

Then if edit wars should happen
You're ideally placed to tap in
And push your POV.
Quote policy to back you -
If sources you should lack you
Can just make stuff up, you see!
Or find something so obscure
That you can't get it anymore
And then use it to win the fight -
It will say just what you let it
So long as noone else can get it
And "Assume Good Faith" means to assume you're right!
And ev'ryone will say
If you edit in this way,
"If he will insist on edits that all other folks have panned
Then why the hell has nobody dealt with this jerk, and why is he not banned?"

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