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At K.I.S. (Keep It Simple), we pay attention to the many Wikipedians who like a simple layout in their user page. Some may dislike, or see no need for fancy userboxes and affiliation flags, but because of that choice, have no way to show in a simple way to which WikiProjects they are members of, assist with, or which languages they speak. Others could like to display well deserved awards received from WikiProjects or from other editors, but don't know how to do that without displaying the awards as received, in full size. This project will provide all them with:

  • Small alternatives to most major categories of userboxes that could guide visitors to know in which areas you may be of help
  • A discreet way to show awards

K.I.S Labels (userboxes themes)[edit]

At K.I.S., we know there is nothing wrong with userboxes, they are wonderful for some users, and they look good, but if you personally don't like them, you should have an option, not a total void. Our goal is a place where Wikipedians can find an alternative to nearly all major userboxes when they want to keep it simple, but not uninformative.

How to help[edit]

There is no registered membership in this WikiProject, because everyone with the technical skills can help. Just take a userbox from a WikiProject, Babel or other skills-defining box, make a template (using the KIS Label design), and add it to this page alphabetically and by category. Then go and tell others where to find it. (Of course, check to see if there is KIS Label for that specific use available already.)


Due to the sheer volume of userboxes, if you'd like a specific userbox, and do not see it here, please request it on the project's talk page, with a link to the original userbox.

Displaying labels[edit]

To display your label, simply add the following to your user page:

{{WP:Keep It Simple/tray top}}
your labels go here
{{WP:Keep It Simple/tray bottom}}

You may find it helpful to include {{WP:KIS/KIS}} as your first label, which gives some extra information to readers:

Hover on labels for explanation

Layout themes[edit]

There are several themes for displaying user labels with a different appearance. One example is shown below:

For instructions on how to use that theme, and additional theme varieties, please see the Theme Gallery.

K.I.S. Label Gallery[edit]

WikiProject Keep It Simple participants and contributors[edit]

K.I.S. Contributor

{{WP KIS}}

And for those who enjoy userboxes but nevertheless contribute to this project:

Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user enjoys userboxes, but also helps the Keep It Simple project.


Languages* - Babel (B:)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Keep It Simple/Babel.


{{User:PC-XT/KIS/BASIC}} {{User:PC-XT/KIS/css}} {{User:PC-XT/KIS/html}} {{User:PC-XT/KIS/lisp}}
PHP Python Java JavaScript
{{User:PC-XT/KIS/php}} {{User:PC-XT/KIS/Python}} {{User:APerson/KIS/Java}} {{User:APerson/KIS/JS}}

Interests and tastes (Int:)[edit]







{{User:PC-XT/KIS/color|Blue}} Replace "Blue" with your favorite color.



Go, Weiqi, or Baduk

{{User:PC-XT/KIS/Go (board game)}}


Favorite Historical Year

{{User:PC-XT/KIS/interest|123 AD}}

{{User:PC-XT/KIS/interest|123 BC}}



Favorite number


Life, status, and situation (L:)[edit]


University of Maryland, College Park


University of Alaska Fairbanks


Extra-Curricular Activities and Organizations[edit]

{{WP:KIS/Alpha Phi Omega}}

{{WP:KIS/Lambda Chi Alpha}}


Ethnic Groups[edit]



Algerian resident

Benin resident

Botswana resident

Burkina Faso resident

{{WP:KIS/Burkina Faso}}
Cameroon resident

Cape Verde resident

{{WP:KIS/Cape Verde}}
Central African Republic resident

Chad resident


Democratic Republic of the Congo resident

Republic of the Congo resident

Côte D'Ivoire resident

{{WP:KIS/Côte D'Ivoire}}
Egypt resident

Eritrea resident

Ghana resident

Kabylie resident

Libya resident


Madagascar resident

Morocco resident

Nigeria resident

Rwanda resident

Senegal resident

Seychelles resident

South Africa resident

{{WP:KIS/South Africa}}
Sudan resident


Tanzania resident

Western Sahara resident

{{WP:KIS/Western Sahara}}

African Cities[edit]

Cape Town resident

{{WP:KIS/Cape Town}}
Dar es Salaam resident

{{WP:KIS/Dar es Salaam}}


Argentina resident

Brazil resident

Canada resident

Latin America resident

{{WP:KIS/Latin America}}

Mexico resident

South America resident

{{WP:KIS/South America}}
US resident


Brazil Related[edit]

Brazil resident

Bahia resident

Rondônia resident

Pará resident


Goiás resident

Rio de Janeiro resident

{{WP:KIS/Rio de Janeiro}}
São Paulo resident

{{WP:KIS/São Paulo}}
Minas Gerais resident

{{WP:KIS/Minas Gerais}}

Rio Grande do Sul resident

{{WP:KIS/Rio Grande do Sul}}
Santa Catarina resident

{{WP:KIS/Santa Catarina}}
Paraná resident

Paraíba resident


South-East Asia[edit]

Australia resident


Canada Related[edit]

Canada resident

Alberta resident

British Columbia resident

{{WP:KIS/British Columbia}}
Manitoba resident


New Brunswick resident

{{WP:KIS/New Brunswick}}
Newfoundland & Labrador resident

{{WP:KIS/Newfoundland & Labrador}}
Nova Scotia resident

{{WP:KIS/Nova Scotia}}
Nunavut resident


Northwest Territories resident

{{WP:KIS/Northwest Territories}}
Ontario resident

PEI resident

Quebec resident


Saskatchewan resident

Yukon resident


US related[edit]

WP:KIS/US state creates a label from the standard United States postal abbreviation. The label redirects to the WikiProject for that state. For example:

{{WP:KIS/US state|AL}}

The equivalent Icon, Template:User icon US state, displays the state flag instead of a label. Thus:

{{User icon US state|AK}}

generates This user resides in the U.S. state of Alaska

{{User icon US state|AZ|size=large}}

generates This user resides in the U.S. state of Arizona

Generic national template[edit]

WP:KIS/nation and Template:User icon ccTLD work similarly, using two letter country code top-level domains. The labels and icons link to the national WikiProject.

This user resides in Malawi This user resides in Malawi

Earth resident


ISS Resident / Earth Orbit






Certified Helicopter Pilot[edit]



Wikipedia-related (W:)[edit]


English Wikipedia Administrator


Personal stats and tools[edit]

Wikipedian for...

{{User:PC-XT/KIS/Wikipedian for|year=2010|month=5|day=1}}

Edit Count[edit]



{{User:PC-XT/KIS/Wikipedia related|Editcountitis}}


No Biting Zone


WikiProjects (WP:)[edit]

See Wikipedia:Keep It Simple/WikiProjects.

Other (O:)[edit]

No Biting Zone