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Wikipedia may have lots of brilliant prose, but on occasion, it is also host to really, painfully bad prose. Indeed, it is likely that Wikipedia contains several instances of the worst prose ever written in the English language. Below are some example of the more lackluster prose to be featured in Wikipedia articles for a significant period of time:

Catering establishment works uniformed slingers visits customers who has transvestic fetishism.


Dacia had in the middle the Carpathian Mountains and was bounded approximately by the Danubius river, in Greek sources Istros (the Danube) or, at its greatest extent, by the Haemus Mons (the Balkan Mountains) to the south–Moesia (Dobrogea), a region south of the Danube, was a core area where the Getae lived and interacted with the Ancient Greeks–Pontus Euxinus (the Black Sea) and river Danastris, in Greek sources Tyras (the Dniester) to the east (but several Dacian settlements are recorded in part of area between Dniester and Hypanis river (the Bug), and Tisia (the Tisza) to the west (but at times included areas between Tisza and middle Danube).


The sinfulness to that estate wherein man fell consists in the guilt of Adam and Eve's (first man and woman) first sin: the want of original righteousness which is iniquity and the corruption of their whole nature which is commonly called original sin or iniquity together with all actual transgressions which proceed from it.

Fall of Man

The connection of Wadsworth Jarrell and the AFRI-COBRA movement (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) is as an artist in a new art movement, of the time period.

Wadsworth Jarrell and the AFRI-COBRA movement