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This page lists Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Every Wikipedia page with policy status is included. They are shown in bold type; those that take precedence within a given category are italicized, as well. All Wikipedia pages with guideline status that are general in scope are included. Where applicable, they are organized in tree fashion to clarify their relationships. Most of the many subject-specific guidelines are not listed here; directions for locating them are provided. For lists of key pages with summaries of their content, see List of policies and List of guidelines.


Article maintenance[edit]

Article naming[edit]

There are many additional naming convention guidelines that deal with specific topics. See Category:Wikipedia naming conventions.

Article style[edit]

There are many additional style guidelines that deal with specific topics. See Category:Style guidelines of WikiProjects, Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style (arts), Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style (legal), Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style (regional), Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style (religion), and Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style (science).

Categories, lists, and tables[edit]

There are additional guidelines that deal with lists or tables concerning specific topics, including record charts and road junction lists.

Content standards[edit]

There are additional content guidelines that deal with specific topics, including anarchism, medicine, science, and video games.

Copyright and licensing[edit]



Editing practices[edit]

Editing guidelines[edit]

This section is incomplete: not all editing guidelines are listed here.

Editor behavior[edit]

Handling disputes and disruption[edit]

Images and other media[edit]


Project activities[edit]

Project roles[edit]

Redirects, shortcuts, and subpages[edit]

Tools and templates[edit]

User names and pages[edit]

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