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Long-term abuse
This page is not a noticeboard. To report vandalism, use the administrators' vandalism noticeboard.

This page summarises a limited number of long term abusers, to assist members of the community who believe they may have cause to report another incident. Note that this page is not a noticeboard. Names should only be added for the most egregious and well-attested cases. Most users here will have been banned, some on multiple occasions.

Cautionary notes
Don't provide too much info
The text should tread a careful balance between providing useful information and providing enough to obstruct detection. In general such information should only be shared with users of a high level of reputation.
Hints on useful info
Consider providing just a summary of the behaviors and nature of disruption, key case pages (SPI/ANI/RFAR), and the names of current experienced users familiar with the abuser (with their "giveaways", history, behavior traits, etc.)
Don't use LTA unless needed
Only add vandals that have a need to be pointed out, such as sneaky sockpuppeteers, prolific trolls, etc.
Use language carefully
Do not use language that glorifies vandalism. Do not use relative phrases such as "lately", "recently" without qualification (use "As of date...").

For help, please ask on the project's talk page or contact one of the helpers. If you need more information on an user listed here, your best bet would be to contact the user that submitted the report, which can be found in the page history.

Create a new report here
I For all reports:
Verify that the following criteria have been met:
  • The user has been abusing Wikipedia over a long duration of time
  • The user account has a history of repeated egregious disruption, and despite indefinite block or ban, continues vandalism and/or abuse beyond the point of any usual blocked user.
  • There is a significant chance that the information will be of value against future repetition
II Reporting form

III Fill out the resulting page and fill-in the requested information.
IV Save the page.
V Link the new entry onto the list and transclude it on the full list.
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Report Description
Alexcas11 Creates hoax film articles and adds link from the actor biographies to them. Most of the targeted actors are teens or younger. User creates fake articles, but never attacks the subject. Does not respond to messages.
Ananny A persistent cross-wiki spammer and sock-puppeteer since December 2006, Ananny's goal is to promote the work a non notable artist (as established in several independent AFD discussions). To this end the user has used more than a dozen socks and innumerable IPs to recreate the deleted article and add the artist's name to various lists. Although low level, the spamming has affected 19 Wikimedia wikis over a 7 year period.
Ararat arev An Armenian nationalist permabanned for revert-warring and sockpuppetry. His main focus is articles concerning Armenian antiquity, which he attempts to distort in accordance with certain nationalist fringe theories, mostly attributed to the website.
Bambifan101 Focuses on Disney articles. Claims to be a young boy in the southern United States (possibly in the Mobile, Alabama area) with a professed love of juvenile-themed movies (usually Disney animated features) and books.
Bertrand101 Massive vandalism on Philippine media. After being blocked on English Wikipedia, he will continue cross-wiki vandalism.
Best known for IP IP editor, regularly engaged in edit-warring and personal attacks, particularly over the phrase "best known for".
Broadway Hoaxer Inserts hoaxes regarding "upcoming Broadway shows", either new productions of the musical in question, or a new role for the actress described. Always unsourced and never shows up in Google search.
Burgz33 This user has established a long-term pattern of personal attacks, wikistalking, adding spam links, and in particular sockpuppet abuse to evade blocks. To date the user has created 16 sockpuppet accounts and vandalised articles, attacked other editors and even threatened legal action from 68 identified IP addresses (majority being AT&T from St.Louis) since December of 2006.
Christian2941 Known for adding deliberate factual errors on Philippine-related articles, and for persistent sockpuppetry. Usernames typically follow a predictable pattern, such as RMxxxx or Southern Wear 201.
Date-changing vandal from Santiago IP-hopping editor maliciously changes dates on articles about cars and music. Most active on English and Spanish Wikipedias, but also on other languages.
DavidYork71 POV pushing, trolling, and over 200 confirmed socks.
DPeterson Persistent sockpuppetry and unencyclopedic/COI/POV editing on topics related to Attachment therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and related articles, social areas such as abortion and child sexual abuse, sneaky vandalism, promotional "cites", promotion of individuals and institutes in these areas, and BLP attacks + WP:BATTLEground on real-world opponents such as Advocates for Children in Therapy ("ACT"). Also edits and socks in other unrelated areas.
Dragon2016 Persistent sockpuppeting, trolling and insertion of inappropriate or unencyclopedic content on Philippine-related articles.
ECW500 Chronic sockpuppeteer who primarily attacks articles on professional wrestling, especially RD Reynolds and Wrestlecrap. Usernames usually, but not always, impersonate or attack legitimate user GaryColemanFan. Other usernames may be variations on the original name, such asUser:XPW500. His other target article is that of the breakfast cereal, Fruity Pebbles. Grammar, syntax and spelling are generally poor and inappropriate remarks are often left in edit summaries.
Eeeeeewtw Long-term abuse including removal of reliable sources from Taiwan-related articles. Also makes IP edits to bypass inspection and hides this POV-pushing changes behind fake edit summaries such as "minor edit", "repair vandalism" or "revert to good version". Also vandalism on talk page and removal of sockpuppeteer template.
Escapeeyes Tendentious editing, sock puppetry, IP abuse, block evasion, personal attacks, and legal threats related to Ronald Ryan.
Felipe Garcia This user probably male based on the fact he includes the name "Tyler", "Tyler Racing" or "Tyler425" in some his edits and has registered an account with the name "Felipe Garcia", vandalizes articles mostly about NASCAR drivers. He also attacks Pokémon articles and Administrators' userpages, though he sometimes vandalizes random articles. He often replaces the voice actors' names in the Pokémon articles with the names of NASCAR drivers and claims the show is of Mexican origin instead of Japanese, and calls anyone who reverts his edits racist and refers to Wikipedia as "wiKKKipedia" in his edit summaries.
General Tojo POV pushing on Parkinson's disease.
George Elokobi Repeatedly attacked George Elokobi and User/User Talk pages of any users who either warned him or had reverted his vandalism. Attempted to conceal evidence by blanking the User Talk pages for his sockpuppets, and any pages that contained evidence of his vandalism. Nearly every one of his socks has requested unblock, often inserting personal attacks towards Wikipedia admins as the reason for unblock.
Gerald Gonzalez Known for POV pushing and fanboyism in Philippine-related articles such as Angel Locsin.
German reference desk troll Frequents reference desks as an anonymous user from 84.* or 88.* range (geolocated in Essen and Bochum, germany), and asks fairly difficult open-ended questions, targeted to waste other people's time. Also, creates or requests creation of implausible redirects, usually with vulgar or double entendre meanings.
Guangzhou IP Creates articles with administrator/rollbacker's usernames in Chinese Wikipedia and redirects many pages to Main Page.
Hanoi Vandal Fabricates musical collaborations between targets of interest.
HarveyCarter Long term persistent sockpuppeteer, edit warrior, vandal.
HeadleyDown Deliberate long-term article degradation to extreme POV positions. Plays the voice of "reasonable editor" and skeptic (admits in email it's for "fun"). Unscrupulous. Into attack/harassment. Multiple arbcom cases/bans. Habitual reincarnator.
HENRY APPLEGATE Cross-wiki sockpuppeteer known for writing nonsense attack pages in userspace, alluding to Philippine celebrities or local insurgent and/or organised crime groups.
Hershelkrustofsky POV pushing, sock puppets, ban evasion.
India Against Corruption sock-meatfarm Large group of sock and meat puppets disrupting India Against Corruption and related articles since late 2012, sometimes self-referring as "the HRA1924 network". Extensive use of legal threats directed at both the WMF and individual editors. Engage in serious harassment, both on- and off-wiki.
Jonathan Yip Trolling and blanking pages.
JarlaxleArtemis (Grawp) Trolling, personal attacks, harassment, and page-move vandalism on many Wikimedia wikis.
JAT6634 Prolific sockpuppetteer (over 150 socks at Sep 2011) who uses Wikipedia as a webhost for fantasy football articles.
JB196 Prolific sock-puppeteer (over 500 known or suspected socks) whose focus is on professional wrestling figures. Frequently nominates articles for deletion, and tag-bombs articles with speedy deletion and notability warnings.
Joehazelton Has been stalking User:Goethean and other users since 2006 when he was involved in a conflict over the articles Peter Roskam and Tammy Duckworth. Recently, he has been nominating for deletion articles that User:Goethean created. He generally edits, from a pro-Republican viewpoint, articles relating to far west suburban Chicago politicians. He has a poor command of the English language, and speaks Polish. If his efforts are undermined, he will appear to explode with child-like, semi-coherent rage, often riddled with obscenities and with references to homosexuality, Marxism, the Chicago Outfit, Barack Obama, etc.
JI Hawkins Inserts vandalism regarding government conspiracies. Despite the wide range of articles vandalized, most of them are related to Harland Sanders. User typically vandalizes both the article page and the talk page. IP range traces to Research In Motion.
Karmaisking This user has been indefinitely blocked for vandalism, personal attacks, soapboxing, and sockpuppeteering. He often uses multiple sockpuppets. Aliases have included User:Lagrandebanquesucre, User:KeynesianCounterfeiters, User:KarmasBlackSwan, User:Rememberkarma, User:Timothymak, User:TimothyDon-HughMak. Edits pages related to fractional reserve banking, Austrian school of economics, and libertarian-related issues. Often leaves insulting or misleading edit summaries, and sometimes claims to be a new user.
Katrina Villegas Known for persistently [re]creating fictitious articles pertaining to Filipino child actors.
Lightbringer (usurped - blocked) A stubborn user who has extremely POV and fringe beliefs regarding freemasonry. He repeatedly edit wars through sockpuppets to insert his beliefs into all freemasonry-related articles, and steadfastly refuses to engage in discussions or negotiate his poorly sourced (and often wildly incorrect) edits.
Lpkids2006 Massive vandalism on Asian media.
Lysdexia/Autymn DC Repeated introduction of fringe and self-concocted theories to science articles. Constant replacement of English terms with invented terms based on Latin, Anglo-Saxon, and the like. Repeated vandalism of religion topics. Styles herself as a guerilla intellectual. Petulent and combative when confronted. Indef blocked in 2005.
Malusia22 Targets articles pertaining to Filipino gangs, and fabricates hoaxes about them.
Mangoeater1000 A vandal who moved pages to inappropriate names. After getting indefinitely blocked for fourth-offense sockpuppetry, he continued to edit using many sockpuppets. His contributions typically focus on tendentious editing regarding NYU Poly and Cal Poly Pomona.
Martial arts vandal Disrupts martial arts-related films, especially (but not limited to) Hong Kong action films. Engages in genre warring, extensive edit warring, sock puppetry, and block evasion.
MascotGuy Though once known for hoaxing, presently MascotGuy only creates sockpuppets that do not edit.
Mattisse Contributor who had difficult interactions with several other established users. Has regularly resorted to socking to evade scrutiny and carry on grudges with other editors.
Messenger2010 This user is the sockpuppeteer of a huge number of sockpuppets who claims they are part of a group of over 50 whose purpose is to spread (mostly false) anti-soy bean propeganda through various articles on Wikipedia using strongarm tactics and sockpuppets to stop any other editors from disputing the statements. See Talk:Soy protein and Talk:Biological value as one example. Favorite targets include articles on soy, soy protein, biological value, whey protein, PDCAAS, Sodium dodecyl sulfate and articles related to vegan dieting.
Mmbabies Long-term prolific vandal whose current MO is changing channel numbers of television stations, mostly in Houston, Texas, but also in other areas. IP-hops to avoid blocks. Was community-banned in 2007, was absent from the project for a year or so, and has lately returned in full force.
Morning277 (Wiki-PR) Hired writers who collaborate off-wiki. Active from August 2010. As of August 2013, 312 accounts confirmed. Promote high-tech companies.
Music vandal from Greater Detroit IP editor near Detroit who adds negative material to pages about Motown music
Nangparbat Chronic sockpuppeteer who primarily attacks and disrupts articles on India-Pakistan-Afghanistan Military History with a Pro-Pakistani bias.
Newcrewforu A new account is created as soon as the old one is accused of sockpuppetry. The account often but not always lays low for a few days to a week, making trivial edits. Then the account begins editing beer-related pages en masse. On their own each edit has the superficial appearance of being constructive, but form part of a pattern of spamming (including Joe Jobbing) and harassment. Pages or added text often involves the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). User shows tendencies to impersonate others.
Nipponese Dog Calvero Trolling, creating attacking or confusing accounts and pages. He is more active on east Asian projects, such as Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese Wikipedia.
OSUHEY Copyright violations. Interest in Ohio politics.
Pioneercourthouse Many years, many sockpuppets, has resulted in indefinite bans and his very own abusefilter.
Primetime and on Meta —Deliberate copyright infringement, personal attacks and harassment on and off wiki, cross-wiki sockpuppetry.
Richard Daft Personal attacks, harassment, legal threats, vandalism to WP:CRICKET, prolific sockpuppetry with 120 socks to date. Modus operandi:- targeting mostly cricket articles edited primarily by three members of the cricket project, often vandalising the page with personal attacks or replacing words with immature alternatives. Often has several socks set up at once, with many more in reserve. In 2012 Daft became the subject of a site ban, having been causing disruption since 2008.
Rinpoche Vandal has a tendency for personal attacks, harassment and outing attempts directed at editors with whom he was in dispute, who he would then troll with fake apologies. He was subsequently indefinitely blocked. Since then he has become a prolific sockpuppeteer, continuing to harass other users (on one occasion even contacting the school of an editor who is a minor). He has become more active again as of 2012, evading his block via various socks, and continuing to cause further disruption.
Ron liebman A vandal operating primarily out of the New York City public library open computer terminals, this user has impersonated members of baseball statistics organizations and inserted unsourced and false information into numerous baseball-related articles.
Runtshit This User is a vandal who stalks User:RolandR Typically, this vandal places childish taunts, often with scatological reference, on articles related to the Middle East and Marxism. However, the vandal has also engaged in less obvious, POV-pushing edits, defending certain notable commentators on Israel and Palestine and smearing others; Runtshit has established more than 1000 sockpuppets, as well as at least three at Simple English Wikipedia. Runtshit frequently uses open proxies whether logged in or not, which may be the reason why his edits often cause problems with formatting even aside from the vandalism.
Schwabacher vandal Spams articles on digital wallet products with text like "Electronic Wallet, Digital Wallet, Mobile Wallet, intellectual property of Gaston Schwabacher, the number of patent PI 9500345." Major targets include Osaifu-Keitai, Lemon Wallet, Google Wallet, and digital wallet.
Scibaby Disruption concerning global warming.
Sheynhertz-Unbayg Persistent banned sockpuppeteer who typically edits articles about surnames of Jewish or Arabic origin. SU's English is poor, so contributions will often have grammar or spelling issues. Edits by them are nearly always marked as minor. Redlinks in articles are common, as is text copied from other Wikipedia projects, usually the German Wikipedia. Typically does not interact with other users when confronted about potential problems, and will sometimes actively revert other users attempting to fix their contributions.
Snuffereet Modus operandi is hard to describe, but obvious when found. Fond of nonsense made-up words, such as "ba-limp" and various attempts at onomatopoeia. Edits an extremely eclectic but relatively limited array of articles such as The Portsmouth Herald, Joel Gertner, Emilio Delgado, Bert (Sesame Street), Candlepin bowling, Losin' Myself, Jon Bauman. Only consistent area of focus is National Wrestling Federation and various wrestlers' articles, especially Andre the Giant. Vandalism is low-volume but very persistent. Often gets verbally aggressive when discovered or reverted, but gives up fairly quickly—until the next time. Often blanks his socks' user talk pages to remove warnings and block notices.
SummerThunder POV pushing on subjects related to China, malicious cross-wiki sock puppetry, extensive on- and off-wiki personal attacks.
Swamilive Creates hoax articles and will often act against his own accounts.
Techwriter2B Stalks and harasses editors using many IP addresses.
The Fresh Beat Band Persistant spamming related to The Fresh Beat Band, impersonator.
Tile join Persistently creates new accounts to vandalise Evolution, Talk:Evolution, and/or user pages. Replaces text of the article, or user pages of people who revert his edits, with text from Genesis. May be sockpuppets of User:Barbary lion. The first incident occurred February 5, 2007. Typical attacks happen in spurts, with a new sock deployed as the previous sock is blocked, and are conducted by usernames registered earlier to bypass semiprotection. Usernames are typically meaningless combinations of a few letters or short words, and are often created in batches.
TyrusThomas4lyf This user is a persistent sock-puppeteer who had his account blocked indefinitely in May, 2007 for repeated personal attacks and edit warring on NBA-related articles, despite numerous warnings and attempts to mediate. For a summary of this user's past behavior, see the

RFC and his talk page User talk:TyrusThomas4lyf. Since his block, he has repeatedly attempted to subvert the block by resorting to sock-puppetry.

Universe Daily (No connection with website Universe Today) — Massive deceptive linkspam; personal attacks.
VaughanWatch POV pushing on subjects related to Vaughan, Ontario.
Voice Cast Vandal Adds hoax information to film and television articles and their associated actors with cross-referencing.
Vnisanian2001 Habitually adds WP:OR to articles; fails to meet WP:IDHT and WP:COMPETENCE; exhibits WP:BATTLE behavior.
Wallflowers98 Significant copyright infringement and prolific sockmaster.
Wikinger Adds false information related to the Greek alphabet and to its related minor characters.
Youtubek Promotes real estate developments such as new housing, schools and shopping, and he has competency problems.
Zhoban Adds unreliable sources to Islamic terrorism articles, while acting in an uncivil manner towards other editors. Abuses multiple accounts and IP addresses.

Full list

For a full list of all the vandals (where all of the entries are shown on one page), please click here. Note that some usernames will appear as "Full" until clicking the [edit] link which leads to the individual subpage.