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Boulder is a stunningly beautiful place.
Boulder Wikipedians have wonderful smiles.

Boulder is conveniently close to Denver (and well-connected by bus!) and the home of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since we're really close to Denver, you might want to swing by Denver meetups as well.

Upcoming meetups[edit]

Join a nation-wide set of editathons improving water issues on Wikipedia!

Previous meetups[edit]

The Great American Wiknic returns to Colorado this year!
Wikipedia at the Museum! The first ever backstage pass tour in Boulder County! Come behind the scenes at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History to see their invertebrate collections, take photographs behind the scenes at a natural history museum, and help improve Wikipedia articles.
Wikipedia Loves Libraries rolls back into town, getting us out of the snow for editing, chatting and general hanging out.
Wikipedia Takes Denver! A day of photograph and wandering 'midst tall buildings.
The Great Colorado Wiknic 2013!
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Wikipedians who want to hang out. Join us at Southern Sun on Saturday, December 22, 2012 for a final meetup to round off the year.
Wikipedia Loves Libraries - you should too!, our second Wikipedia Loves Libraries event.
Wikipedia Takes America in Boulder.
The Great American Wiknic came to town!
Wikipedia Loves Libraries at Norlin!, Norlin Library, CU Boulder campus.
  • January 15, 2011
Wikipedia Tenth Anniversary Celebration, Boulder Public Library.

Possible topics for future editathons[edit]

Social networking[edit]