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This New York City Meetup page coordinates the monthly series of events in the city, with a focus on the projects of Wikimedia New York City, the local chapter for outreach in the New York metropolitan area.

2014: February - ArtAndFeminism Editathon @ Eyebeam, March - Harlem History Editathon, March - NYU Law Editathon, May/June - WikiConference USA, June - Wiki Loves Pride, July - Great American Wiknic, July - Spoken Wikipedia, August - skill share, August - Westchester meetup
Emergency Medicine meetup at Mount Sinai Medical Center (Tuesday September 30)
Also Free Culture Alliance NYC monthly series

To keep up-to-date on local events, you can also join our mailing list, and share your thoughts on the Wikimedia NYC community discussion page.

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Wikipedia Meetups
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Chicago, Illinois (Hull House Museum Edit-a-thon) September 4, 2014 (2014-09-04)
Unforgetting L.A. #5 September 6, 2014 (2014-09-06)
Seattle September 9, 2014 (2014-09-09)
Portland, Oregon ("Feminist and Queer Art") September 13, 2014 (2014-09-13)
London 85 September 14, 2014 (2014-09-14)
How to edit on Wikipedia/Tunis 2 September 17, 2014 (2014-09-17)
Cambridge 23 September 20, 2014 (2014-09-20)
Oxford 20 September 21, 2014 (2014-09-21)
Los Angeles 20 September 21, 2014 (2014-09-21)
Manchester 25 September 27, 2014 (2014-09-27)
Edinburgh 7 September 28, 2014 (2014-09-28)
October 2014 +/-
Month contribution (Tunis) October 15, 2014 (2014-10-15)
4th UC Riverside edit-a-thon October 16, 2014 (2014-10-16)
Oxford 21 October 19, 2014 (2014-10-19)
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The April 2013 New York City Meetup event will be held on Sunday Apr 14, at Symposium Greek Restaurant @ 544 W 113th St (in the back room), on the Upper West Side in the Columbia University area.

What, Where, When, and How?[edit]

There is a public meeting in the afternoon at the appropriately-named Symposium Greek Restaurant (in the back room), where we take further steps to organize the Wikimedia New York City local chapter, and provide a salon-style forum for discussion of Wikipedia and Wikimedia issues.

Right afterward, there is an optional post-meeting Wiki-Dinner at the same venue.

Main public meeting[edit]

(to discuss Wikipedia issues and Wikimedia NYC chapter issues):

Optional post-meeting Wiki-Dinner[edit]

Wikimedians mingle


Nearby subway stations:


Bring your own ideas!

  • Introduction and follow-up on recent activities
    • Round-robin introductions on everyone's Wikipedia experiences and recent activities (wik-newbies and wiki-oldies!)
    • How Wikipedia Day @ NYU went in February
    • -
  • Speakers and roundtable discussions
    • Questions and input from wiki-newbies
    • Possible roundtable topics: Education programs, reaching out to underserved groups, paid editing, French spies interfering with the encyclopedia!
    • Governance of the .nyc TLD - Lessons from Wikipedia.
    • -
    • -


You can also choose to sign up at the April 14 event page on our account.

Likely attendees[edit]

Possible attendees[edit]


  • Sincere regrets, I'll be running from a flag football game on Roosevelt Island to a celebratory dinner for my wife's enrollment in the clinical psych Ph.D. program at Columbia/TC. Next month! Thomas Craven (talk) 18:14, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Regrets. Going into final exams. Can you send us the date and place for the next meeting? Bearian (talk) 19:04, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
  • I don't actually live in the New York metro area... how do I take my name off this list Lbr123 (talk) 21:06, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Sorry can't make it this time. I'm writing a sci-fi novel and hope to have a draft ready by June. Maybe sometime after that.--Tomwsulcer (talk) 23:20, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
  • I'll be in Washington, D.C. AstroCog (talk) 14:31, 11 April 2013 (UTC)
  • In California for a few weeks. Andrevan@ 18:40, 11 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Wish I could. Haven't been to a meetup since DEC2006. Would love to have the chance to catch up with Newyorkbrad. Keep me in the know for future events. --ColonelHenry (talk) 01:15, 12 April 2013 (UTC)
  • I've only ever made it to one meeting and would very much like to join you at the Symposium. A month of in-patient physical therapy following knee replacement keeps me elsewhere. — Robert Greer (talk) 11:50, 13 April 2013 (UTC)
  • No can do this time around :( A fluffernutter is a sandwich! (talk) 14:56, 14 April 2013 (UTC)
  • User:Daniel the Monk My regrets, I have to attend a function of my Order today.
  • Sorry, teaching today...Modernist (talk) 15:18, 14 April 2013 (UTC)
  • T. Canens (talk) 22:01, 14 April 2013 (UTC)