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This New York City Meetup page coordinates the monthly series of events in the city, with a focus on the projects of Wikimedia New York City, the local chapter for outreach in the New York metropolitan area.

2015: February - Black Life Matters Editathon, March - ArtAndFeminism Editathon @ MoMA & Babycastles, March - Wikipedia Day NYC 2015 @ Barnard College
April 2015 - WikiWednesday (Babycastles - Wednesday, April 29)
May 2015 - Women Of Jazz (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts - Saturday, May 30)
Also Free Culture Alliance NYC monthly series

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Wikimedia New York City had an initial organization meeting to select officers on September 8, 2008 at the Odessa restaurant.

It turned out at the meeting that we were not actually incorporated yet, but we still got good work done then.

The following note was sent out by Pharos two days before the meetup.

Report on the Meet-up[edit]

Attendees of record[edit]

Several other Wikipedians/Wikimedians also participated in this process by phone, as detailed below.

Wikimedia New York City Board[edit]

Positions were nominated and voted on by those present at the meeting (all were approved unanimously), keeping in mind the earlier June process.

Daniel Case, DGG and Mbisanz, though not physically present, accepted their nominations by phone call while the meeting was in progress. David Shankbone kept minutes for this meeting.