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State Library of New South Wales

Australian Wikipedians are holding a second edit-a-thon at SLNSW about disability in Australia and disability sport, which is part of the History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia project and WikiProject Disability. The physical meetup in Sydney will be on Saturday 21 September 2013. Online participation is welcome! The first workshop was run on in November 2012.

The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia Outreach project pages

10 am - 5 pm Saturday 21 September 2013
Flinders Room, State Library of New South Wales, Macquarie Street, Sydney.
See the State Library's website "getting here" page.


Wheelchair rugby - Murderball!

Sydney will be hosting the Wheelchair Rugby Tri-Nations competition on Wed 18 - Fri 20 September 2013 (i.e. immediately prior to the edit-a-thon). Free tickets to the games will be available to edit-a-thon participants to specially encourage you to edit articles about the wheelchair rugby (aka Murderball). But you are still most welcome if there are other disability sport topics that you prefer to work on.

Free Tickets to the Wheelchair Rugby Tri-Nations[edit]

To get your free tickets, sign up below for the edit-a-thon, check this match schedule and email Tony Naar at the Australian Paralympic Committee to request your tickets. Tony promises us that this is an fast-paced exciting action-packed sport and these are the three of the best national teams in the world!


The venue for the physical meeting is located within the State Reference Library (Lower Ground 1), which can be accessed by a lift. The room has tables, power, and wifi.

Bags and food/drinks are not allowed into the room. Lockers will be provided for attendees to store their bags ($1 for four hours).

The Library has its own café on site, which is open on the day.


Online participation[edit]

If you can't attend, but are interested in participating online, please add your name here.


  • Andy Carr is a senior librarian at SLNSW with an interest in resources for sports history research. Andy will be available for the workshop on an 'on call' basis, depending on the level of activity at the Information Desk.

Electronic resources[edit]

Print resources[edit]

Andy will make the following items available to the Wikipedians in the Flinders Room on 21 September. Please add to the list if you find any other items of use on the State Library of New South Wales catalogue.

Australian Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled. Recreation for the handicapped: Report on the Australian Conference on Recreation for the Handicapped. 1974. SRL N790.196/6

Australian Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled. Report on recreation for the handicapped and summary of recreation services available. ca. 1973. SRL N790.196/4

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[Ephemera on the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games : including pamphlets, leaflets, guides etc., produced in the lead up to and staging of the Games : material relates to Olympic and Paralympic venues, events, programs, marketing, sponsorship, cultural activities, festivals, volunteers, transport and environmental issues]. Box 14, Paralympics. ML Q796.48/327/Box 14

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Media Monitors press clippings relating to Sydney 2000 Paralympics. 1992-2000. 13 boxes. ML Q796.48/401 SET

Smith, Jeanette. Pushing strong : celebrating fifty years of wheelchair sports NSW 1961-2011. 2011. ML on order: not available on 21 September

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To do[edit]

Add editing ideas here:

If anyone wants to start disability in Australia, there are a bunch of demographic maps that might help at commons:Category:Demographic maps of people who have need for assistance in Australia. This one is the fraction of the population in need of assistance in a core activity.
Also, I understand that former Wheel Blacks great, and television personality Curtis Palmer has defected recently, and is now playing for the Australian national murderball team. AugurNZ 03:58, 21 September 2013 (UTC)