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This page lists articles that did not exist but which had incoming links from 20 or more other articles.

Note that "What links here" counts the number of pages in all namespaces that link to a given target, but this listing counts the number of pages in the main namespace only, including links from articles via templates. It does not include templates themselves. These are dealt with separately at Wikipedia:Templates with red links.

Most-wanted articles[edit]

December 2013 list[edit]

This list shows the most commonly redlinked titles. Links arising from the template namespace are ignored, as are titles containing " of " and " in ".






January 2013 list[edit]

This list shows the most common targets of red links. Red links that arise on templates are ignored, even if they are also linked directly from an article. Almost all red links of the form <subject> in <country> are ignored as the majority of these are generated automatically by a continent-based template. – TB (talk) 13:58, 7 January 2013 (UTC)






<year> in sumo[edit]


List of <anything>[edit]

football clubs in <country>[edit]
mammals of <place>[edit]
ship decommissionings in <year>[edit]
companies of <place>[edit]
diplomatic missions (in/of) <place>[edit]
channels on UPC Romania[edit]
museums in <country>[edit]
islands of <place>[edit]
<country>-related topics[edit]
butterflies of <country>[edit]

October 2012 lists[edit]

The top 500 "most-wanted" articles as of October 2012, as estimated by the number of incoming red links from namespace 0 only. Red links on templates are only counted once, regardless of how many times the template is transcluded into an article in the main namespace. – TB (talk) 15:27, 14 October 2012 (UTC)

Older sets of results can be found at Wikipedia:MWA/old

Possibly unwanted articles[edit]

These are articles that have been deleted in the past, so there may be good reason not to re-create them. Note that a particular version may have been deleted as a copyright violation, or may have been created as a nonsense article or test, so a new version of the article may still be wanted. Furthermore, references showing notability might have become available since the article was deleted, and consensus can change – WP:CCC.

With respect to genuinely unwanted articles, options include creating a disambiguation page or redirect page, or updating the incoming links from the referring articles (or de-linking them entirely).


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