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The title is Naming conventions (characters), but, unlike other "Naming conventions" guidelines, this is an essay. There is no special guideline for titling an article about a character from a television series, a book, a film, or any other medium.

Is this a guideline or a policy?[edit]

This essay is neither a guideline nor a policy, and there are no plans to convert it into either. Also, there are no official criteria to name a character. If an article about a fictional couple exists, be it an opposite-sex or a same-sex, there is no special rule about titling an article about a fictional couple. Reading Wikipedia:Article titles is strongly advised. Avoid guidelines that do not apply to fictional characters, like Wikipedia:Naming conventions (people) that only applies to real-life people, not fictional characters. You may also read other pages, like Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Writing about fiction, which is a good start.

What else to do?[edit]

Go to Wikipedia:Requested moves if you want to learn how to request a title change. A list below provides naming a character of any specific medium.

There is more to Wikipedia than just naming or renaming a fictional character. To contribute well in Wikipedia, I recommend that you read Wikipedia:Five pillars, Wikipedia:Civility, Wikipedia:Consensus, and other policies and guidelines. Strong recommendation is Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not, including its section "Wikipedia is not a battleground".

Consult WikiProjects[edit]

Guidelines about titling a page about a character may exist in, but not limited to, the following pages: