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This is a list of articles tagged according to the WP:PROD policy as of Mon May 25 07:10:01 CEST 2015

The time used is that given as argument of the "dated prod" template, not the cl_timestamp of the categorylinks table, which is the last time the link between the article and the category changed (this is typically the last time the article entered the category, but could also be the last time the article was renamed). Differences of the order of hours are reported at the end. Time 25:00 is used for articles without a time= parameter

The articles this script could not parse are collected in a table at the end of this page.


Time of nomination Article Reason
15 May 08:32 Massimiliano Fedriga [BLP]
15 May 16:01 Maral Ibragimova [BLP]
15 May 18:29 Prince Muhammad Zahir Khan [BLP]
15 May 22:18 Sasa Popovic [BLP]
15 May 22:19 Knut Avenstroup Haugen [BLP]
16 May 01:29 David Bruce Ferguson [BLP]
16 May 11:41 Csaba Bojte [BLP]
16 May 18:39 Iury Snow [BLP]
16 May 19:15 Mohammad Ali Geraei [BLP]
16 May 20:21 Hetty Verolme [BLP]
16 May 20:36 Aidan Cook [BLP]
16 May 20:40 William Newman (actor) [BLP]
16 May 20:41 Biswajit Chakraborty [BLP]
16 May 20:43 Anu Hälvä [BLP]
16 May 23:01 Jimin Oh-Havenith [BLP]
17 May 01:44 003 - Momentum Not enough to meet guidelines set by WP:MOSALBUM.
17 May 03:19 Phạm Thị Thanh Hằng [BLP]
17 May 06:02 Before I'm Gone No indication of notability. The article fails WP:GNG / WP:NMUSIC. The only sources cited in the article are the band's own (defunct) web site (now a shirt-selling site) and a very brief (likely borderline WP:UGC) AllMusic article that doesn't even mention the song that is the topic of the article.
17 May 06:47 How to Win at Scrabble nonnotable book
17 May 10:46 Woodsmen Australian Football Club Non-notable amateur team. No significant coverage in independent reliable sources
17 May 11:27 IBP (merged subsidiary of Indian Oil) Sources aren't enough pending since 2007 for secondary sources or third-party.
17 May 14:12 HD 183589 Not notable, highly inaccurate starbox data
17 May 14:51 Henan braised noodles Page has been unsourced for six years, and nothing has been done to fix the issue.
17 May 16:19 Euro-Mediterranean University of Morocco Wiki does not tell the FUTURE, and this university has not been actually created yet.
17 May 17:12 Ari Michael Steinbeck references don't work. seems like a vanity page
17 May 17:13 Nuzzel 0 evidence of notability whatsoever.
17 May 17:15 KCC FM Former radio station that fails WP:GNG
17 May 17:26 Aiyarakulu Not WP:NOTABLE
17 May 17:52 Don Juan Futrell Non-notable boxer
17 May 19:06 Drug Bubbles No notability. No references. No reliable sources. No members of the article's subject are notable.
17 May 19:19 Paul Joseph Rovelli [BLP]
17 May 19:23 Nihar Priyaashish [BLP]
17 May 19:32 Greg Kelly (politician) Doesn't meet WP:POLITICIAN or WP:GNG
17 May 19:34 Mudke I could find no evidence of WP:NOTABILITY
17 May 20:33 Tynygongl FC Doesn't meet WP:CLUB or WP:GNG
17 May 20:39 Jaffri Not WP:NOTABLE
17 May 20:48 Eptic subject is non-notable
17 May 21:04 Israel (TV Program) Unsourced one-sentence stub about an unremarkable television programme
17 May 21:39 Margaret Jean Salmon [BLP]
17 May 22:28 Hans Uhlmann [BLP]
17 May 22:43 Ancient Egyptian Military In the 19th dynasty Just a copy-and-pasted research paper.
17 May 23:40 Attila Osváth Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
18 May 00:08 John Hurry Just a resume; fails WP:BIO
18 May 01:31 These Five Down Lack of usable references to back claims of notability, PROD as an alternative to AFD.
18 May 04:04 Isaac Pavlik [BLP]
18 May 04:39 List of Grace Helbig's TV appearances Pure WP:SYNTH. There are no reliable sources that list Helbig's TV appearances as a topic.
18 May 07:29 Tommy Snider [BLP]
18 May 07:50 Southern California PBA Open nn bowling tournament, sufficiently covered on season page
18 May 07:51 Northern California PBA Open nn bowling tournament, sufficiently covered on season page
18 May 09:11 Jaime Oliver La Rosa I'm not convinced this person meets WP:PROF.
18 May 09:22 My Forever outdated information, little to no reliable sources on any claims made in the article. Written in very biased manner e.g "hugely successful national tours", "greatly anticipated new track", "massive hit with the fans"
18 May 11:22 Simon Egerton [BLP]
18 May 12:13 Ollie Marland [BLP]
18 May 12:24 Teledirect Telecommerce per tags, unambiguous promotion
18 May 12:31 Renis Tershana [BLP]
18 May 12:56 Durlung, Bagmati This administrative division doesn't exist. Official list with all V.D.C. in Lalitpur:
18 May 13:17 Bawal The Film Non-notable film, doesn't meet WP:NFILM, appears to have no independent coverage.
18 May 14:33 AirMedia Group, Inc. Non-notable, no refs
18 May 16:38 Zee Jagran Issues haven't been addressed since 2008 and 2013.
18 May 16:47 Zee Variasi No reference and sources. Pending since May 2012.
18 May 16:52 Zee Bangla Cinema Notability, lack of references and has been tagged since 2012.
18 May 18:01 A Coruña Fillos de Breogán Article about a club, society or group, which does not credibly indicate the importance or significance of the subject
18 May 18:05 Molly Leach [BLP]
18 May 19:00 Big Basin (disambiguation) unnecessary disambiguation per WP:2DABS. A hatnote does the trick.
18 May 19:34 Lia idrettslag No evidence of any notability for this small amateur sports club in Norway
18 May 20:52 Bview Company failed. No evidence it ever attained notability.
18 May 21:00 Olivia Dudek [BLP]
18 May 21:21 Taxi Driver (Ghanaian Series) No sources, no indication of notability, contains promotional-sounding language.
18 May 21:22 Amin H. Al-Nasser [BLP]
18 May 21:39 Nina Arkhipova [BLP]
18 May 22:44 Epilepsy Is Dancing no evidence of meeting notability guidlines for songs]
18 May 22:48 Pia Trivedi As per WP:NACTOR. Not at all notable, only one film with side role. -
18 May 23:13 Alexandra McDougall Has not received significant coverage in reliable sources, only passing mentions in a few news articles.
18 May 23:18 Tony Moreira Fails WP:GNG due to a lack of significant coverage in reliable sources. Fails WP:NACTOR as he has not had any significant roles, have a large fan base, or made a lasting contribution to a field of entertainment.
19 May 00:37 Rakesh Kumar (film director) [BLP]
19 May 00:42 Nichole Beattie [BLP]
19 May 00:46 Lily Ho Li Li [BLP]
19 May 01:22 Navut (startup) This "article" is actually a press release, presumably written by a paid editor. The use of Wikipedia for advertising purposes is forbidden. Please delete per WP:NOTFORPROMOTION.
19 May 04:19 Summer Tour 2007 This is a non-notable EP. Limited edition, limited availability, no coverage in reliable sources
19 May 04:35 Free TC (album) Fails WP:NMUSIC. Forthcoming albums are not notable without significant coverage in independent reliable sources.
19 May 06:18 Robert P. Meuser Non notable amateur rugby union player. Does not meet the WP:RU notability criteria or WP:NSPORTS criteria.
19 May 06:27 The Third Witch Non-notable novel; lacks significant coverage in multiple reliable sources, failing WP:GNG.
19 May 11:38 Adnan Farah
19 May 12:31 Wilder Field Non notable amateur sports ground of non notable baseball team that represents notable University
19 May 13:04 The milky scale Although the presence and quantity of precipitate is a useful observation in chemical analysis, there is no indication, either in the cited source or in any other source, of the existence of a "milky scale" measuring the "milkiness" of the reaction from 1 to 10.
19 May 13:28 Guusje Van Tilborgh [BLP]
19 May 15:11 Hanna Osadko [BLP]
19 May 15:48 Chirumamilla Ramesh Babu [BLP]
19 May 15:53 Swami Vivekananda and Tamils This isn't about a book or a chapter in a book, it's a one paragraph translated extract from an out of copyright work. As it's such a small extract, there's no point in transwikiing to wikisource either.
19 May 16:02 Pillaiyar (disambiguation) This isn't a proper dab, it confuses a disambiguation with a starting string, the places included aren't shortened or referred to in such a manner.
19 May 16:07 Chieftain Pulli Misrepresentation of source, the source (translated) quotes a 3rd century poet saying that the hill belonged to a chieftain by the name of Pulli, that's about it. No reference to him being a ruler or even the full name etc etc
19 May 16:54 2014–15 Walton Casuals F.C. season Non-notable season of an 8th division English football club. Does not pass WP:GNG.
19 May 17:04 Russell Blake (author) [BLP]
19 May 17:17 Yehi Woh Jagah Hai Non notable film song where even the movie does not have a page
19 May 17:18 Mohabbat Aapse Non notable film song
19 May 17:20 Nelson Pigford [BLP]
19 May 17:26 Audio Solution Non-notable audio company. No third-party sources or claim of notability was found on Google search.
19 May 19:30 Old Wine, Broken Bottle: Ari Shavit's Promised Land No indication of notability. a Critique of a another book which is also non-notable. Single reference is publisher's blurb
19 May 19:41 Sarafat Ali Subject does not appear notable. After checking sources, all only mentionned him briefly in passing and all but one had no bearing on surrounding material. Google search does not yield anything much better.
19 May 19:49 Christopher Felver [BLP]
19 May 19:50 Deepanshu Saini Lacks notoriety.
19 May 20:14 Tiburon, Inc. Does not assert notability consistent with WP:CORP. While at first glance the article appears well referenced, there is no real in-depth coverage; the sources used are product catalogs, notices of routine municipal contracts and ownership changes, press releases, and a couple of questionable industry awards, adding up to corp WP:ADVERT.
19 May 21:13 Gospel Light Publications non notable publisher
19 May 21:23 Tim Wang Player has no experience playing in the ATP and is therefore not notable (see WP:TENNIS/N).
19 May 21:29 Vishram Gupte [BLP]
19 May 21:43 Network Science Journal Non-notable new journal. Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:NJournals or WP:GNG.
19 May 21:53 Tarkan Bulut [BLP]
19 May 23:26 Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd No indications of notability per WP:GNG -- just routine corporate listings in directories or regulatory authority, and self-published stuff.
19 May 23:48 Bougainville Interim Government Devoid of content, page was incorrectly merged into another page.
20 May 00:52 Geniuses(TV Series) Non-notable TV series lacking non-trivial support.
20 May 01:28 Marty Cintron (musician) [BLP]
20 May 01:31 Robert F. Hedelund Fails WP:GNG and WP:BLPNOTE
20 May 01:38 Sobralia romanoi Likely hoax, no reliable sources identified "Sobralia romanoi was named for Sobralia collector and enthusiast John Romano who is administrator of the Sobralias group on FaceBook"
20 May 02:03 Unakkirachi Fails WP:GNG notability.
20 May 02:22 Monark (software synthesizer) 2 years later still issues of nobability - especially now that spamlink removed
20 May 02:45 Swedish graduation Fails WP:GNG notability.
20 May 03:12 PicNet No assertion of notability
20 May 07:21 Sarah Haywood figure not prominent enough to be on Wikipedia.
20 May 10:22 Ali mansour kayali [BLP]
20 May 11:03 Atul Sapkal [BLP]
20 May 12:03 XTRF The coverage (references, external links, etc.) does not seem sufficient to justify this article passing Wikipedia:General notability guideline and the more detailed Wikipedia:Notability (software) requirement. The author of the article seems to have a strong connection to the company XTRF.
20 May 13:16 User:MatthewHagueLang/sandbox [BLP]
20 May 13:20 Robert Leckey (ice hockey) [BLP]
20 May 13:56 Spirit worker Non-notable neologism with original synthesis.
20 May 14:54 Warren Millington [BLP]
20 May 14:57 Sergey Shipilov [BLP]
20 May 15:32 Lubna Aslam [BLP]
20 May 15:42 WordTag only WP:VG/RS reviews are from 148Apps and Slide to Play—not enough significant coverage to sustain a full article
20 May 15:52 Business Tycoon Online The Notability has been put into question since January 2011 w/o any substantial upgrades to the article. The sources are spotty at best, and I looked for more before posting, there's not much out their. Overall the article is outdated and hasn't been maintained 9 edits in the past 3 years (as of May 20th 2015
20 May 16:01 The Drama Club The topic of this article does not meet Wikipedia's minimum notability requirements for music.
20 May 17:05 Andrew Tarbet [BLP]
20 May 18:05 Light Up the Dark Too soon and unsourced. Wait until it actually gets released - anything can happen in this industry between now ans the anticipated release date.
20 May 18:16 Catholicos of The East and Malankara Metropolitan The head of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church holds the titles of Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan separately and thus can be explained in their respective articles
20 May 19:00 Eneo sulejmanaj [BLP]
20 May 21:14 AirJaldi Page appears purely for advertising and quality issues not addressed
20 May 21:15 Universitatea Alternativă No independent sources attest notability.
20 May 22:25 Proper Care For Your Pets Wikipedia is not a how-to guide.
20 May 23:13 Hrusi Kesh Nayak Person who seems to not fall under notability-most notable thing seems to be that he fought once
20 May 23:25 Sarmad Sindhi Singer with no notability or references to be found
21 May 00:28 Barbara Luisi [BLP]
21 May 01:31 Jill Roord [BLP]
21 May 02:23 Elkhan Zeynalli [BLP]
21 May 02:54 John Eland (chemist) [BLP]
21 May 03:19 Paul McGill (actor) [BLP]
21 May 03:20 Hans Meyer (actor) [BLP]
21 May 03:26 Thomas Page Mcbee [BLP]
21 May 03:36 Martin Schwab [BLP]
21 May 03:39 Kirk Duncan [BLP]
21 May 03:46 Abhishek Dubey In my opinion, this article is not of a notable person, and I would proposed deletion unless notability is established.
21 May 03:49 Camp Firefly No indication of notability. Fails WP:GNG: lacks significant coverage in independent reliable sources.
21 May 04:02 Olusola Teniola Article cites no independent sources.
21 May 05:30 Shinod Akkaraparambil [BLP]
21 May 05:49 Sisari Tagivakatini The person in this article is NOT NOTABLE and fails the required guideline for notability. Only internationally capped players are NOTABLE for inclusion or those taking part in one of the 6 Biggest rugby club competitions in the world. His highest achievement was playing for the Fiji "A" team (Warriors) which does NOT qualify for notability
21 May 07:21 Chris McAdam [BLP]
21 May 07:24 Gavin Hadley [BLP]
21 May 07:24 Niall Rowark [BLP]
21 May 07:25 Jonny Rees (rugby player) [BLP]
21 May 07:35 Zero Kazama No reliable references.
21 May 08:06 Harsh Agarwal Not notable.
21 May 08:07 By The Mountains - Love Reloaded Not notable book.
21 May 08:08 Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories Book is not notable.
21 May 08:09 Speechwriters LLC Not notable. Lacks coverage in independent reliable sources. No charting, gold, rotation, awards.
21 May 08:10 Cronulla Seagulls Not notable. Small amateur club in local league.
21 May 08:19 South East Coast Railway No Proposals made. Just in the cards. May or may not happen.
21 May 08:32 Source Technologies Advert for unnotable entity
21 May 08:37 Omkar Swaroopa not notable and absolutely uncited
21 May 08:41 Soapsonar Product exists, but makes no claim towards notability. Also lacks reliable sources
21 May 09:27 Deep Pal [BLP]
21 May 09:48 TJackal [BLP]
21 May 11:12 Waleed Ghani Does not meet WP:GNG; material can be covered under Whig Party (British political party)
21 May 11:27 Panda Bear Jones Not widely known and not as successful as to merit own Wiki article. Seems to just be self-promotion.
21 May 11:32 Naman what is this article even about? Naaman in the bible, Vishnu's name, greetings in India?
21 May 13:39 Nila Moeloek [BLP]
21 May 14:40 Komunikacijos teorija Untranslated. Seems to be pasted from somewhere.
21 May 15:17 Oscar Narud Long unreferenced BLP Quick search doesn't suggest particular notability beyond being a designer, long orphaned as well with no links in Wikipedia
21 May 15:18 Hate Force Long unreferenced, non-notable band, with no significant news coverage
21 May 16:25 Selwyn Ward only known for Power Rangers and lacks coverages in entertainment sources, does not meet WP:NACTOR or WP:GNG
21 May 16:49 Husaini Channel tagged as unreferenced, non-notable and contradictory since October 2014. I have searched for English-language sources without success, even though it is categorised as an English language TV station.
21 May 16:53 Anterograde tomorrow No evidence of notability
21 May 19:53 Michael Phillips (barista) Not notable. Appears to just be here to SEO traffic to his company.
21 May 20:04 Rubielos de la Cérida impact structure Lack of secondary sources, POV tone, original research
21 May 20:11 Yoni Appelbaum [BLP]
21 May 20:27 Adam Rolston [BLP]
21 May 20:34 Hamid Arabnia Article does not meet WP:Verify
21 May 20:56 Kate Siegel no assertion of notability
21 May 22:09 24 Gymnasio Athinon no assertion of notability; one of many dozens of junior high schools in the wider Athens area
21 May 22:30 Kyle Luetkehans Fails WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTBALL.
21 May 23:41 Redmap (Range Extension Database & Mapping Project) not notable subject created by editors who represent the app WP:COI, source used is self references, youtube and content which doesnt discuss the topic
22 May 00:14 Catherine Le Dall Actress with little notability to be found with only 2 roles.
22 May 00:51 Charles Dallas (cartoonist) NN cartoonist, complete failure to meet the GNG. All but unreferenced, and no reliable sources found.
22 May 02:04 Sinus Buster not notable, WP:PROMO
22 May 02:06 St.Mary's church, Njarakkal I can find no evidence that this church has enough third-party reliable sourcing to satisfy the general notability guideline.
22 May 02:13 Leah Jeffries Fails WP:NACTOR: this actress is only notable in connection with one production. Appears to be a case of WP:TOOSOON.
22 May 02:45 Callum Carey Fails WP:NFOOTBALL, has never coached in a fully professional league
22 May 02:50 Sandra Itzel [BLP]
22 May 03:03 Michael Anania [BLP]
22 May 03:09 Vũ Nguyễn Hà Anh [BLP]
22 May 03:10 Monique Cardenas Subject player never played in a regular season game in the WNBA, nor received major college award or honors. Fails applicable notability guidelines: WP:NCOLLATH, WP:NBASKETBALL and WP:GNG.
22 May 03:19 Neil Bhatt [BLP]
22 May 03:20 Norman Dolph [BLP]
22 May 03:28 Patrick McCauley Non-notable editor of a small paper. Will be sent to AfD if challenged
22 May 05:05 Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture no evidence of notability
22 May 05:08 Sky-mobi No significant claims of importance. Nothing more than a B2B directory entry. Sources are all primary press releases.
22 May 08:56 Pacific Business Review International Non-notable journal. Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:NJournals or WP:GNG. Note that the impact factor given in the infobox is not assigned by the Journal Citation Reports, but a fake ranking service ("Research Impact Factor") that will give an IF to any journal that pays their fees.
22 May 09:29 Li Sheng (professor) [BLP]
22 May 11:08 Luka Cindric [BLP]
22 May 12:23 Micronesian Empire No sources. Very little content, copied ad-verbatim from the book e-Study Guide for: Diversity amid Globalization by Lester Rowntree. In context it seems to be synonymous with Yap. Can't find anything specifically about a Micronesian Empire.
22 May 13:53 Terasen Measurement No indication or evidence of notability.
22 May 15:00 Bioelement Not a term found in scientific nomenclature as anything a lot of element qualify as bioelement for proposed deletion
22 May 15:36 Sameera Khan [BLP]
22 May 15:55 Betty Lou Oliver WP:ONEEVENT, no evidence of notability for individual other than that she survived an elevator fall
22 May 18:59 2015 D.C. United U-23 season Fails WP:NSEASON.
22 May 19:50 FotoSan Non-notable medical device. Not not yet even in trials. No independent sources.
22 May 20:22 Carbon dioxide utilization Unreferenced dictionary definition.
22 May 20:55 Bellybutton & The Knockwells No indication of notability.
22 May 21:12 Biggi Hilmars [BLP]
22 May 21:27 Flyers Ice Hockey Club No websites other than the primary site mention the existence of this organization. I also propose the deletion of their other site: Flyers Ice Hockey Club. This organization lacks notability and significant coverage in any media. The articles have not citations. I received no returns on a quick google web and news search.
22 May 21:28 Flying Ducks Ice Hockey Club No websites other than the primary site mention the existence of this organization. I also propose the deletion of their other site: Flyers Ice Hockey Club. This organization lacks notability and significant coverage in any media. The articles have not citations. I received no returns on a quick google web and news search.
22 May 21:41 Niemals No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:NSONG and WP:GNG.
22 May 21:57 Burak Kaan Bülbüloğlu [BLP]
22 May 22:28 Malukugalu Long unsourced orphaned article, with no references pointing to it. Took a look through the usual google searches, couldn't find a source that wasn't a mirror of Wikipedia.
22 May 22:49 MacBooster The article is just a stub, written like an advertisement, by someone close to the subject.
22 May 23:21 Snapheal Promotional article whose sources are simply press releases.
22 May 23:28 Rusty Bladen [BLP]
23 May 00:56 Virginia Zaharieva No indication of notability, no independent sources, the only Google News hit is a local newspaper's article on an upcoming book reading.
23 May 00:57 Michael Brunswick Non-notable artist. No evidence of in depth coverage in independent third party sources.
23 May 01:03 Andrea Hasler Non-notable artist. I'm not seeing the depth of coverage in independent sources required by the WP:GNG
23 May 01:19 Sumit Jain Non-notable subject. I'm seeing no evidence of coverage independent of
23 May 01:29 Dorielle Caimi Non-notable artist. I'm not seeing the depth of coverage required in independent sources.
23 May 03:57 Hodgell's Law Unremarkable term coined in a novel which doesn't even have a Wikipedia article. Not a plausible redirect to the author's article either.
23 May 04:01 Nadathur Ammal Nadathur_Ammal appears to be considered a Saint by a single family-run temple in a single village. This article only has one contributor, and their only other contribution is an article about that village (I presume it is their home town). After removing self-published sources and sources not mentioning Nadathur_Ammal the article was left with zero sources. I did an extensive internet search and I turned up zero usable sources. If any sources exist they are almost certainly in Telugu language. I see no likelyhood that this article would survive AFD unless we find an editor to do a Telugu search.
23 May 04:28 Turing (programming language) All sources are affiliated with Holtsoft, creators of Turing. Non-notable programming language as it fails WP:GNG, no sources.
23 May 05:22 Town & Country Predators Non-notable football club
23 May 05:46 Rugby Klub Bratislava [BLP]
23 May 05:47 Herman Laatsman [BLP]
23 May 06:05 Martina Fuchs (journalist) Written like advert
23 May 07:05 Park Beach Plaza fails WP:ORG and uncited for 7 years
23 May 09:19 Gautier Troch Fails WP:GNG. "Footballer" who has never played in a fully-professional league per WP:NFOOTY; claims of playing for Laval and Troyes are pure fabrication and playing US college football does not confer notability.
23 May 11:26 VENRO Non-notable organisation. No independent refs.
23 May 13:38 Dream Lover (Vaccines song) No evidence of notability.
23 May 14:29 Ben Weinberger (disambiguation) This is an unnecessary disambiguation page. It seems to disambiguate between two people, one of whom is almost certain to get deleted at AfD and one who isn't even called "Ben Weinberger". I have no idea what he is doing here but I doubt it is helping anybody to find the stuff they are looking for, which is what a disambiguation page should do.
23 May 14:32 Haris Ahmed Qureshī [BLP]
23 May 14:53 The Desired Effect (Moka Only album) Album is not notable at all - no charts, no references and little media information
23 May 15:39 Claudio Moreschini [BLP]
23 May 15:52 Uddika Premarathna [BLP]
23 May 16:06 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy reunion Appears to fail WP:GNG and WP:LISTN notability. A list of concert tour dates is NOT encyclopedic.
23 May 16:07 DML 2015 Appears to fail WP:GNG and WP:LISTN notability. A list of concert tour dates is NOT encyclopedic.
23 May 16:25 Sophina DeJesus No evidence of notability per WP:NGYMNAST or WP:GNG.
23 May 16:37 Long Beach Muscle Heads Unreferenced since 2007. Team in a minor league that never existed
23 May 17:17 The Opera House (song) No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:NSONG and WP:GNG.
23 May 18:38 Bartolme de Selma This page duplicates an existing article in the wikipedia: Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde under a misspelled name. There are currently no pages that link to this article, and all the relevant content from this page was merged into the other page on 2015-05-23. See talk page for discussion about this issue.
23 May 18:43 Me Quedo Sola (song) No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:NSONG and WP:GNG.
23 May 18:55 Scott Gale not enough content to merit its own page
23 May 19:44 Jeff Campbell (musician) [BLP]
23 May 20:37 Phil Goss No references whatsoever, the subject is not notable (the only english information online is from unreliable sources) and the article displays clear bias in favor of the subject (the page creator is even named Philgoss)
23 May 23:12 Glenn Mulhern [BLP]
23 May 23:27 Maura O'Brien [BLP]
23 May 23:45 Conrad Roberts [BLP]
23 May 23:48 Tommy Stovall [BLP]
23 May 23:50 Jon McBride (filmmaker) [BLP]
23 May 23:55 Raj Premi [BLP]
24 May 00:32 Christophe Salengro [BLP]
24 May 01:38 Elvira Natali Actress who does not seem to pass Wiki guidelines for notability quite yet
24 May 02:31 Joy Swift [BLP]
24 May 03:04 Ömer Sevinçgül Questionable notability; almost all links online are in Turkish and are promotional in nature
24 May 04:24 So Fresh: The Hits of Autumn 2015 Non-notable album; no sign of charting, awards or in depth coverage in independent sources.
24 May 04:54 Alessandra Fabiani [BLP]
24 May 05:32 Hola Airlines Notability has not been established, lacks significant coverage in reliable independent sources
24 May 05:57 Beacon lodge A search for references failed to find significant coverage in reliable sources to comply with notability requirements. This included web searches for news coverage, books, and journals, which can be seen from the following links:
ProdSummarynews, books, scholar
Consequently, this article is about a subject that appears to lack sufficient notability. Please see the plain-language summary of our notability guidelines.
24 May 08:08 Arnaldo Ferrari Nasi [BLP]
24 May 10:15 Benjamin Boyd (actor) No evidence of notability.
24 May 10:26 List of management journals Delete per WP:TNT. Only two entries, the second one a predatory journal that is on Jeffrey Beall's list. Author apparently intends to include impact factor data, which will be almost impossible to maintain and, more importantly, is a violation of Thomson Reuters' copyright (individual IFs can be listed in articles, lists are not allowed).
24 May 11:38 Ayreonauts Only Unsourced and no indication of any notability.
24 May 11:46 National Academy of Fire Safety Engineering No sources given to indicate notability or significance per notability guidelines; language in article is mildly promotional as well
24 May 13:19 Andrej Ladcenko [BLP]
24 May 14:38 Rey Astral This fails WP:GNG, it has one unreliable source and one book source - except that the book source only supports the statement that masked wrestlers in Mexico keep their identify from the general public nothing to do with Rey Astral specifically. And I should know I own the book used in the source. Having worked B-shows for AAA and CMLL is not enough for notability, they often feature local talent in opening matches without signing them to a contract.
24 May 14:56 Parmita Rani Does not seem to meet the general notability
24 May 15:37 Highcyde Unsourced article about defunct unsigned local band, fails WP:MUSIC
24 May 15:43 Benazir Shaikh [BLP]
24 May 17:14 Fish, Fish, Squish! No evidence of notability beyond a press release.
24 May 17:18 Catchphrase (BBC Wales) Vague article that remains unsourced. We're left unsure whether this is an actual TV series, or simply downloadable online resources. There are no dates, no secondary sources. I can't find any reliable secondary coverage about this online. Time for this article to go?
24 May 17:45 Unlocking the Secrets of the Pinewood Derby Promotional for non-notable book
24 May 18:01 Abdulrahman Mahmoud Yaghmor [BLP]
24 May 18:17 101 Damnations (book) No evidence of notability. No references added since tagged in October 2010.
24 May 18:59 Natron (software) No indication that this program has any significance
24 May 19:07 Girma Asmerom [BLP]
24 May 19:38 Nueva Escandinavia This town does not appear to exist. It does not appear in Google maps nor does a search on INEGI (agency responsible for conducting the national census) bring up anything. The only mention of this town in a reliable source is a 2003 article over Martin Thulin in La Jornada (it should also be noted that this appears to be the first ever mention of this town, at least online). However, it seems to be based on what Thulin had claimed- a better source is needed than the claims of an individual whose schtick is being a "Swedish Mennonite".
24 May 20:25 Caroline Connan Clearly fails WP:JOURNALIST.
24 May 20:50 DiscountMugs Fails WP:CORP as the only coverage in reliable sources is mentions in relation to a merger of the parent company. No other sources found.
24 May 21:00 Ryan Hulings Despite the fact that he just recently made a U.S. Open Cup appearance, he still fails WP:NFOOTBALL because it came against a PDL team which is not fully pro. He also fails WP:GNG because he hasn't received significant coverage.
24 May 21:06 Post Affiliate Pro 4 Non-notable software.
24 May 21:14 Oryun Middle School A non notable middle school with no signs of notability
24 May 21:15 The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories Short story collection with no sign of notability to be found
24 May 21:20 Punggol Way Non notable street-not every street on the planet needs a wiki page.
24 May 21:27 Kaarwan Adab Khaplu A company with little notability to be found as well as no references. Only hits to be found are to wiki mirrors it seems.
24 May 21:34 Clare Richmond A non notable pseudonym of two different people that can't be used as a redirect either due to it being 2 people with no references to be found as well.
24 May 21:48 Druids Celtic Cider Fails WP:GNG, unsourced, strange claims...
24 May 22:15 Paul M. Russo [BLP]
24 May 22:23 Adam Sank [BLP]
24 May 22:30 Funda Müjde [BLP]
24 May 22:45 Vibeke Sæther [BLP]
24 May 23:05 Vardiwala Gunda Unsourced. No claim of notability. No text, infobox only.
24 May 23:07 Friday Sermon (MTA 1) No indication of notability, just a TV program on a channel or channels. None of the refs or links are reliable sources, no iw links to compare, a search turns up nothing (though it's not an easy thing to search on.
24 May 23:08 Oded Bahat [BLP]
24 May 23:34 Elizabeth Aparicio [BLP]
25 May 04:06 A Beautiful Mind... of a Gladiator A search for references failed to find significant coverage in reliable sources to comply with notability requirements. This included web searches for news coverage, books, and journals, which can be seen from the following links:
ProdSummarynews, books, scholar
Consequently, this article is about a subject that appears to lack sufficient notability. Please see the plain-language summary of our notability guidelines.
25 May 05:03 10 Reavell Place unimportant 12 story building
25 May 05:04 St Francis Court unimportant small apartment building�
25 May 05:04 Sustainable Enterprise Excellence pure jargon

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Ethan Cohen (Art dealer)
Hadi Rezaeigarkani
Manasse Nzobonimpa
Michelle Zaffino
SARP Honorary Award
Łukasz Konarzewski
Łódź Post

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