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2003 Afro-Asian Games[edit]

This peer review discussion has been closed.
I've listed this article for peer review because I really want to obtain comments and feedbacks about this article. I desire to promote this article, first to Good Article status and then to featured article status.

Suggestions on improvement are most welcome. If you would like to suggest changes, please do so in my talk page or the article's talk page.


Ankitbhatt (talk) 08:03, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Ruhrfisch comments: Suggestions will be made here as that is what peer review is for. This has a long way to go before it would meet the GA requirements, and further to go to pass at WP:FAC. So here are some suggestions for improvement towards GA and FA.

  • The lead does not really follow WP:LEAD. For one thing it needs to be expanded to 3 or 4 paragraphs given the length of the article.
  • The lead should be an accessible and inviting overview of the whole article, so nothing important should be in the lead only - since it is a summary, it should all be repeated in the body of the article itself. My rule of thumb is to include every header in the lead in some way
  • I am confused by the lead. The first paragraph says More than 2000 athletes from 96 countries competed in the Games. A total of 129 events in eight disciplines were conducted. Also, 120 countries sent oficial representatives to these Games. then the second paragraph says These Games, however, had less scope, since 96 nations participated in only 8 sports. Since these were the first games, what is the comparison to in "These Games ... had less scope"? Less scope than what?
  • Make sure to provide context for the reader - who came up with the idea for the games originally? Or link Rupee and crore in " Rs.103 crores See WP:PCR
  • Article has a lot of short (one or two sentence) prargaphs and sections that need to either be combined with others or perhaps expanded to improve article flow.
  • Article needs more references, for example the stadium sections are largely unreferenced. My rule of thumb is that every quote, every statistic, every extraordinary claim and every paragraph needs a ref.
  • Internet refs need URL, title, author if known, publisher and date accessed. {{cite web}} and other cite templates may be helpful. See WP:CITE and WP:V
  • Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source - see current ref 10
  • Look at WP:WIAGA - GA criteria- and WP:WIAFA - FA criteria to see where this needs to go.
  • A model article is useful for ideas and examples to follow - see Wikipedia:Featured_articles#Sport_and_recreation and as a possible model FA 1896 Summer Olympics

Hope this helps. If my comments are useful, please consider peer reviewing an article, especially one at Wikipedia:Peer review/backlog (which is how I found this article). Yours, Ruhrfisch ><>°° 04:46, 10 June 2009 (UTC)