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This is a list of peer reviews that urgently require feedback — typically, peer review requests OLDER THAN FIVE DAYS WITH NO MORE THAN AN AUTOMATED REVIEW YET PROVIDED. Additions are by Peer Review regulars only. For anyone else, please discuss any other nominations for urgent peer review at Wikipedia talk:Peer review and do not add items here otherwise.

You may watch the current backlog list either by clicking on the "Watch" tab to put this page, "Wikipedia:Peer review/backlog/items", in your Watchlist, and/or by including on your own Talk page a template showing this backlog list. To do that, put Wikipedia:Peer review/PRbox at the very top of your own Talk page. It will display at the right.

IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED A PEER REVIEW OF ONE OF THE ITEMS LISTED HERE, PLEASE UPDATE THE LIST BY REMOVING IT. In your edit summary, please provide a wikilink to the review or the article.

Updated to 25 April per Wikipedia:Peer reviews by date.


April 24Dump months
April 23The Boat Races 2015
April 21Lake Parime
April 9The Story of the Three Bears
April 8Final Fantasy Type-0
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