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For users unable to create new pages (new users, or anonymous users), who wish to code a template themselves, see Wikipedia:Articles for creation

Add new requests for a new template or updates to existing templates to the bottom of this page. Please be clear about what the template is used for, roughly what it should look like, and which articles it should link to, if any.

For requests regarding stub templates, go to Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals.

A general description and guideline for userboxes can be found at Wikipedia:Userboxes. A detailed instruction to use the userbox template can be found at Template:Userbox. For requests regarding userboxes, go to Wikipedia talk:Userboxes/Ideas.

More music and organization templates (20 December 2013)[edit]

The template red links in this section cover either musicians, musical ensembles or organizations. They should be navigation boxes at the bottom of the articles. Musical templates should contain the people, albums and songs associated with the topic. Organization templates should contain the people, products, and subsidiaries affiliated with them.

Requesting 2 templates[edit]

Requesting 2 templates, specifically (Template:Ministry of Transportation and Template:Ministry of Energy) to be created using the same group name and parameter as the existed template Template:National meteorological organisations using these 2 articles: Ministry of Transportation and Category:Energy ministries respectively.

  • Who is this? In case I need more info—leave a message on my talk

JacobiJonesJr 10 September 2014

Enhancement to DST templates[edit]

Hello, template people! The DST templates display the start or end date of Daylight Saving Time for a particular year. I would like to request that the {{DST start date/EU}} and {{DST end date/EU}} templates be enhanced to include an optional parameter 2 of disp=, that would suppress the display of the year if "disp=dm" was specified. This would be analogous to the current "disp=md" parameter of the {{DST start date/US}} and {{DST end date/US}} templates. That is....

  • Currently {{DST start date/US|2015}} displays as "March 8, 2015" and {{DST end date/US|2015}} displays as "November 1, 2015" (without the quotes).
  • Currently {{DST start date/US|2015|md}} displays as "March 8" and {{DST end date/US|2015|md}} displays as "November 1".
  • Currently {{DST start date/EU|2015}} displays as "29 March 2015" and {{DST end date/EU|2015}} displays as "25 October 2015".
  • I am requesting that the disp= parameter be added to the two "EU" templates so that {{DST start date/EU|2015|dm}} would display as "29 March" and {{DST end date/EU|2015|dm}} would display as "25 October". Note the specification of "dm" rather than "md", to reflect the day-month-year date format displayed by the EU templates.

This would be useful in multiple situations. What I'd like to use it for at the moment is to add a table to the the British Summer Time article, similar to the one near the beginning of the Daylight saving time in the United States article, showing the start and end dates for different years. Since the year would have its own column, I'd like the year in the start and end date columns to be suppressed. Thanks! Mudwater (Talk) 18:23, 20 October 2014 (UTC)

@SimonTrew: Great, thanks! Mudwater (Talk) 10:45, 3 December 2014 (UTC)
I was wondering if we should also have a more-general template for these (at {{ DST start date}}, to cover other dates and to be able to have US/EU, delegating to thse ones, and to change the display format or mdy or dmy as as parameters, deal with Double British Summer Time (oddly red), and so on. However, I'm assuming they have fairly limited use and it's not worth doing so right now; it would be rather an first-year college student's programming exercise. Si Trew (talk) 12:54, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

Template:Collapse more text[edit]

English translations of Homer is using a collapsing method not present in the related category. May I prepare the template in talk namespace? (talk) 22:27, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

Example: (talk) 19:40, 11 November 2014 (UTC)

Add topic=mil and default passthrough into switch to Template:Expand French and Template:Expand Polish[edit]

I'd like to add a switch to {{Expand French}} so that |topic=mil goes to Category:Military articles needing translation from French Wikipedia instead of its parent Category:Articles needing translation from French Wikipedia. A lot of military articles are already so classified (e.g. 3rd Army Corps (France). However I can't do so, because the template is fully protected (why?)

I left a message to this effect on the template's talk page on 24 October 2014 but nothing has come of it. Could anyone here do it? It would seem uncontroversial.

{{Expand Polish}} might be handled the same way (that seems the only other one with a specific "military" category, Category:Military articles needing translation from Polish Wikipedia). Si Trew (talk) 09:00, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

Technical communication navbox[edit]

Hello, I was hoping someone could help create a sort of Template:Navbox for topics related to Technical communication. The layout I had in mind is along the lines of Template:Communication studies. I believe such a template would help users interested in the field to better understand it, its subfields and so forth. Articles on the topic are neglected and still in need of a lot of work, but hopefully that will be changed soon.

What exactly should be included is still up for debate, and I've had a hard time finding others who would participate; this can't be a one man show. For the time being, I have some suggestions though there is no rush to do this now and feedback on the choices would be great. These are some of the links which I think could be included:

Subfields: Technical writing, Information architecture, Technical illustration, Technical translation, Technical documentation
Important concepts: Instructional design, Single source publishing, Content management, Usability
Organizations: Society for Technical Communication, IEEE Professional Communication Society, Council of Science Editors, SIGDOC, European Association for Technical Communication, Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
Prominent figures: Dan Jones (professor), Gordon Graham (writer), JoAnn Hackos

It goes without saying that this is a very rough idea and I am merely thinking out loud about what could be included. If anyone thinks differently, then please participate.
Even without a clear idea, I was hoping to have some assistance at least with the rough outline of a navbox while the details of what should or shouldn't be included could come afterward, as the box can always be edited and changed. Thanks so much for anyone who takes the time to think about this. MezzoMezzo (talk) 03:55, 10 December 2014 (UTC)