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This project has been created to improve articles related to Russia. This page and its subpages serve as a central directory of articles, with specific and general tasks designed to focus the efforts of Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there. Also, see the task force pages of the project, and their to-do lists.

If you feel that you can make a positive contribution to the project, please add yourself to the list of members. If you don't know what to write or where to begin, or if you have doubts or ideas on how to improve an article, please address the project's discussion forum.

This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the nation of Russia, its cities, counties, geography, transport, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Russia in a fair and accurate manner.
  • As of 28 March 2015, there are 47,482 articles within the scope of WikiProject Russia, of which 79 are featured. This makes up 1% of the articles on Wikipedia and 1.09% of featured articles and lists. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etcetera, there are 118,158 pages in the project.
Subject structure and navigation
Goals pertaining to the structure of the subject itself include:
  • Refine and maintain the Outline of Russia, a key guide on Wikipedia to Russia as a subject.
  • Refine and maintain Category:Russia and its subcategories. (See below)
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Map of Russia with Sunset.PNG Physical geography of Russia
Map of Russian subjects by type, 2008-03-01.svg Human geography of Russia
Flag of Tuva.svg Tuva
Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg Chechnya
Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.svg History of Russia
Standard of the President of the Russian Federation.svg Politics and law of Russia
Medium emblem of the Вооружённые Силы Российской Федерации.svg Military of Russia
RR5221-0018.png Economy of Russia
Sciences humaines.svg Science and education in Russia
Satellites icon201001.svg Technology and engineering in Russia
Matryoshka transparent.png Demographics and ethnography of Russia
00Russian Alphabet 3.jpg Language and literature of Russia
Religion in Russia SVG.svg Religion in Russia
Malevici06.jpg Visual arts in Russia
 Balalaika.svg   Performing arts in Russia
RuNet Logo.jpg Mass media in Russia
Sports and games in Russia.png Sports and games in Russia
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