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Radio Wikipedia 2 will Return in the New Year (2009) due to techincal difficulties

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Radio Wikipedia was created on 29 May 2008. However, after a long inactive period, the show has been re-launched in a new format! The show consists of sections of news, chat and stats. Episodes are avaliable to listen to direct from Wikipedia or you can get them delivered via requesting on the talk page.

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Series 1, Episode 1:
By CTurnbull

  • Main Page Redesign,
  • What is Radio Wikipedia 2?

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Resources and Notices[edit]

  • Upload episodes with Image:Radio Wikipedia 2 - Episode x.ogg


The heavy breathing and shortness of breathe makes it hard to listen. --eric dilettante' (mailbox) 03:47, 9 September 2009 (UTC)

Other Info[edit]

All episodes are in the public domain and music used will also be copyright-free and therefore, in the public domain

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