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Ref++ is a tool, that at the moment, only searches PubMed. It allows you to search for references and enter them into a Wikipedia article without leaving the 'edit page' view. At the moment it is very much in its infancy; this page will be updated when new versions are made available.

How to use[edit]

Enter a search term in [[[three square brackets]]]...
And a reference will be inserted automatically! A bot will expand the reference so it displays correctly in the reference lists.

Simply type "[[[Search term]]]" whilst you are editing an article and a list of possible results will appear in the tool bar (above the 'interaction' section). Press the number beside the result you want and a reference will be entered into the article. Save the article and the reference will be completed by a bot.

If you know the DOI of an article (for example 10.1010/j.example.214) you can use that instead of a search term, and a citation will immediately be created.

How to install[edit]

To add the gadget:


This early beta version is likely to be a little quirky. I'd be grateful for any suggestions on the talk page.

Future features[edit]

At the moment the tool only searches PubMed. It will imminently be expanded to search CrossRef too, which will take its scope beyond the biomedical sciences.

Currently it only supports the "{cite pmid}" template. The option to use {Cite journal} and {citation} will be supported in the future.

Eventually it may be possible to integrate the script with Wikipedia so that it can be added to a user's Monobook.js (or even added as a preference).