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Computer books[edit]

Widget toolkits[edit]

Computer architecture[edit]

Computer languages[edit]

The history of early computer development is an extraordinary journey between human knowledge, innovation, and invention in computer that transforms and revolutionizes the way we work and live. Originally, computer was only used by government and the military. Nowadays, computer technology reaches into all aspects of our daily activities, from the exclusive domain of businesses, communication, education, and politics, to commerce, recreation, and even dating.[1]


Human input devices[edit]

  • text-entry device - computing - Technology is moving beyond mechanical keyboards for character entry into software systems; virtual keyboards, stroke recognition, etc. for non-alphabetic languages, other types of character entry are use; voice methods as well; overview article is needed (links to keyboards, etc.; Codwiki (talk) 15:11, 14 June 2012 (UTC)

List of keyboard manufacturers - computing - Competitive market and many choices are available, but users cannot see a list of all possibilities.

Displays and screens[edit]

  • List of Reference Design display adapters - Vendors often start with reference design from ATI or NVIDIA but quickly turn to their own designs. It's really frustrating to try to find reference design cards.

Memory Devices - The 3 of the main avenues of data storage[2] are a computer’s hard disk drive, optical storage, and solid state devices. A hard disk drive is a form of magnetic storage and is built into the computer’s system unit. Data is stored on a hard disk platter made of aluminum or glass & coated in iron oxide. Optical storage may come in the form of a disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) and store data as microscopic spots on the discs surface. Solid state storage (aka flash memory) is technology that stores data in rewritable devices that can be operated via cameras, mp3 players.

Memory devices[edit]

Macronix is a manufacturer of rom memory.


  • A4tech - company that makes PC peripherals
  • AJ-100 - direct execution processor for java
  • Apacer Technology Inc. - company which makes Memory modules, Flash drives and other computer hardware; [31]
  • Apple Media Wall - Apple 3x8 feet multi-touch computer
  • Asrock M8 - barebones computer system
  • Bridging chipset - chipsets used to adapt eSATA hard drives to Firewire, USB, etc. Discuss faster/slower chipsets i.e. Oxford, Prolific, etc. and why they are so. [32] [33]
  • BTTV - Analog V4L capture card BTTV based tuners
  • BBWC - Battery-backed write cache
  • Burroughs A20 - According to this they were interesting designs, possibly the first ever personal computers with PnP modular components. There is a passing mention in Burroughs Corporation.
  • C-Tick - common certificate mark for electromagnetic interference
  • CAMLINK - digital video (frame grabber) interface
  • Conductive Pen - silver pen used for circuit boards
  • Front Panel Audio - two most common types are onboard AC97 and Azalia from Realtek. The problem is that the PC case connector descriptions always differ from m/b description, which is rather confusing. An article about existing case FP types, m/b FP types and their correlations would be good.
  • Hardware/software co-design - [34]; exploiting the integrated design of hardware and software created in parallel
  • Holographic System - Queens University's "TeleHuman System"; see May 10, 2012, article, "Get Ready for Star Wars-Style Holographic Chat", at [35]; and the authors' paper at [36]
  • IPC-A-610 is a workmanship standard for the manufacture of electronic assemblies There are three classes, class III being the most stringent, such as for life support and mission critical systems; [37]
  • Jacinto (Microprocessor) OMAP-based automotive processors. [38]
  • Keepod Operating system and personal storage on a USB thumb drive, for $7. Brings computing to the masses. Plugs into any computer. [39] and [40].
  • Kaveri (APU) An AMD microprocessor released January 2014.
  • LRDIMM - "load reduced" DIMM; [41]
  • Madd Electronics Group - Romanian company of hardware distribution; [42]
  • Mica2 Motes - Wireless Sensor Network; [43]
  • Micro Solutions Backpack - external CD-ROM drive
  • Multi channel data link - [44] (page 2.5)
  • mycpu TTL processor - processor and complete 8 bit computer system. a "do it yourself" computer, in a manner uncommon amongst computer enthusiasts since the 1970s; [45]
  • Oregon State Wireless Active Learning Device - ultra-mobile PC created by Oregon State students for Oregon State students as a platform for learning device for computer science and ece; [46]; [47]; [48]; [49]
  • Personal Security Environment (PSE) - type of user authentication often using a digital certificate; [50]; [51]
  • powder display, more exactly quick response liquid powder display or QRLPD – roughly an e-paper variant developed by Bridgestone (and produced by Hitachi)
  • Quad small form factor pluggable - apparently some sort of digital connector used in Infiniband and storage applications, often abbreviated QSFP; there are about 24,000 results for it on Google ([52]); it is notable to the extent that lots of very high end hardware seems to employ the connectors in applications and handling data in ways that are not immediately obvious to the uninitiated
  • Secondary Precharge Transistor - domino logic charge sharing trick
  • SecureDisc - feature on many LG brand DVD writers
  • self-tending drive doors - mechanisms on Dell's XPS 700 computer
  • SmartQ 7 - tablets (aka MIDs) created by SmartDevices. As mobile computing becomes ever more important, these devices are notable because of their inexpensiveness and stance of open technology. They also represent increased efforts by firms in China to enter the embedded-linux market. References to these wikipages already exist from the Portable Linux Devices page.
  • Virtual Extended Bus - some type of physical storage bus extension to PCI-X present on certain high-end Xeon motherboards: uses the acronym VXB
  • Wavescalar modern research dataflow processor
  • Way prediction - reducing conflict misses in a cache Socket M AMD processor
  • Wireless Networks Cable - Low Loss Cable varieties and appropriate usage
  • Worldisk - hard-disk supplier; Remanufactured or relabeled Fujitsu??
  • xpsport - new port format?

The Internet[edit]

I request Wikipedia to write an article on alto mail.

  • 2014 Sony Pictures computer hacking incident One of the largest hacking incidents of a corporation to date. Sony Pictures and FBI investigating attack by hackers
  • 12secondstv - [53]; [54]
  • Agora (Nomic) - as mentioned in Nomic this game has the distinction of having been running since 1993 (rather early, in Internet time) and is obviously rather special in the world of Nomic. [55]; description from semi-outsider perspective on [56] (cf. ?Alternate reality game)
  • allyve - big German internet SSO[clarification needed] startpage, [57]; [58]; Handelsbatt (German)
  • Amazon test Drive - web application provided by amazon for testing android apps directly in browser.similar tool is pieceable for ios apps; [59]; [60]
  • AVING - news company; specializes in global electronics reporting that ranges from brands, trade shows and mobile and multimedia; [61]
  • Blingee - [62];
  • Coding for a Cause - a movement of open-source technology advocates supporting not-for-profits by building them websites for free; [63]; [64]
  • Colistor - a web service that manages lists and collections to organize the information the user needs to remember everyday; [65]
  • Comparison of free email services
  • CometBird - browser; [66]; [67]
  • Dpadd - [68] Social Networking Website for Gamers
  • eduladder - Eduladder is a group of people who believe education should be free and accessible for everyone and they designed a web application called openlearning system which is available in [69]; [70]
  • Flokit - web application for boosting a Twitter account by targeting a particular set of users, using personalized campaigns; [71]
  • Grepolis - A browser-based strategy game set in ancient Greece with over 200,000 active users. From Innogames, the creators of The West and Tribal Wars. [72]
  • Link Management Protocol - a link management protocol (LMP) that runs between a pair of nodes and is used to manage traffic engineering links (from RFC 4204)
  • Log-in / Log-on Loop - Where successful attempts at logging in to a website / webpage with a user name and password results in being returned to the initial log-in request. Can also encompass initial log-in privileges, with privileged results as account information; but returning to the initial log-in request when delving into a deeper subsection of log-in privileges (i.e. initial privilege: "My Account", subsection privilege: "My Account/Billing Information"). (One example: [73])
  • MaidSafe (software libraries) -- A suite of Dual Licensed libraries in c++ that implement a fully distributed network and serverless network akin to a darknet. [74] [75] [76] [77]
  • Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE) - non profit internet exchange oint in Minneapolis, MN; [78]
  • Naviance, Inc. - division of Hobsons, which is a subsidiary of DMG Information, which in turn is part of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc; [79] (Naviance Corporate Website)
  • Naviance Succeed - features a survey builder that reports statistical data about college acceptance rates, college admissions, rankings, college placement, school GPAs, admission criteria, etc.; [80]
  • Partly Cloudy Technology - term created by Jeff M. White, Robert Linton and Colleen Rudio, about having a balance between cloud computing and local computing; primarily focused upon protecting the users software and data under any disaster or technical failure; [81]
  • Paymo Time Tracker - a popular free time tracker, went to do a background check on Wikipedia but there's nothing here. i found it mentioned on a bunch of sites and blogs; [82]; [83]
  • Roccat Browser - Popular browser for Mac (Intel and PPC) and iOS; [84]; [85]; [86];[87]; [88]; [89];[90];[91];[92];
  • Spam404 - An internet abuse report platform which allows it's users to report abusive content such as phishing, spam and survey scams. Spam404 have already helped remove thousands of articles of abuse from leading internet websites such as YouTube,

Storybird - A website for writing stories and sharing them Weebly and SlideShare. MyWOT, URLVoid and Scamvoid use the blacklist provided by Spam404 [93]; [94]; [95]; [96]; [97]


A–L (by last name)[edit]

  • Ioannis Aslanidis - Gentoo developer, Bluetooth documentation for Linux, research proceedings, open-source developer
  • Christopher Beales - founder of the ICTCLOUD community engagement & online portal business analysis; recognised for his contribution to open-source software as cost effective and viable solutions for not-for-profit organisations
  • Luciano Bello - Debian developer; discovered an epic fail in OpenSSl package
  • Somenath Biswas - professor of computer science, IIT Kanpur; doctoral adviser of Manindra Agarwal; author of several papers and inventor of Agrawal-Biswas Identity Testing; interested in logic and theoretical computer science in general; invented the concept of 'solution preserving universal relations" and "NP Creative Sets" along with Manindra Agarwal; list of his papers and contributions can be found on DBLP; [111]
  • Kalina Bontcheva - leading natural language processing researcher; contributions in summarisation, social media; proposer and chief scientist of the Pheme project
  • Dan Brickley - highly influential in the development of Semantic Web specifications and author of FOAF
  • Michael Buen - co-developer of the I LOVE YOU virus
  • Jared Burrows - Young Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Android enthusiast in Orlando, FL who founded BurrowsApps. [112]
  • John W. Carr III - early pioneer, researcher, professor at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering
  • Laura Chappell - Wireshark expert and founder of the university Laura Chappell's Wireshark University
  • Steve Chamberlain - original programmer of Cygwin Cygwin#History
  • William James Cody (died June 24, 2009[113]), numerical analyst[114], author of SPECFUN and other libraries
  • Shenchang Eric Chen - programmer, inventor of Virtual Reality camera;[115]
  • Changyu Dong - lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde; his research focuses on information security, more specifically trust and privacy management, applied cryptography, access control and policy-based management; before Strathclyde, he was a post-doctoral researcher in the Policy group at Imperial College London; he received my PhD and MSc from Imperial, BSc from Fudan University; also worked several years as a network engineer back in China
  • Simon Foster - created the graphics for RollerCoaster Tycoon series, as well as Transport Tycoon
  • Sanjay Ghemawat - research scientist at Google and contributor to much of their core platform, among other projects; [[116]]
  • Mats Geier - Major developer of Linux Mint, known as "Husse"; recently deceased
  • Joseph Glickauf Jr. - computer-consulting pioneer; inventor of the Glickiac demo counter machine (a small-scale model to demonstrate the power of electronic computing); promoter/evangelist of business use of computers; [117]; [118]; [119]
  • Saul Greenberg, PhD - influential and prolific researcher in human computer interaction; Fellow of ACM CHI Academy; inventor of Phidgets; professor, University of Calgary; [120]
  • Geoffrey Grosenbach - founder of PeepCode Screencasts and Ruby on Rails podcast; [121]
  • Ward Hale Mr. Ward "Logan" Hale of Tek Syndicate
  • Tam Hanna - online and offline journalist; covering handheld computers; said to also offer marketing advice to mobile computing companies; CEO of Tamoggemon
  • Brendan Hannigan - General Manager of IBM Security Systems (first to introduce cloud security); former CEO, Q1 Labs
  • Scott Hartley - Formerly worked at Google, Facebook, The White House, contributing author to "Shopping for Good", published by Mit_press. (Source: Bloomberg_TV).
  • [(Jalali Hartman)] - Entrepreneur, engineer and activist. Inventor of Social Velocity, The Conversion Index and the 2014 Global IP Champion for his work with opening access to artificial intelligence and robotics to the autism community.
  • Jonathan Heiliger - creator of Open Compute Project while VP of Infrastructure at Facebook; notable investor; board member of two publicly traded companies (DuPont Fabros Technology & Jive Software); TR35 recipient
  • David Helkowski - Software Engineer; known hacker; author of XML::Bare XML parser ( parser in various mainline Linux distros ). Suspect in UMD data breach ( multiple articles in major news sources about this ).
  • Val Henson - hacker of various kernel-space tecnologies; [122]
  • Joey Hess,[123] a software developer and former[124] Debian developer.[125] He is the original author of ikiwiki,[126] Alien, debconf, and (co)developer of various other software programs.(*) Frequent speaker at DebConf,[127] successful Kickstarter project,[128] his Palm Pre comments also made the news,[129][130][131] (*) He probably also (co)developed: git-annex, ikiwiki-hosting, debian-installer, debhelper, moreutils, myrepos, etckeeper, mpdtoys, tasksel, debmirror, github-backup, propellor, dpkg-repack, Words2Nums, pdmenu, filters, os-prober, devscripts, rootsync, nslu2-utils, jetring, ticker, shoop, apt-src, pentium-builder, perlmoo, TermStool, base-config, flashybrid, satutils, mooix, wmbattery, sleepd, pristine-tar, Kaxxt, bin, kong, acpi, sigprogs
  • Jürgen Höller - Spring Framework designer, developer, and front-man
  • Christian S. Jensen - Temporal and spatial databases leader, ACM Fellow, collaborator with Richard T. Snodgrass, prof & docent [132]; chief ed of VLDB journal
  • M. Tim Jones - author ("GNU/Linux Application Programming", "Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach", "AI Application Programming", "BSD Sockets Programming from a Multilanguage Perspective", and "TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols for Embedded Systems"), and 60+ articles of which some are referenced in Wikipedia (Cloud Computing, BusyBox, Platform virtualization, O(1) scheduler, QEMU, Security-Enhanced Linux, Slab allocation, Journaling file system, Asynchronous I-O, Service Location Protocol, Stream Control Transmission Protocol, Linux startup process, etc.)
  • David R. Kaeli - computer scientist/engineer; research professor at NEU; in particular GPU computing; author Of "Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL"; [133]
  • James King (website developer) (a.k.a Jamesking56) - website developer; [134]; PHP programmer, sells software, does website development freelance; original pwner and founder of HeroHost Hosting Company
  • Ryan Klimt (website developer) - website developer; [135]; PHP programmer, front and back end web development, aesthetically pleasing sites created with mobile-first ideology; does website development freelance; mobile game development on the side (Tapster)
  • Éireann Leverett (hacker and internet harm reductionist) Programmer, hacker, magician, magic historian, incident response trainer, with a focus on industrial systems and scada (famous MPhil on the subject), quality assurance, and security economics, Technical editor of a book on social engineering, Attended University of Edinburgh, and Cambridge, and has a famous moustache (in the hacking community).
  • Peter Löthberg - Swedish Internet patriarch and optical Internet guru
  • Ari Luotonen - CERN & Mosaic Communications Corporation employee; de:Ari Luotonen

M–Z (by last name)[edit]




  • OCR Research Team - group of CAPTCHA crackers
  • OSSCube - US-based company offering open source training, consulting and development services, specializing in healthcare, education, sugarcrm, drupal and php development services; [197]
  • Oxxbowz United Feelings
  • PaloAltoNetworks - firewall company; [198]
  • ParcPlace Systems - smalltalk company
  • PeepCode - company specializing in providing video tutorials for advanced and professional web developers; [199]
  • Pluribus Networks - company specializing in networks, network operating systems, hypervisors and network virtualization; [200]
  • PuppetLabs - company sponsoring the development of Puppet open source configuration management software; formerly known as Reductive Labs
  • Quad D Robotics Innovative Inventions - a curriculum and course at Moanalua Middle School founded by Mr. Robert E. Walker, and educator, that simulates real-world, real-life, work place awareness, while focusing on applicable uses of robots while integrating student creativity and CORE Ethical Values.
  • Rosedu (Romanian Open Source Education) - open-source organisation from Romania
  • Sambreel - San Diego, CA-based software company; received substantial media coverage for its browser add-on products; in 2011,received mainstream television, newspaper, and online coverage for its products Drop Down Deals, PageRage, and OverApps; in late 2011, substantial media attention focused on a disagreement between the company and popular social network website Facebook about the operations of its product, PageRage; [201]
  • Security Certified Program – company that issues the SCNS, SCNP and Security Certified Network Architect professional certifications.
  • Selskabet for Rationel Almen Planlægning [202] - Danish organisation that is the source of many locale definition files at the GNU C Library; their home page does not say much about them; the locale definition files refer to them as RAP, which is quite hard to decrypt
  • Service Strategies Corporation – company that issues the Service Capability & Performance standards.
  • Shareware Industry Awards Foundation
  • silex labs - non-profit organization; based in France; dedicated to open source web applications; official maintainer of Silex, [203]; Oof and Flog; offers open-source projects to help with their communication; [204]
  • Snap Limited - New Zealand-based ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Software Tools User Group - organization focused on a the development of license-free, UNIX-like utilities and system calls, written in Ratfor and Pascal
  • Softwrap - UK-based company; offers DRM technology to developers
  • Sumerge- Egypt-based software-development company; specializes in developing, customizing and integrating business and technical software solutions and services to clients worldwide
  • SKGOLD Hosting - Canadian-based web-hosting company; [205]
  • Shockley Transistor Company - there exists an article on the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, but not a wikified article on the business organization behind the lab. This business and its employees was the start of Silicon Valley, so it definitely should have a good quality article.
  • StartupBus - annual competition in America and Europe where a team of strangers have to create a tech startup on a bus, of which 500 people have done so to date; extensive online media coverage (tech blogs such as TechCrunch and Wired, The Huffington Post, Time, etc.) with television and newspaper coverage as well
  • Tangible and Embedded Interaction - international conference on tangible and embedded interaction; [206]
  • The Bureau of Internet Accessibility - provides a revolutionary tool for businesses that allows for an easy way to create website accessibility for Section 508, WCAG requirements; [207]
  • Tyler Technologies - Tyler Technologies is an American corporation headquartered in Plano, Texas and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange; [208]
  • Wang Zhidong-'s former CEO and President and founder; Sina Corp
  • Webteh - Slovenian software company that produces BS.Player
  • Wireless Innovation Alliance - coalition of companies, organizations, and advocates working to unlock the potential that lies inside the "White Spaces" of our television spectrum; [209]
  • Ufanet - Russian Internet service provider; Ufa city, Bashkortostan; [210]
  • VoiceThread; [211]
  • XMPro - XMPro is a provider of Intelligent Business Operations software. Industry Analyst firm Gartner named XMPro a Cool Vendor for Business Process Management 2012.[4] [212]
  • Zvents - event search company powering most of newspaper industry

Operating systems[edit]

  • Techtocore OS - Engineered to meet professional needs; [213]
  • Ulux Linux - Enterprise Operating Systems Website -;
  • AV Linux - Debian Distro specifically for multimedia needs; [214]
  • Blackbuntu - Ubuntu base distro for Penetration Testing with GNOME Desktop Environment; being built using the Ubuntu 10.10; [215]
  • CMX RTOS - adding links CMX, RTOS, CMX RTOS
  • Circle Dock - circular dock (open source) for Windows platform; [216]
  • DoudouLinux - [217]; system targeting young children; aims at making computer use as simple and pleasant as possible; while also making computer use more accessible to all children on earth, without discrimination; [218]
  • EYRX - [219]; real-time operating system by Eyring Corporation
  • Init scripts - topics on scripts in /etc/rc.d on a Unix/Linux OS, naming conventions, how to create one, etc.; [220]
  • Lighthouse Linux - a CD-based distro designed for speed, simplicity and lightness; currently at version 0.0.1; [221]
  • LXLE Linux - LXLE is a remastered version of Ubuntu/Lubuntu LTS releases, using the LXDE desktop interface. LXLE provides a complete drop in and go operating system coupled with style, speed and capability. It's light on resources and heavy on functions. [222] [223] [224] [225] [226] [227] [228] [229] [230] [231] [232] [233] [234] Physical Address Extension#Linux
  • Mac OSX 11 - [235]
  • Paranoid Linux - a distro designed for privacy and security, that "assumes that its operator is under assault from the government ... and it does everything it can to keep your communications and documents a secret."; [236] -- Update: Cite given ( ) is dead/parked as of this date. Fnord. -- (talk) 16:05, 1 July 2009 (UTC)
  • PicUntu -
  • RTOS-UH Real Time Operating System-University Hannover using a DIN 66253-2 language called PEARL. The article is locked, because it was deleted sometimes ago; [237]; we are talking about a real operating system, and not vaporware
  • RuggedOS- mission-critical operating system developed and deployed (in, among others, SCADA applications) by Ruggedcom, a Siemens subsidiary; has recently been criticized and targeted by many articles for the undocumented presence of a backdoor and an embedded private key
  • TOSS Linux - Popular all new Linux Distribution being developed entirely by CSE Dept of Thiagarajar College of Engg. aiming Engineers and developers; [238]
  • ubnhd2 - ARM-compiled and Ubuntu-based Pentest OS for the HTC HD2 phone; [239]
  • Windows Research Kernel - Windows kernel source code for research
  • wattOS - A lightweight Linux operating system remastered from the core Ubuntu Linux build. It focuses on a small footprint, low power, and a simple interface that you can easily add just about anything. [240] [241]
  • Zorin OS - An Ubuntu-based operating system with functionality and appearance similar to Microsoft Windows 7 [242]


  • Refuctoring- The art of editing one's code slightly in order to make it your own


  • Asymmetric Logical Unit Access - A SCSI standard widely implemented across mid-range storage arrays
  • BDLC (Burroughs Data Link Control)
  • DBGp debug protocol used for remote debugging (Eclipse, Xdebug etc.)
  • DDSIP Data Distribution Service/ Internet Protocol: A rewrite of DDS Data Distribution Service using TCP/IP sockets rather than RPC (Remote Procedure Calls).
  • Errlog Copy Service - an error logging service that runs on port 704/UDP
  • Ethernet alarm indication signal (EthAIS) - see Alarm indication signal
  • FIPA Contract Net Interaction Protocol - a minor modification of the original contract net IP pattern
  • Hypercat - a new (in June 2014) specification that effectively acts as an address book for data hubs holding information transmitted by net-connected devices [259]
  • IP/LDP — an alternative to AppleTalk that some printers can use instead of that; it is still supported by OS X even though AppleTalk isn't, I think…
  • K Sequence - [260]
  • Network Access Bridge TO - a fusion of VOIP/SIP and HTTP, makes you able to create a direct http connection between a browser and a webserver even if both peers are behind a NAT or firewall etc.
  • oneM2M - a machine-ti-machine protocol developed by a.o. ETSI
  • OpenId Connect -- a distibuted authentication protocol which replaces OpenID 2.0 and is on onboard by Microsoft, ]Salesforce, twitter, Facebook, and Google
  • Optical Signaling and Routing Protocol - (OSRP) [261]
  • Poll and Select - Burroughs byte-oriented communications protocol
  • The ϕ(Phi) Accrual Failure Detector - [262]
  • U-SNAP - a standard (ANSI/CEA-2045) that enables any HAN (Home Area Network) or DR (Demand Response) standard, present and future, to communicate with utility systems, energy gateways or other devices within the home. Source of information: [263]. From Wikipedia I learned that after the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, a lot of press coverage was given to fundamental changes about to hit the digital world to include digital home technology (also known as home automation). This could very well require a need to establish standard protocols such as U-SNAP. Wikipedia has a substantial article on the "Smart meter" and "Home automation" but no mention of U-SNAP is made. An alliance, called the U-SNAP Alliance, has been formed and according to [264], is gaining support from "Smart Grid" stakeholders worldwide, including utilities, metering suppliers, device manufacturers, industry consultants, and regulators. A Wikipedia article has been written for "Smart grid," but it does not mention U-SNAP.
  • UUSee - a P2P TV proprietary software; [265]; used by CNC World (Xinhua's new English language TV channel at [266]); Spanish description here: [267]
  • VARAN (Versatile Automation Random Access Network) - VARAN bus
  • Verified Email Protocol - looks like this is already getting renamed; [268])
  • Virtual Switching System - A VSS is network system virtualization technology that pools multiple switches into one virtual switch [269]

Real-time computing[edit]

Searching; search engines[edit]

  • DASL or DAV Searching and Locating - a protocol for searching WebDAV repositories; [270]
  • Entireweb - one of the largest crawler-based, second-tier search engine
  • FuzzFind - - web meta search mashup; combines the leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and social bookmarking sites (, with personalizable results; [271]; [272]; [273]
  • Google privacy policy (or new Google privacy policy) – an expansion of Google#Privacy with an emphasis on the historical evolution of the policy, and on what neutral, third-party sources say about the changes to Google's privacy policy that are scheduled to take effect March 1, 2012?
  • Mojeek - largest crawler search engine in the UK, so along with Gigablast and Entireweb should have a page, also considering there are so many meta-engines listed then the few true crawler ones out there definitely should, shouldn't they?
  • people search - the process of searching for people, a class of vertical search engine that specializes in searching for people
  • Reverse SEO - combination of SEO and online reputation management; while a positive topic is written on, the negative topic is basically optimized via unethical black hat tactics in order to lead to a ban
  • search portal
  • - search engine; based on opensource software nutch; online since 2009
  • site search - a service for finding information on a specific site; for example, the search in Wikipedia is a site search, working only on the information in; site search engine is a big class of search engines, that should be right next to web search engine and probably even before enterprise search in the listing of search; [274]; [275]; [276]
  • - search suggestions from the major providers on the net; provided in a visually appealing fashion; first site to focus on helping the user get to the best search terms; [277]; [278]; [279]; [280]; [281]; [282]
  • Speedy Spider - from Entireweb; apparently a large Swedish search engine; purpose?
  • Video search engine optimization (VSEO)
  • Zeerch Search Engine - a search engine that doesn't keep records of your search, founded by Larry Risser and Jamie Whitney [283] zeerch logo is like a small lizard, advertising is 70% less than other search engines.


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Computer Security



From RFC[edit]

User:Pastore Italy pointed out that RFC 2828 defines industry-standard terms and requested that Wikipedia have coverage for them. Some of the blue links below may be to pages that don't reference the computer security meaning; these should be checked and changed to something like "Term (computers)" if necessary. Some might just need redirects.




  • CashOrCard POS a full Electronic Cash Register / Point of Sale solution, built with omnichannel retail in mind. Free to download and install, all that is needed is a tablet (iPad or Android). Brings together integrated loyalty, full eCommerce integration and a globally-accessible dashboard to manage business performance... [353], [354], [355], [356]
  • Chankast - Sega Dreamcast emulator, wich seem to be the first and, although now unmaintained, has opened the way to other emulators like NullDC
  • Clock-on-Desktop - a tool to allow you to display analog and digital clocks on your desktop
  • Clock-on-Tray - a replacement for standard Windows tray clock; nominated for Epsilon Award 2010
  • Cloud System Booster - system maintenance & optimization tool based on cloud technology; all-in-one PC repair and system maintenance program; [357]; [358]
  • Cyberfox - a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox,available for Windows. [359]
  • Cluebot NG - example of artificial intelligence robot, used by wikipedia to enforce and repair vandalism to pages, often reverting vandalism in minutes, if not seconds. this page needs to be created so I can vandalize it in revenge for his exorcism of the wikiuser: wikibandit in 2004.
  • Codename24 - internet application suite [360];[361]. The article was nominated for speedy deletion some days ago
  • Coherent UI - a Graphical User Interface system, designed for real-time applications; [362]; [363]
  • Comparison of Android emulators - This article should include both those that are independent programs (like BlueStacks or YouWave) as well as those that can be run from a virtual machine (Android-x86) and others.
  • Comparison of file recovery utilities: a list already exists, just need a good comparison of its features.
  • Component Based Servicing - built into Windows Vista and later; [364]
  • Concerto signage - open-source digital signage software; started at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; [365]
  • Consoleworks - connects consoles together
  • CoolNovo - a Chromium-based web browser and enhanced edition of Google Chrome; [366]; [367]
  • Copywhiz - a flexible file copy program. It was formerly known as Piky Basket
  • Corel Home Office is a sleek new office suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation projects
  • CrazyBump is a program for making bumpmaps, normal maps and displacement maps from pictures.
  • CursorFX - a tool to create or apply existing cursor themes to change cursors
  • D-Pixed - image editor specializing in 256 color images; originally a Japanese program, it has been translated to English; [368]
  • Demantra - Oracle Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions; [369]
  • DeskDeco - free wallpaper management software; [370]
  • DevelSoftware assembler x86-64 - freeware x86-64 assembler
  • Dictator (software) - [371]; for on-screen reading of text files
  • Disco Project - erlang/python mapreduce+ framework; [372]
  • DNF (software), the new package manager introduced in Fedora Linux 18, successor of Yellowdog Updater, Modified
  • DNSKong - "is an Internet privacy filter, which uses simple text files. The program filters Domain Name Server requests on a local machine or home router. DNSKong comes in a version 1 with visual cues and version 2 w/o visual cues and more advanced configuration."; [373]
  • Dr.Explain - a help authoring tool which can automatically document application screens; [374]
  • Dragonframe - Stop motion animation and editing program, used in modern feature films. [375]
  • Driver Genius Professional Edition - [376] a sound device manager and updater
  • eDexter - "is an Internet privacy filter-supplement, working with DNSKong, to reduce unncessary & unwanted graphic-file downloading. The program speeds up web-page display by replacing remote images with smaller, local ones."; [377]




  • Kangas Sound Editor - An open-source Java program for creating music and sound-effects from scratch, by specifying harmonics and inharmonics which are stored in a database; [436]; [437]; [438]; [439]
  • KDEmod - A modular KDE for Arch Linux, part of the Chakra Project; also offers some minor bug fixes and extra icons; used in the Chakra LiveCD; [440]; [441]
  • Kohana (web framework) - an open-source, object-oriented MVC web framework; [442]; [443]
  • Konvertor - a file viewer/converter supporting conversion among 2483 3D, image, photo, animation, audio, video and text formats quickly and easily; nominated Epsilon Award 2010
  • Koteret-Lakoach-Nachas-Zefa - Hebrew for koteret = title, lakoach = client/customer, nachash = snake, zefa = viper. It is a name of a service window in Mercury Winrunner Web Add-In. WinRunner is a software testing tool. I think the particular module has been developed by somebody from Israel (Possibly by Dan Tsirlin).
  • L3DT - large-scale terrain generation software; [444]
  • LBackup - backup system aimed at systems administrators; [445]; [446]; [447]; [448]; [449]; [450]; [451]; [452] (mentions Lucid Information Systems, currently key contributor); [453]; [454]; [455]; [456]; [457]
  • LBMMPS (Location Based Mobile Multimedia Pusher System)
  • Lelogiciel - language lab software; India; [458]
  • lexiCan - lexiCan Knowledge Management Software, commonly called just lexiCan; software application for Microsoft Windows by vetafab Software GmbH. lexiCan Reader, is a read-only client which allows knowledge distribution across a company network, e.g., for instructions, course material, faqs, manuals. As found on Hane, Paula (2009-06-29). "New Version of Knowledge Management Software: lexiCan 3". Information Today. [459]. Retrieved 2009-07-07.
  • lightIRC - A popular web-based IRC client written for the Adobe Flash Platform. [460]
  • Linux Tycoon - Linux Distro Building Simulator; [461]
  • Little Apps - Our aim is to create free, open source, redistributable programs. We license our programs under the GNU General Public License, which means that we will never charge you and it allows (you) the customer to edit the software. One of our noted programs is Little Registry Cleaner. [462]
  • Log Analyzer: Trends - website statistics software; nominated for Epsilon Award 2010
  • National Instruments Lookout
  • LPMT - we are working on a free software video tools manual and I found there is no page or mention of this projection software. Given that there will be a task and case study published soon it would be great for there to be a Wikipedia page.
  • Luakit - highly configurable microbrowser that uses Lua as a configuration language; [463]
  • LXDM [464] - Lightweight X11 Display Manager, the login etc. part of LXDE. Now redirects to LXDE







Software engineering[edit]


  • DVD +R/-R comparison WP is long overdue for an article on this. They seem to have their own separate pages now, which are biased to each format.-- (talk) 19:25, 12 April 2012 (UTC)
  • Punctured Stripe in RAID Arrays - Topic surrounding a specific type of fault that can occur to RAID arrays causing them to fail.
  • SFSZ - Disk format, Used by Netgear SC101. What is it and how is it used? Its this.ZFS Solaris's new file system, which is used by several other OEMS as its new and very efficient.
  • TapeAlert - A standard for tapes, autochangers, libraries used for diagnostics and health (see

File formats[edit]


  • Eloquera Database - [607], article about Eloquera Database - a native object database for .NET environments; and Eloquera Cloud based on Eloquera Enterprise Database.
  • List of serverless database management systems -- there should be a page listing database management systems that don't use a server-client model such as Sqlite.
  • quasardb - [608], article about quasardb, "a distributed, high-performance, associative database designed from the ground up for the most demanding environments."
  • Rdb/ELN - VAX Rdb/ELN [609]
  • OracleDBConsole - Would like info about this and other services of Oracle DB's.
  • The Integrated Data Hub -- I ma very surprised that there is not page explaining the concept of Integrated Data Hub. See book on Amazon in differents artilces fron its inventor: Dario Mangano

Theory and theorem[edit]

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