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  • cell biomechanics - interdisciplinary field which uses mechanical formula and quantification to describe the cell behavior; also engaged with chemistry and medicine
  • ICID Water Dictionary - International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage cf. [3]
--Is this the same as the Multilingual Technical Dictionary? [4]



Duarte Pacheco, former Mayor of Lisbon (1938), former Minister for Public Instruction (1928) and Public Works and Communications (1932–36, 1938–43), former President of IST (1927–28, 1936–38), electrical engineering (1923)




This seems to have been covered in Title 47 CFR Part 15 ? Edgepedia (talk) 18:30, 14 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Chemical Earthing, Does good electric grounding help us to reduce our electricity bill from unwanted electricity in the circuit ?Wilsonkota (talk) 01:58, 13 April 2014 (UTC)
  • Electrochemical Performance,Definition required for Battery performance. Hysteresis Losses etc. Mentioned in battery articles.

Fluid mechanics[edit]

Instrumentation and controls[edit]





  • Trinkle Coupling - Tool end fitting for bits and associated driver collet; frequently used in powered medical instruments
  • Modified Trinkle Coupling - Tool end fitting for bits and associated driver collet; frequently used in powered medical instruments
  • Hudson Coupling - Tool end fitting for bits and associated driver collet; frequently used in powered medical instruments

mineral processing/ ore dressing iron ore mineral processing/ iron ore dressing reverse flotation

Energy and power[edit]



Institute, Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Incorporated Engineers

  • Over-Unity as Opposed to Perpetual Motion Over-Unity and Perpetual Motion may be considered independently, using the following reasoning: 1. Over-Unity is possible without perpetual motion because generating energy may be considered independently of completing a cycle of operation. This is demonstrated for example by Nathan Coppedge in his Nov. 10th, 2013 experiment [Evidence Against the Classical Model]. 2. Perpetual Motion is possible without over-unity if perpetual motion does not require energy to perpetuate itself. It has been theorized that photons demonstrate near-perfect lossless energy, and therefore could be examples of a sort of relatively real, but unusable, non-over-unity perpetual motion machine---e.g. these particles cross vast space which cannot ordinarily be traversed without spending vast amounts of energy, as reflected in the rocket scientist’s equation in which fuel must be carried and thus contribute to necessary attributed mass. This problem is compounded with changes of direction, etc. Another potential case is the case of virtual perpetual motion, which might be considered lossless, non-generating, and also unreal. The scope of cases should not be limited to only real cases if the definition is to be functional, since semantically one reality may have laws which are fictions to yet another, speaking hypothetically. .