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Aviation (sorted)[edit]

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Other aviation articles[edit]



Rail transport[edit]

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Road transport[edit]



Italdesign Quaranta - Italdesign Giugiaro concept car



  • Midland Classic Bus Company - a bus company opearting in the midlands, England
  • BERE REGIS & DISTRICT MOTOR SERVICES - a significant bus company operating in central Dorset, England from 1929 - 1995
  • Kutsuplus. An existing minibus system in Helsinky, Finland. Passengers request an origin and destination with their smartphone, then a computer system calculates an optimized traject to serve several passengers with the same minibus.




Former roads[edit]


Rockets and spacecraft[edit]

Rocket propellant (fuel)[edit]


  • Echolance - it will be very difficult to find information about this spacecraft: "The Echolance is a type of spacecraft designed in 1949 by a Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann. It is a presumably feasible concept, but little else is available on the subject.", from Shortopedia; other potential source only repeat this information; Xionbox 12:06, 11 September 2011 (UTC)
  • Sol Cazador
  • Soyuz abort modes

Launch pads[edit]


Water transport[edit]

Ships and boats[edit]

  • Saique - Type of boat; 17th century Turkish coaster used in the Levant. Only one known contemporary image, drawn by Lt. Henri Sbonski De Pessebon. Willing to write article, but I don't know how to do Wiki Edits.
  • hawster-a part of a brigantine and/or a sailing ship


Speed records[edit]



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